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Chapter 4:

Trying to part Kurogane with her sword had been a fruitless attempt.

Despite the fact females… people at all… in this world did not carry around swords, the angry Kurogane had insisted until Fay had no choice but to smile and nodweakly. Even when shopping she held it as though ready to strike, ignoring the people staring at her.
"S'like they'd never seen tits before." Kurogane growled as they all sat down to eat. Sakura blushed, and Syaoran made a point to look away.
"Kuro-chan I THINK it's the fact an incredibly cute girl is wandering around with a deadly weapon." Fay pointed out. She turned on him, her crimson eyes lit up with infuriation,
"You wanna lose an eye mage!" She growled. (cough)
"Ne, Kuro-chuu's bullying me." Fay whined. Mokona giggled and pounced on Kurogane's head, she glowered up at it.
"I wouldn't 'bully you' if you didn't say damn stupid stuff." She countered, batting furiously at Mokona.
"Fay's not saying stupid stuff, you ARE an incredibly cute girl carrying a deadly weapon!" Mokona chimed in, not helping at all. Kurogane grabbed it and threw it across the restaurant, causing a bit of a scene. Sakura squeaked and went to fetch it before trouble started.
"Tcheh." Was all Kurogane said, and started eating.

It was while she was eating that Fay surveyed her with interest. Despite the feminine physique, her attitude was still very much that of the angry warrior he had fallen in love with. He shouldn't find her physically attractive anymore, but she still had an air of Kurogane in all her movements, however lithe and graceful her new body made them seem, that tugged his heart. He remembered accidentally on purpose brushing their hands together, how those battle scarred and calloused hands had sent shivers up and down his spine. He automatically reached forwards and took one of her hands in his.

"Mage you have until the count of 3 to get the hell off of me." Kurogane snapped as Fay traced his fingers over her palms. The scars she'd won through fighting remained, yet most of the roughness was gone, replaced with a silky smoothness that felt alien to Fay, even though it was akin to his own soft skin type. "Damnit let go!" Kurogane yanked her hand back. "Try anything like that again and I will shove your bal…"
"KURO-RIN NOT INFRONT OF THE CHILDREN!" Fay scolded wagging a finger back and forth tauntingly in front of Kurogane's face. Kurogane grabbed it and held it still, locking gazes with him. She lowered it to their seats and held it in place with a determined glare into his eyes.
"Shut up… and eat." She ordered in a dark whisper, and began a low conversation with Syaoran, not once letting go of Fay's hand. Whereas Kurogane holding his hand voluntarily would have once thrilled the blond, it now confused him. He didn't know whether to feel happy, disgusted, or angry.


Due to past incidents, Fay had always loved wide open spaces… the ability to be free. The hotel had an accessible roof, which, though smelled of stale smoke, gave a beautiful view of the city. At present it was sunset, the sky a fiery red illuminating everything in sight with a bright orange light cast from the heavens. It had been a few days since Kurogane's transformation, and the two had barely spoken at all. Fay sat on top of a power-box, long legs spread before him, he tilted his head back and let the wind casually lick at his hair.
"I guess I just don't see why." He mused, enjoying the cool breeze, providing relief if only a little. He heard the rooftop door go behind him but didn't look up. The designated smoking area was here, so he was often interrupted.
"Why what?" Asked a gentle voice. He looked up to see Sakura standing there, her red dress being tussled by the wind.
"Hm? Oh nothing Sakura-chan. It's nothing." His fake smile in place as resolutely as ever.
"Fay-san?" She asked gingerly, approaching him. "You seem… very sad recently. Is it because of Kurogane-san?" She asked, stopping just short of the power box. Fay stared at the sunset, before nodding very slowly.
"You're a clever girl Sakura-chan. Yes. Right now Kuro-baka's actions are very upsetting to me."
"If… if it's okay to state my opinion." Her voice tentative and uncertain. "You're being very shallow right now." Fay was shocked to hear such words from Sakura, and raised an eyebrow. She was usually very careful as not to offend people.

"Yes. She did it for you… right? I don't know the details… maybe I'm too young to understand." She mumbled, barely more than whispering now. "But I know that however confusing this is for you… it's a HUGE sacrifice for her. So you have to stop this. It's okay to be sad… or even angry. Fay-san, this isolation is NOT okay… you're making us all very sad." There was a long pause before she sighed. "I think… you're being just a little selfish, because you're not the only one affected."
"I hate him." Fay said eventually.
"I think hate… and love are human nature. I mean when we're born… all we know to do is hate, love and want. I think… I think sometimes there is a VERY fine line between love and hate sometimes." Fay stood up, ready to walk away from the conversation. "And I think… regardless of Kurogane-san's gender… you definitely don't hate him." Fay froze.

