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He walked through the gates of his clan's compound. It was good be home now. He had been away on a mission. His wife hadn't been happy when he told her he had to go. She was currently two months pregnant, and therefore, forbidden to go on missions. She never liked it when she wasn't there to guard his back. It had reassured her to hear that the current Hokage and Kakashi would be going on the mission as well.

He heard shouts and the sound of running feet. Two twin boys rushed out the door calling out, "Dad's home!"

They threw themselves at him and he allowed them to knock him over. The two four year olds were a spitting image of their father, from the dark hair that spiked in the back and framed their faces to their dark eyes. They ran about with the innocence and happiness of children. Both of them were currently talking at once, trying to tell him everything he had missed while he was gone. He listened to them patiently. They were interrupted by a female voice from the doorway.

"Haru, Kakashi, that's enough. Let your father make it inside before you trample him."

"Yes, mother," the two chorused.

His eyes landed on her. She hadn't changed since he had left. Her pink hair brushed her shoulders and she gazed at him through emerald eyes. He stood. She watched him as he walked towards her with deliberate steps. The two boys made gagging sounds as their father greeted their mother. The two adults chuckled at their children. He looked at his wife, "How are you?"

"I'm fine. Really. Itachi and Kisame haven't let me do anything more than cook and clean. They're almost as protective as you are."

He smirked, "Good."

"You would say that. How did the mission go?"

"Fine. Naruto and Kakashi had my back just like they promised."

She smiled, "I knew they would. Naruto isn't hokage for nothing. And Kakashi taught us everything we know." She suddenly glared, "Speaking of Kakashi, I'm going to hit him the next time I see him."

He took her hand and began pulling her inside. He didn't want her to stay on her feet for too long. "Why?"

"Because he's rubbing off on our Kakashi."

He looked down at his youngest son. They had named him after their teacher, much to Kakashi's surprise. It had been his wife's idea, and he had been too overwhelmed by becoming a father to object. "How is he rubbing off on our son?"

"Well, our Kakashi was late to class yesterday and do you want to know what his excuse was?" she demanded.

"What?" he said with a hidden smile.

"He had to help a cat out of a tree."

Sasuke looked back at their son. Kakashi gave his father a sheepish smile, "I really did, Dad."

"I just bet you did."

The twins gave identical grins. The two of them were very close to the point of being inseparable. They even completed each other sentences and seemed to be communicating without words a lot. That didn't mean they were exactly alike. Haru took after his father in personality. He only showed his emotions around his family and extremely close friends. Kakashi was a optimistic boy that seemed to always be smiling.

"We've been invited to Ino's and Shikamaru's wedding."

"Hn," he responded without much commitment. He hated weddings. Wasn't putting up with his own enough? Wasn't being the best man at Naruto and Hinata's wedding just months after his own enough? Now, he was expected to attend everyone else's. Just last month he had been forced to sit through Neji and Tenten's wedding. Now he was going to have to sit through yet another wedding. Who next? It was enough to make him pray no one else he knew would be getting married any time soon.

"I'll take that as an 'I'll go but I won't like it'," his wife stated with a smile. "Oh, by the way, Sasuke-kun. Hinata invited us over for dinner. Her and Naruto decided it would be nice since it's been a while since we were all together. Their son will also keep ours busy for a few hours."

Sasuke looked down at his wife, "Maybe tomorrow. I want to spend my first night home."

She smiled, "I'll send the boys over to Kakashi-sensei's. He likes having them over and it'll get them out of the way for the night." Her smile turned into a sly grin, "Itachi and Kisame left for their mission this morning so we'll have the house to ourselves."

He smirked, "Sounds like a good plan to me, Sakura."

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