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Warning: Shounen-ai. Mild Cursing.

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Chapter 1: Bruised

His body ached. It ached with a large bruise that spread on his chest. It throbbed and pulsed with pain. He tried to move his limbs but it only acted in making his bruise throb more. A silent groan escaped his lips as he opened his eyelids slightly. The ceiling was engulfed with a dark shadow that loomed over it. Only pale streaks of light intruded. Created from the flickering candles that sat around and the glowing moon that floated with the glittering stars. He turned his head slightly to look at the window.

His breath was taken away with the sight that he saw before him. His partner and closest friend stood at the window. The moon's rays shone onto Cesare, making him glow this angelic glow. A soft breeze blew in and his hair wavered in the air. His body leaned on the window ledge, his elbow propped up onto the ledge so his chin could rest on his palm. His other arm lingered in the air and is fingers ran through his hair. His eyes were narrowed slightly. Making him look as if he was in deep thought. Which Chiaro didn't doubt that Cesare, indeed, was in deep thought.

It was a magnificent sight of pure beauty. Chiaro watched with his half lidded eyes as Cesare stayed in that position a little while longer before turning around and walking towards the bed that he rested in. He watched as Cesare kneeled down beside his bed and took his left hand between his own. He watched as his hand was brought to touch Cesare's cheek and as he sighed a sigh of relief and satisfaction.

Cesare closed his eyes and breathed in the deep scent that could only belong to his one and only. He pressed Chiaro's palm against his cheek and relaxed at the warmth that he was given. A quilt of warmth and safety wrapped around his head, repelling the dark forces. Something only the dead Vanozza and the alive Chiaro could do. He relinquished in this feeling of pure peace, something he felt only around Chiaro. Even Vanozza could never make his heart quiver and his mind calm as well as Chiaro.

His eyes opened and he peeked up at Chiaro who laid there, sleeping peacefully. Not noticing the half lidded eyes that watched him from under the golden bangs. Locking his fingers with Chiaro's, he stood up and continued to hold Chiaro's hand to his cheek. He looked down and watched Chiaro's peaceful face. He didn't notice the pain that jolted from Chiaro's body and Chiaro's body was to weak and hurt to create a sound for him to utter. He laid there helplessly watching his dark haired friend watch him from above.

Bending down, he gently placed Chiaro's arm to be laid beside him. His fingers drew up and traced the blonde's face. The tips of his index finger traced the outline of his reddish-pink lips and brought it up to trace over his own after. His lips ached to press against Chiaro's. To feel the softness he'd felt only a couple of times before. Chiaro was back now and there were plenty of chances for him to do so. Especially this perfect chance when Chiaro was still in slumber.

But, no. He wouldn't do such a thing. It wasn't right. He wasn't desperate anymore. What if Chiaro wakes up in the middle? Chiaro already knew of his aching and longing heart. Doing such a thing after being rejected was ridiculous. It was desperate and weak. He didn't and wouldn't do such a thing. Even though his heart and body longed and ached, being disliked by Chiaro was too much of a risk. His heart throbbed at the thought of Chiaro hating him. That thought was just so painful.

"Do...it..." Chiaro's voice whispered, coarse and scratched from his bruised body. Curse those knights for beating him.

"W-what?!" Cesare gasped, eyes widened with surprise as his body sprang upward to stand straight.

"Kiss...me..." Chiaro replied, turning his head to look at Cesare.

That small movement sent a slight jolt of pain through his body. His body ached. It hurt so much to talk. It was as if rocks scratched at his throat, penetrating the skin and digging deep and scarring. His eyelids were heavy with tiredness, threatening to close any second. They lowered more, his eyelashes making everything blurrier. His mind started hazing with tiredness, pain shooting through his body from his attempts to speak.

"Kiss...me..." he repeated, drawling out his words.

Cesare stood there, frozen. Was this a dream? Was Chiaro really letting him kiss him?! This HAS to be a dream, right?! Didn't Chiaro like GIRLS?! Girls like Lucrenzia? Not guys. No. Not GUYS. Right? Cesare dug his nails into his arm, pinching himself. He bit his bottom lip. This was no dream. This was REALLY happening. He walked closer to the bed and leaned down. His hair fell beside his face, curtaining them in dark locks. Hiding the sight.

The sight of their locked lips.

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