Buffy began laughing as she woke up. Opening her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of a small ball of fur happily licking at her face.

Buffy giggled. "Hello, puppy," she greeted, lifting the small dog as she tried to sit up in the bed. She laughed as it wiggled free, barking happily, tail just wagging about, jumping from one side of her to the other. Looking up, she saw Angel standing in the door as he watched with a giant grin on his face.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"I think he? she? is adorable."

Angel smiled more. "He," he said, walking closer to the bed. The dog bounced over happily to him, enjoying it as Angel's large hand came down to pet his dark head. Angel leaned down to kiss her, the pup trying to join in on the fun as he did. Angel laughed. "Merry Christmas, Buffy," he told her.

Buffy just beamed. The holiday was already off to a great start. "What's his name?" she asked.

"Up to you, babe." The phone was heard in the distance so Angel went to go see who it was.

Buffy stayed in bed a few extra minutes just playing with her new-found friend. "Well, Mister Puppy, whatever shall we call you..." she said out loud then began toying with different ideas. She continued such as she got out of bed and started toward the bathroom. The pup followed her. And again as she came back out into the bedroom and then out into the hall until she was in the living room.

"Yes, mother, you hear a dog," Angel said on the phone. The puppy was running around the large living room playing with various of toys and barking at the tree from time to time. "I got it for Buffy."

"And I love it," Buffy called, laughing more as she watched the antics of the dog in question. "And I see I'm not the only one who an early present," she said, grabbing up a toy of his in each hand then throwing the ball across the room.

Angel shrugged. "He was bored while we were waiting for you to wake up," he said to her. "Then we got tired of waiting in general."

Buffy stuck her tongue out at him and let him get back to his phone call.


After his early morning call with his parents, Angel brought him and Buffy each a cup of hot chocolate and then told Buffy she could start opening presents, which he knew she'd been dying to do. She grabbed one up within seconds, plopping it down on her lap before digging in.

Angel laughed at her childish joy before leaning down to start opening some himself.

Buffy felt a range of emotions from her gifts. Everything from joy, tugs of sadness, to tightening of her heart at some. Everything had been perfect. She worried about what she'd gotten him but he easily soothed those fears away and made her feel a burst of pride with it.

Buffy dug into one of the movie sets that he'd gotten her and started it, bringing a throw he'd gotten her as well to cuddle up in and watch it. He had started to clean up the mess of torn paper, ribbons and bows but she got up, dragged him over tot he sofa with her and cuddled back up under the plush blanket.

By the time the movie was over, the floor had become an even bigger mess thanks to their new addition having used everything as toys. Angel laughed, shaking his heat and went back to picking things up.

Buffy washed the dishes before heading off to get ready to go carry out the rest of the day.


It was the middle of the afternoon when the couple, plus dog, made it to Angel's parents. Buffy smiled as she got out of the car, with help from her father-in-law. He hugged her warmly and told her to go on in while he and Angel carried in the gifts they'd brought over and played outside with the new pup.

The afternoon and on to the evening was spent unwrapping gifts, cleaning, playing, telling stories and jokes, watching holiday movies, cooking and eating.

Buffy loved watching the family together, hearing their stories, learning their traditions. She loved that she was able to be a part of it all.


The night was winding down, Buffy found herself in Angel's arms, dancing with her husband in his parents dining room. He held her close, moving slowly to the soft music. Buffy gave a happy sigh, closed her eyes.

Angel's parents watched on, smiling at the scene before joining in.


Everyone was given one last hug and thank you before the pair finally decided to go home. Buffy carried the little bundle out to the car as he was snoozing away and Angel got everything else.

Buffy felt both so tired and so excited still as she walked through the doors, reentering their home. Today had been really good, she'd loved every single minute of it.

Angel brought everything in, setting it all down in the living room with the rest of their new things to sift through another time.

"You look happy," Angel commented.

Buffy turned and smiled at him. "That's probably because I am."

"Mmm. Really?"

She nodded. "Today was amazing. Thank you."

Angel walked over to her, bringing her back to his arms. "I'm glad you had a nice time."

Buffy laid her head back on his chest. She wondered what it'd be like to do this for the rest of her life, truly.


Buffy stood nervously before the bedroom door. Her hand reached up to grab the knob, then quickly brought it back down. Swallowing, her hands rubbed down her body, feeling the lace underneath her fingers. She messed with her hair next, then tried to build up courage again.

When she finally pushed the door open, Buffy stuck her head in. Angel's own popped up and he looked at her, smiling.

Buffy returned with a nervous one of her own before stepping inside slowly.

Buffy watched as his eyes widened, taking in the view of her in one of the outfits Cordelia had gotten her months before. It was red lace with hints of silk. It showed a lot of skin and made Buffy feel both empowered slightly but still quite nervous.

Buffy chewed on her bottom lip for a moment before forcing herself forward, coming toward the bed. Angel put the book in his lap to the side, then helped her crawl on top of him.

"Told you there was one last present," Buffy said with a smile, her voice low and soft.

Angel kissed her, bringing her body closer to his. "I think it may have topped my list," he mumbled against her lips before kissing her once more.


Buffy felt an ache in her core for something, for him. He laid on top of her now, between her legs, and she couldn't help but wonder about other things he could be doing in such position.

His mouth continued to tease hers, kissing her softly at times, playfully others, mixing in long drawn out passionate ones. His hands would roam some, but he kept well behaved for the most part.

Her craving for his touch too much to deal with, Buffy pushed at him, leading him lower. She expected him to refuse but he went, kissing down her face, her throat, her chest. Buffy arched into him as he kissed the valley between her breasts, his hands coming up to touch her.

When it stopped, she craved more.

Angel had kissed every inch of her, her waist up, it felt like. He'd uncovered her from the silk and lace, ran his mouth, his tongue over her. His hands had done about the same, learning her all over. This wasn't the first time he'd crossed into this area, but was certainly the furtherest things had gone with such.

Angel covered her back up, kissing her lightly as he trailed back up the way he'd come down. When he returned to her mouth, his hands tangled in her hair, brushing the locks softly, his mouth as soft upon her.

"Merry Christmas, Angel," Buffy said lightly.

He smiled, kissing her again. "Merry Christmas," he answered. Another kiss and he rolled off to the side before gathering her up in his large arms.

A few minutes passed and then they were joined. Their ball of fur trying a few times before managing to run and jump up there with them, coming to curl up a little bit on each of them.


Angel found himself laying in the dark long after the other two had slipped into a peaceful sleep. His body felt on fire, still pulsating against her. It felt nice, but at the same time... He knew it wasn't an issue, he wasn't upset, he wasn't in any way going to force or even expect anything from her. But it wasn't all fun either. But he did enjoy this, the way she made him feel, how easily she could get him going.

He loved to watch her learn with him.

Angel whispered some words of love into her hair and then tried to fall asleep as well.


Buffy slept for awhile, but found herself unable to sleep for too long at a time. When she couldn't get back under, she slipped from the bed. he managed to keep from waking Angel but the other male in bed jumped up. She smiled, petting him, then telling him to come on.

Throwing on a robe, she walked him out in the backyard before coming back inside.

She checked in on Angel in passing again, then crept on into the living room. Turning on some dim lights, Buffy walked over to the large pile of gifts from the day and began going back through them, now able to pay more attention to the details in everything. Her mouth remained in a smile as she went.