Spy Guy: I know what you're thinking, but I already have five chapters finished, I figured I should post them. People have been e-mailing me to update something., so I figured, why not. Al I have to do is some minor editing, so it takes away no time from my other writing. :D Is fine.

Enjoy. This first chapter is kind of overdramatic, but still good...I think. :D

"But hunter, have you pity to them?

To the victims of your suffered rage?

Hide behind red eyes little hunter,

For there rests the truth of your line…"


Two pairs of footsteps broke the thick silence that rested over the institution, sending it fleeing to the shadowed corners to hide. Wild eyes stared hungrily through small windows, marveling at the sight of a strange new visitor.

There was an air of dignity about this man; it was reflected in his movements and his stoic face. While most visitors were appalled by the squalor about them, this man tread onward fearlessly, never making eye contact with those around him.

A black fedora hid his graying hair from view, casting shadows across his face, blocking out his blue eyes. His suit was finely made, crisp and clean, standing out against the bleakness of his surroundings.

The man's companion was different, sporting a long white coat, covered in various dark stains. His blonde hair was disheveled and hung limply in his eyes. But this man had an aura as well, one that demanded respect from all those around him. Richard Thomson was a seasoned doctor, trained in the ways of his profession, hardened by time and death. After many years of serving as head of a prosperous hospital, he found himself treating different kinds of patients…

Mental ones.

" Vladimir." The doctor murmured, his voice low and hard. "I don't think I understand why you're here. This was…unexpected."

Cold blue eyes fell upon Richard's form, causing him to flinch involuntarily.

Why did this man scare him?

Vladimir Masters was surely not a man to be feared; not now. The doctor had known him forever, and in this time, developed a minor apprehension toward him. They had been schoolmates once, struggling through adolescence. In the past, Richard had been timid, but he was now strengthened by his work. At this time the two were nearly equals, cold and indifferent toward the world.

"I received a letter." Vlad continued. "It requested my presence here. I assumed it was from you, hoping to catch up on old times. But I suppose it's not."

The doctor shook his head, bewilderment plastered across his aging features.

"There is no reason you should be here." He snapped. "There are things that—"

"Need to be cleaned up?" The other man growled. Once more Richard felt his guest's cold gaze. It stopped him in his tracks…

"You don't know how had it is to control them." He spat in reply. "This was never what I wanted to do. I don't agree with the practices in this field…but it's the only way."

An uncomfortable silence fell over the two as they continued forward. Once they had come head to head before…but all had been in the safety of a schoolyard. Now they were in the real world…and no one could protect him.

"Stop here." Vlad demanded, coming to an abrupt halt before a plain metal door. He took a small piece of paper from his pocket, glancing up at a series of numbers written on the dirty surface. Richard maneuvered himself in-between the man and the small window, hiding the inmate from view.

"This is who the letter asked me to see." Vlad continued. "Though why is a mystery. Care to answer a few questions?"

The doctor could feel his palms start to sweat as he glanced at the small figure inside the cell. A defeated sigh escaped the man's lips as he began to speak.

"His name is Daniel Fenton." He murmured softly, running a finger across the glass. "He was brought here a year ago, when he was seven."

Vlad watched intensely, his face demanding the doctor continue. Richard shifted, pulling away from the window, allowing his guest to get close to the glass.

Silence gripped the area once more as Vlad peered inside, his eyes locking onto the pathetic figure huddled against the wall. Richard crept up beside him, looking in as well, his eyes softening at the pitiful sight.

"He sees things." The doctor murmured. "He tells the nurses about monsters that hurt him. But there's nothing there." The man pulled back, focusing on his companion. Vlad did not move, ignoring the doctor. He refused to tear himself away from the cell. The look on his face was strange, haunted. For a moment, he looked just as weak and vulnerable as the boy before him. Finally he spoke, his words coming slowly and with much thought

"I can help him." Vlad whispered softly, almost inaudibly.

"What?" Richard asked.

"I can help him." The man replied, firmer and more angered. "I can help him to get better….

"Let me help him…"