"Sorry… it's not my place to give advice." She mumbled, seeming to think she had overstepped the mark. He turned to her, her head hung.
"Sakura-chan…" And before she could respond. He embraced her. She was shocked but returned the hug. "You're certainly wise beyond your years."


"I don't think there even is a feather in this world!" Fumed Kurogane after another uneventful day, that had consisted of shopping and little else. "I think that damn manjuu just likes this world and has decided that this one would make a perfect home for mommy, daddy and the brats to settle down in!" She growled.
"Now now Kuro-tan don't put the blame on Mokona." Fay said, coming out of Sakura's room, however his stern face was quickly replaced by a pair of very gentle blue eyes and a small twitchy smile. "I never thought I'd get to put them to bed again." He smiled softly. "Thank you."
"Damn straight." She muttered "Maybe now you'll appreciate that whereas your life may not matter to you it matters to other people. For a 'good guy' you're pretty damn selfish." She folded her arms across her chest, but her breasts got in the way making it look all the more haughty instead of the disinterested and slightly fed up speciality she'd been going for.

"I hate this body. And what's with the men in this town staring at me all the time! Like they wanted to eat me alive or something!" She complained, sitting down.
"Kuro-rin, they did that when you were male." Fay said pointedly, taking a seat on the couch beside her.
"The hell they did!"
"One did." Fay said, raising his hand a little guiltily. Kurogane took a deep breath and nodded.
"Yeah… I know you did." She mumbled. She had known, by Fay's over enthusiastic displays of affection and playful flirting that there had been an attraction of some sorts, but had at some point on their journey decided to determinedly ignore it. She had wanted to wait until he said something, knowing how skittish he was with other people, he would have to make the first move or nothing could happen. If he'd come onto the magician… he knew Fay's fight of flight technique would have made him run

However, now the situation had been brought right in front of her, she didn't seem to have a choice other than confrontation. "And now?"
"Now?" Fay asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Do you still… Agh forget it." She shrugged waving it off. Fay's eyes had glazed over, as though he was thinking deeply, which was the complete opposite of what Kurogane had wanted. Over-thinking could lead to dangerous things where the blond was concerned.
"I really shouldn't." Fay answered the unasked question with a gentle voice and a serious expression. "In every way shape and form… there is no denying you're female now…" The magician stared intensely at the warrior woman, who glared back in response.
"And you're only into men?" She questioned, raising one eyebrow dangerously.
"Well…theoretically yes." Fay nodded. "But…"

"But what?" Demanded Kurogane who was, at this point more than a little pissed off. She had waited rather patiently for this man to voice his feelings, and patient was something she'd never been very good with, only to be turned down at the last minute. It was incredibly frustrating and she found herself half wanting to punch the magician, and half wanting to cry. Wait… ew girly thought where the hell'd that come from?
"But... perhaps… love transcends gender?" Fay suggested with a teasing smile. "It's my hope that some day… you'll look like you again… but looks aren't important, right now you could be missing an arm and you'd still be Kuro-tan." (cough) The smile wasn't a mask this time, for the first time it felt truly genuine and directed completely at Kurogane.
"Fine." Kurogane nodded bluntly.
"Hot-headed, angry, stubborn and self sacrificing. It doesn't matter what she looks like. Kuro-myuu is still Kuro-myuu." The blond lay his head very gently on Kurogane's shoulder and she glared.
"If you're going to say stupid girly sentimental stuff… you could at least use my name." She raised her hand and ran it through Fay's hair, messing it up just the right amount.
"Kuro-chan?" Suggested Fay playfully.
"Shut up." She grumbled.

Fay nuzzled his head gently into the crook of Kurogane's neck, and without warning she pulled him onto her lap. She held his hips in place with one hand, while using the other to cup his face. It was interesting how, despite her now being the smaller, more delicate of the two, she was still in control. Fay's eyes never left hers as her thumb swept over his cheekbone and across his lip. He nipped shyly at the digit, kissing it gently. Kurogane growled and kissed Fay's throat, causing the blond to gasp. Fay kissed the cheek closest to him, and tried to bend his head a little to capture Kurogane's lips. However just before he could do that Kurogane panicked considerably, and pushed him off forcefully.
"Well I was going to kiss you." Said Fay with a cheeky grin, as though it was obvious.
"KISS ME!?" She screamed as though it were a foul swear. "Like hell you were I don't wanna get pregnant you psychopathic magician!" She fumed, and stomped off to her bedroom. Fay stared after the girl in slight shock, knowing that he loved her, yet knowing there was a definite reason he preferred her as a man.
"I think… we need to have a serious talk about how boys and girls work." He mumbled, smiling to himself.


A/n: Kuro-rin's an idiot. Poor thing he really doesn't know how women work. I may need some kind of a sequel to this anyways coz… Kuro-pon's still a girl and that's… a little strange.