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Chapter 1:

新しい世界(atarashi i sekai) A new world.

Naruto groaned groggily. He felt hollow and empty inside. Where was he? The ground beneath him was cold and hard. Strange, he thought he was in a battlefield. Had he been knocked out and taken hostage? Immediately alert now, he spread out his senses, but forced his eyes and body to remain limp and still. If he was somehow kidnapped by his enemies and taken into integration room (fat chance), letting the enemies think that he was still unconscious might be a useful advantage.

He could hear footsteps and the occasional mutterings around him, but did not feel any stares being directed at him. It was as if someone lying on the floor as an everyday thing. Well, at least he knew now that he wasn't in an enemy base. Splash. Something wet fell on him and he resisted the urge to wipe it away. 'Stay sill, stay still, don't move...' Taking a sniff, his brain registered what it was. Rain. It was raining. How dare those people left him lying in the rain! Oh, right, he forgot. He was the Kyuubi brat, the person who took their precious Yondaime away from them. He deserved to lie in the rain. Strangely though, no one had started to throw stones at him yet. Maybe they were a bit lighthearted today. That was good.

Still in a frenzy (and he regretfully admitted, a tinge of curiosity) about being left out in the rain, he immediately opened his eyes, with a mind to scream at the unthoughtful villages. As light filtered into his vision, it took a moment for his brain to realize why it was so glaring bright all of a sudden. Sunshine. It was mid-afternoon. Realizing what he had done, he hastily shut his eyes shut again. That hurt. He re-opened his eyes, although he made sure that he did it slower this time. His vision was very foggy after shutting them down for too long when he first did so. As his vision cleared and sharpened, his mind took a while to register that what he saw were indeed, real and not a mirage.

True, this place was no less different than the shinobi world, and its features resembled the wave country, yet it was not. The buildings were old fashioned and run down. The floor was covered with litter and a few homeless people could be spotted under building with roofs for shelter, meager shelters they were. There was a sort of dreary, depressed feeling hanging in the atmosphere. Furthermore, the people there were wearing old tattered yukatas with straw sandals. Even the wave country or non-shinobi villages were not that poor until they couldn't afford proper shirts without holes in them.

Splash. His stiff arms pushed his body upwards slowly-and a bit painfully- but Naruto took no notice of that as he observed people walking past him in the rain, some wearing straw hats, but the poorer ones running for shelter. Where the hell was he? It was no county he had ever seen before. He sparred himself a glance after feeling that his body was getting wet faster then normal. He did made sure that his clothes were water resistant to a certain extend… Noooo… he was not in his favourite orange jumpsuit anymore but in an outfit similar to ones the villagers were wearing- a horrible blue yukata whose colours were fading, and one of those ugly, ugly, squeaky, tattered straw sandals.

This is horrible! An outrage! First he was dumped on the streets on a rainy day, and then he found out that he was in some forsaken land of beggars and now he was somehow robbed off his clothes and given third-hand replacements. At least his 'captor' was kind enough to redress and not dump him outside bare and naked…was that what had happened to everyone here? His stomach growled. Joy. Things couldn't get any better- he was hungry.

Splash. He sighed, planning to get a quick bite before getting the hell out of here. Then he'll continue his mission- to find a certain Uchiha and whip the fellow's butt. Hard. And with that in mind, he stood up. Or at least tried to. To his horror, he found out that his feet wobbled feebly for a few seconds before giving way to his body's weight. They buckled and he landed hard on his butt and glared at his legs. If Sasuke were here, that idiot would never let him live this day down. Sure, he was a clumsy shinobi, but not this pathetic until he had no control over his own body. In fact, his taijustsu skills were average or even better than that! What the hell happened to him while he was away? Splash. He tried walking again, this time clutching tightly to the moldy nearby wall for support. After taking four steps, however, his idiotic knees gave way again and down he fell. His bum hurt.

"Ambitious, aren't you? Just coming here and trying to walk already." A young voice drawled out from behind him, sounding extremely sarcastic but at the same time, amused.

"What would you have me do instead? Sit down here stupidly under the rain?" Naruto automatically retorted and turned to glare at the offender, his shinobi pride emerging. Naruto was kind of upset that someone actually saw him in his embarrassing state. Instead of glowering, the ninja ended up staring at the stranger's weird appearance. The boy had spiky hair that was bleached white and green eyes. He was wearing a white kosode, a black kimono and hakama, and a white obi. A sword was strapped over his back with a thick green sash. This boy definitely stood out amongst the crowd of scruffy stinky villagers, both in status and looks.

