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First Year:

" Evans?"

" Yes Potter?"

"I reckon you're the prettiest girl in the school. So, since I'm the best looking bloke, we should hook up."

"… WHAT?"

" Evans… Evans! It was meant to be a compliment! OUCH! Evans, stop! MERCY! "

Second Year

" Hey Evans… where are you going?"

" Away from you."

" Aw, Im hurt!"

" Good."

" You know you shouldn't be so cruel to your future husband."

" … Run little boy."

" Oh My-- - Merlin! Im sorry, put the quils down! AHHHH! Did you just try to STAB me?"


"My eye! Evans, you stabbed me in the eye!"

" I do hope you get ink poisoning you pompous jerk."

Third Year:

" Fancy meeting you here Evans!"

" Potter, I saw you following me. Stop it."

" Following you? I'm wounded! Do you really think that I---"

" No. I don't think, I know."

" Anyway… since we're both here, maybe we should grab a butterbeer or---"

" No!"

Fourth Year:

" How you doin?"

" Fine, until you showed up."

" Come on Evans, how much longer is it gonna take be for you admit to yourself how desperately you need me?"

" I am not even going to dignify that with a response."

" How bout you dignify me with a date?"

" Potter, not only did that not make any sense at all, but it was also a completely stupid question. How many times have you asked me out, and how many times will you until you quit?"

" It is not a stupid question! And I've only asked to out 820 times so far. I figure after a while, you'll admit your true feelings and date me. In other words, I'll only stop asking you out after you've said yes."

" Voldemort? Voldemort? Where is a murdering Dark Lord when you need one?"

Sixth Year:

" Did it hurt?"

" Your obnoxious voice on my ears? Well yes, quite a bit actually, so if you could just skedaddle… "

"No! Did it hurt, when you fell from the sky? Because you must be an angel… why are you laughing?"

" Holy Merlin Potter, why would you use a pick up line as lame as that."

"All the other girls I used it on thought it was funny."

"… Get out of my sight Potter."

Seventh Year:

"Lily, listen. I know you're way out of my league. I know you're too beautiful, too smart, to sweet, and way too perfect for me. I know we've been better friends this year, and the last thing I want to do is ruin that little bit of my life I can share with you, but I want you too know that I would do anything to---"

" Hey James?"

" Ye—yes?"

" I reckon you're the nicest, sweetest, most perfect bloke for me. Since I'm in love with you, I think we should hook up."

" Does this mean---?"

" Yes James, I believe you have yourself a date. Meet me at the Three Broomsticks on Friday."


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