Chapter 1

"A black rose?"

Haruhi bent over, and picked the thorn less rose up to her face, examining it. She had never seen a real black rose before, and found the unusual color invigorating.

"What's it doing on my desk?" she asked herself, brushing some of the loose petals that had fallen aside and into a nearby wastebasket. She set her bag on the floor of the class and sat down, twirling the flower between her fingers, deep in thought.

"Haruhi!" twin voices called out, and the brown haired girl felt two arms envelope her into a tight hug. "What's that?" they asked simultaneously, Hikaru reaching out and plucking it lightly from her fingers.

"A black rose huh?" Kaoru asked. "Someone give it to you, or did you just pick it up on the way to school?"

Haruhi batted their hands away. "It was on my desk," she said truthfully as the rest of the class sauntered in, loudly talking about their vacations to far off countries.

"Must be someone's idea of a sick joke," Kaoru said dismissively, handing it back to Haruhi, who tucked it in her bag safely. It was simple. She adored simpleness in her often complex and annoying life. The two behind her didn't help anything either.

At the end of class, she looped her bag around her shoulder and exited quickly. The twins were all set to wrap their arms around her and start in about how she had managed to ditch them again during the short holiday, but a familiar dark essence caught their attention instead. Identical faint smirks lit their faces.

"Nekozawa-senpai, what are you doing down here huh?" Hikaru asked, invading the black hooded teen's space by throwing his arm around the other boy's neck casually.

Haruhi stopped in her pursuit to get away from the twins and turned back. "How have you been, senpai?" she asked politely, watching the twin's carefully. She just knew that they were up to one of their little devil acts again.

Nekozawa, who was violently trying to fight off Hikaru, stopped, his cat puppet hanging limply in his hand. A blush settled along the teen's face, though only Hikaru, who was face to face with him could see it. "Oh…um fine? And you?" he asked, shaking his hood off to reveal his bright blue eyes and his black wig.

Haruhi darted a quick glance to Kaoru who looked like he was up to something again. Though the both weren't as immature as they had originally been, they couldn't help picking on poor Nekozawa. Haruhi had to admit-the light hating older boy made himself an easy target, practically painting the red bull's-eye on his back.

"I'm fine," she said calmly.

"Now!" Hikaru called out. A beam of bright light came from Kaoru's direction, and Nekozawa squealed, blocking his face with his hands as he crumpled to the ground.

Haruhi's large brown eyes narrowed closer, making her resemble a pissed off Kyoyo, a sight not many would ever be able to face. The color drained from their faces.

"Leave. Him. Alone," she stated clearly and precisely, anger lacing it. If they thought that time with Tamaki messing up everything was bad, this was ten times worse.

"G-got it," they stuttered, backing up as fast as they could. The late bell rang, but Haruhi ignored it and instead focused her attention on the heavily panting Nekozawa.

"Are you okay, senpai?" she asked, extending her hand to him. Gratefully, he took it, and she helped hoist him back to his feet. He was a little shaky but he didn't seem to be too hurt.

"I'm okay," he answered, rubbing his temples with his free hand. He glanced at her. "You didn't have to help me, you know," he said, another blush flaring on his face. "Most people would have just left me there."

"It's nothing," she assured him. "If you really are alright, we should head to class."

As soon as she turned to leave, he grabbed her arm, his skin rubbing intimately against hers. "Wait…"


Gulping, he searched for the right words. "Are you busy this weekend?" he blurted, his grip becoming weaker the more he trembled.

Haruhi blinked at him. "I have my house chores and studying, but beyond that, I should be free. Why?"

Scrambling for a solid idea of what to do, he grasped onto one thing, "Kirimi's birthday is this weekend and she would like to see you."

Haruhi really wanted to get to class, but she forced herself to nod. "I'll see about it," she said, not wanting to give up her weekend to visit the kid who had dubbed her as the 'nerd'.

"Please think about it," Nekozawa begged. He let go of her, and stumbled back. "It would make her really happy and…" he slyly grinned underneath his hood, "There will of course be many servings of all of your favorite foods."

Haruhi felt the drool gather in her mouth and had to wipe her face before any of it leaked out. "I think I might be able to come," she said, defeated.

"Good." He dug around in his side bag and extracted a small pad of white lined paper and a blue pen. Handing it to her he said, "Here write down your address. I'll come and pick you up on Saturday at twelve. Is that alright?"

Haruhi nodded, images of food still playing in her head. She handed the pad back to Nekozawa. "I think we really should be going now," she said, glancing around the empty corridor.

"Oh. You're right." Reluctantly, Nekozawa started trotting off in the direction of his math class, while Haruhi walked calmly to her English class.

In his hand, Bereznoff chuckled evilly, a plan already unfolding in their conjoined minds. Your secret is safe with me for now, Haruhi-chan, Nekozawa thought, slipping into his class silently. But only because I don't want others to fall for you the same way I have.

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