"Who are you?" Naruto replied rather rudely. He almost slapped himself for that. Shinobi rule 63: Familiarize yourself with your surroundings when in unknown territory and blend in with the crowd. Do not stand out too much. Smart talking was definitely standing out.

"Just one of the many Shinigamis you can find around." The boy nonchalantly replied, looking at his charge expectantly for a dramatic reaction. He was not disappointed- the remaining colour left on Naruto's unusually pale whiskered mark cheeks was drained off.

"…Shini…gami?" Death God? Right here, in front of him? "You have got to be kidding me, right?" 'Please, oh please say no…' Naruto pleaded. But somehow, he knew that he was not being tricked. But…he held no memory of him ever dying; the last thing he remembered was blacking out upon reaching the battlefield, into a long, dreamless sleep…and he did not remember fighting. 'But still, please say that you're joking…'

"Yes, you're dead. Face it." That tactless idiot over there was being exceptionally blunt. And really, really, irritating.

Naruto forced out a laugh. "Good one, Shorty! But you're so not fooling me! I can't be dead; I mean, I haven't really caught up with Sasuke-teme yet, and those buffoons Akatsuki, plus that wimp Kabuto, are after him! Now if you excuse me, I really got to get going…got to go fill my stomach up with Ramen you know." He weakly pushed himself up and tried to walk away. He didn't need to hear anymore, he didn't want to. All he needed to do right now was to concentrate on finding Sasuke.

Splash. "Running away? You never seemed like the cowardly type to me, oh great and powerful shinobi-san. So stand up, be a man and face reality." The boy taunted, watching him coolly from behind, not even twitching a muscle to stop or comfort his given charge. Naruto stopped in his tracks, clutching the wall tightly. The rain was steadily increasing, drenching his hair and soaking his clothes.

"I'm not running… not dead…I'm…" He spluttered. How could this happen? The Kyuubi wouldn't let him die, that all-too-arrogant fox would rather take over his body to kill his enemies than staying meekly in the cage and wait for death to come. Uzumaki Naruto could never die.

Splash. "That fox got separated from you, you stupid clueless nitwit. The Akatsuki won. Kyuubi was extracted out." It was rather disconcerting how that puny gaki knew where his train of thoughts was going.

"No…" Naruto clutched his head and shook it hard. He was obviously in denial. He started walking again. 'Concentrate on walking.' He calmed himself down and put on the blank blanked his face, like what all ANBU were taught. 'Left foot…right foot… left foot… right foot… left foot…'

"Where are you going? Your friends aren't here. Konoha isn't on this plane of existence. Nothing you know is here. You have nothing to return to, and nowhere to go for shelter and help." The boy jabbed at him again. Truly frustrated and somewhat irritated now, Naruto swerved around and screamed at that irritating shorty that meddles in other people's business and just can't seem to leave him alone.

"Shut your mouth up, you stupid kid! I'm not dead! I'm still here and with a body that's still intact, aren't I? And I'm soon-to-be Rokudaime Hokage! That baa-chan still hasn't given up her position to me yet! How could I die now?! And…And that Sasuke! He's still emoing somewhere around, and I got to stop him before he cuts himself up or something!" Naruto yelled out, before taking in a shaky breath and calming down considerably after all that shouting.

"I can't die now, I...I still have a lot of things I need to do..." Naruto said, more to himself then to the boy. He wobbled and fell down. Again. He wanted to scream out in frustration, if not for the fact that he had much more pressing matters in mind.

The boy walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulders. Hmp. Showing pity to him after the screaming? He wasn't all too sympathetic when telling him that he was dead. "Hey, come with me; let's get you something to eat. People with high reserves like yours should be feeling pretty hungry by now." He said softy. He received no answer- Naruto's face was blank.

"Hey." The white haired boy shook him. Still no response came. What the hell? Did his scrawny mind go on overload because he had finally processed that he was dead?

'That's right. What's done is done. No point mopping over it.' Naruto was telling himself. 'I'll...I'll probably find a way to stop Sasuke from killing himself over here as a one way or another…'

"O-Oei, are you okay?" The boy asked hesitantly when no response was given. He was used to people trying to bash their head onto walls, wailing onto his kimono, screaming out loud and pulling their hair…etc. but never did someone just sat there, looking blank and just...shut down. Finally, he got a reply after one more violent shake.

"…Do you have any ramen over here?" Naruto mumbled, his expression clearing up a bit, though he looked completely confused and lost now. But that statement just meant that Uzumaki Naruto had accepted his death.

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