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Chapter 4: Unthinkable

Chiaro watched as Cesare moved away from him, arms wrapped tightly around his torso as the brunette turned to give the blond one last lingering glance before leaving. Cesare's gaze was so heartbreaking; so hollow. But Chiaro could find absolutely no remorse or any guilt for his actions, it was the right thing to do. It's not as if he could let those blasted demons continue to plague his angel any longer, it was just impossible to just lay there and watch as they corrupted Cesare!


He groaned and cursed the heavens for his great luck. Chiaro really didn't mind when Cesare put up a guard to watch over him inside the room, something Cesare started doing with it became easier for the blond to move around more. In fact, he quite enjoyed it since they weren't allowed to converse with him and it was really fun to annoy them by talking about nothing important. Or jabbing at them about something, whether it was because they were too short or because they had a large wart, it was all in good fun. It was even better when the guard would finally break down and they got into little arguments. And then, watching Cesare storm in when he heard the arguing and reprimanding the guard loudly for breaking his rules and nearly firing the man, was just as amusing if not more. Cesare looked adorable when he was angry and Chiaro was more than delighted to be able to watch Cesare yell at the guards.

And when the brunette would turn smoldering eyes to glare down at the blond, it was just exquisite. To see the emotion, the life that exuded from Cesare's face, excited Chiaro with an emotion that he couldn't describe. It uplifted his spirits, because it meant that Cesare still had that side of him that only Chiaro got to see. The Cesare's heart was intact, even if it was failing; broken—even, it mean that it was still there. And that was what Chiaro looked forward to, craved to know. Because, he knew, once the brunette lost his heart, the last piece to his humanity was forever gone. And it wasn't something the blond would ever desire or want; it was something unfathomable and unthinkable, and he'd never want it to be thinkable.

But then, Volpe being his current new guard was something unthinkable; unfathomable, too.

Volpe hated Chiaro, that he knew quite well. He disliked the man as well, never liking the dirty and angry looks the man would give him when Cesare seemed to favorite Chiaro rather than him. Cesare knew it too and it was probably the reason why Volpe had been chosen as Chiaro's new guard, because the man was far more composed than the guards and would ignore him out of his loyalty for the brunette. Out of his own craving for the brunette's praise and acceptance, because he is far better than the guards. It still wouldn't get him a spot higher than Chiaro in Cesare's Top Priority list, that Chiaro knew and he pitied the man for trying when he knew that same fact as well.

Still, it didn't make him warm up any to the fact that the man was now responsible for Chiaro. At the least, Volpe wouldn't dare mark Chiaro in any way, knowing that would rack up to mean death when it came to Cesare. The brunette was really quite possessive when it came to the blond, something Chiaro planned to gloat in Volpe's face about, something he looked forward to, once the brunette would leave! Though, watching Cesare wasn't something the assassin was opposing, quite liking the view of the brunette's nice behind, Cesare's back turned to him. He looked up and grinned a satisfied expression at Volpe's way before returning his eyes back to the brunette. Frowning slightly when the sight he was enjoying was taken from him as Cesare turned to walk and get closer to him, though, he couldn't complain about this either. Especially with the slight tint of pink in Cesare's cheeks. Even as the brunette tried vainly, Chiaro could still see the slight pout that pulled at the corner of Cesare's lips and felt himself grin sheepishly as his mind could only wonder what the cause of such a blush could be!

"You! You better behave while I'm gone," Cesare berated, jutting his hip and placing his hands on them, "I'll be damned if I have to find a new guard for you!"

"It's was just simple banter!" Chiaro scoffed, closing his eyes and pouting, "It's not like it was anything serious!"

"I specifically told them not to talk to you," Cesare growled, narrowing his eyes at the blond, "You heard me but still egged them on."

Chiaro pouted and opened his eyes to stare innocently at Cesare, hoping to God that the brunette would fall for his expression. Cesare didn't and only scowled. Chiaro kept his expression still, not wanting to be defeated.

"I was bored, you can't blame me if I want some conversation," Chiaro said, trying his best to not bring up the subject of his captivity, it simply wasn't the right time, "You're not always here and it's always so boring otherwise!"

Cesare's expression softened slightly at the second part of Chiaro's statement, before hardening once more as he knew that Chiaro was only trying to sweet talk him. Scoffing, he shook his head, his brown locks shaking along.

"Just behave! I better not hear otherwise," he demanded and stormed out before Chiaro could retaliate.

Chiaro sighed and slumped against the headboard, a small smile playing at his lips. He marveled at how adorable Cesare could still be, despite already reaching his 20s and his other benevolent side. The child within always exists, doesn't it? Even for a man like Cesare, as calculating and cunning as he may be.

Chiaro felt his heart warm.

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