Title: A Close Encounter With Time
Summary: Jayne, sentenced to baby-sit Serenity, encounters a strange blue box... A crossover between Firefly(Serenity) and Doctor Who (10).
Rating: K for mild swearing. Subject to change.
Disclaimer: I own neither Firefly nor Doctor Who
Authors Notes: I couldn't help myself, honestly. It practically wrote itself. I'm working on another crossover at the moment as well – I'm cursed by them, methinks.

Chapter One

According to Mal's plan, the firefly class ship Serenity was to dock at a nice cozy planet right smack-dab between Reaver space and the core. According to plan, Jayne Cobb - mercenary for hire - was going to hop ship and send a nice letter to his mother at the mail stop. He would even have used a couple of big words to impress her, despite the fact that they would both be in the dark to meaning of them. Zoe was going to find honey cakes for her husband, Wash, who was in turn going to try his damnedest to track down a small puppy dog - just to annoy the hell out of the crew. River was going to dance in the streets and her brother, Simon, was going to apologetically calm her down and buy her a snow planet to eat. Book was going to meditate and Inara was going to hunt down a new stash of tea with Kaylee, but new outfits were an expected casualty to their credit stash.

But where Malcolm Reynolds was concerned, very little went as planned. Reavers pushed further from the edge of space with each passing month, slowly encroaching on the safety of the core and after a too-close encounter, Mal had directed Wash to backtrack to Ralia, a planetoid a wee bit too close to core-space for Mal's (un)lawful liking. Harboring fugitives didn't bode well for one's flying permit, regardless of the innocence of said fugitives.

The ship slowly descended on a flat landing spot, smack dab in the center of Ralia's seediest spaceports. Mal hadn't been happy about that spot, who would, when the moment Serenity's hanger opened, they were bombarded with prostitutes (and not the classy one's like Inara) and men wanting to con them out of their very last credit. But they'd let Jayne go out first, scare off the leeches that called themselves men, and (reluctantly) push away the prostitutes. There was a reason Mal had kept him on after hiring him – muscle meant more than words and money in so many of the places they went.

Mal had let them go with the strictest of instructions. No wondering off. The girls were to always have one of them men with them, except for Zoe (Inara had protested, but Zoe had given her 'the look' and she backed down). Everyone was to carry a weapon, except for River (River had gone to protest, but instead decided to inform everyone the exact speed of a sonic blast). River and Simone were to go with Mal to get the gossip on their situation, and Zoe, Wash, Kaylee, Book, and Inara were to stock up on supplies and fuel.

Jayne, Mal said, was to stay within a five-meter radius of Serenity at all times.


"We'll be needing someone to keep an eye on Serenity. I sincerely doubt anyone can break in past her doors, but I imagine they'll be able to do a fair bit of damage before they figure that out. I don't want that happening. So just stay around and look big, Jayne." Thumbs under his suspenders, Mal grinned at him. "Keep an ear out for trouble. If you hear something, radio in and let us know."


"You heard me. I won't be having my ship vandalized just because you wanted to feel up a girl. You stay around!"

"No gorram way, Mal! We've had crap job after crap job, and nothin' to shoot at. You aint leaving me here to be the ship's babysitter!"

But Mal had just pointed his finger at him and said, "No arguments!" like an angry father. Jayne had (oddly) pursed his mouth, glared, but kept silent.

The group two groups left, splitting off into different directions, happily chatting and grinning like buffoons. Jayne spit in the dust next to the ship. And waited. He did a few sets of push-ups, grinned and waggled his eyebrows at the passing tramps, and entertained himself for fifteen minutes. Another fifteen he spent squinting and reading all the advertisements and posters within his eyesight. He learned that Madam Li was having a whore blow out and prices were cheap and that Dog-Chicken was the cheapest meat around. And then there was nothing left to do.

So Jayne Cobb paced. He wasn't prone to pacing in normal circumstances, it was a waste of energy that could be put to other uses, namely beating the balls off another merc. But this wasn't normal, and Jayne was bored. Twenty minutes ago he had chased off a con man selling Bliss, and while that was mildly thrilling, is adrenaline was far too low for his liking. He had flirted with all the working girls that went by, but since his lack of money was evident, they quickly moved on to better-funded game. Leaving him standing awkwardly in front of the firefly.

And Jayne paced. He could leave the ship, easily enough – just walk away, come back in an hour and pretend he'd never gone. Or walk away completely and hop on a better paying ship (but that would require him to leave a few guns behind, and that wasn't something he was keen on doing). A month ago he probably would have rolled his eyes at Mal's back and took off before the other man could even so much as blink. But things had changed, and Jayne felt the need to prove his loyalty again, which was a strange enough concept that it had Jayne frowning.

He'd never had much use for loyalty, it tended to drag a man down when he was much better just shooting and running and leaving who ever was stupid enough to trust him dying in the dirt. He was a merc after all. It was just what he did.

But Mal did trust people. And so did little Kaylee and Inara (sometimes) and Book. And they were good people, and he had betrayed them. And Jayne felt the need to fix all that, which was an odd enough a thought that he felt he might want to listen to it.

And so Jayne Cobb played the ship's babysitter, growling at seedy pedestrians and increasing his dirty vocabulary.

And that's when it happened.

A blue box, quite tiny next to Serenity's hull, whined itself into existence with a terrible grinding noise that Jayne immediately took to be the sound of an attack. Within a split second he was behind a crate with his gun drawn.

"What in the hell…?"


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