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His head pounded.

It hurt, it hurt, it hurt, it hurt, it hurt

He had to find Lucius Malfoy, he had too.

He clenched his teeth as the searing pain raced through his head. He could feel the palm of his own hand digging into the side of his head. He opened his eyes, he wasn't aware he had closed them, and looked around Knockturn Alley. He had to find Lucius Malfoy.

There! There, there, there, there, there! His fingers gripped the older man's impeccable robes.

"Malfoy, could you take me to your Lord Voldemort?" His head hurt, his head hurt, his head hurt. He needed, needed, needed, needed Lord Voldemort. He saw Lucius Malfoy's lips move, but didn't hear what he said. And then they were gone.

He knew Lord Voldemort was shocked, he could sense it, but he didn't care. His head hurt, his head hurt, his head hurt.

He was hardly aware of walking to the throne the Dark Lord was lounging in. All he knew was the when he threw himself onto Lord Voldemort's lap, the pain lessened.

"It hurts, it hurts, my head." His muttered voice shocked the Dark Lord out of immobilization. A hand with long fingers started to card through his hair, gentle, comforting.

"Potter, are you aware you are clinging to the Dark Lord?" Voldemort-no Tom- sounded confused, wary maybe. Harry nodded, his chin brushing Tom's crotch, it seemed to like the attention. A roar of pain made Harry moan and that was when he felt the Dark Lord invading his mind, trying to find out just what the fuck was going on.

He saw himself murder the Dursley's again. He saw Hermione's death at the hands of Remus again-she always had asked too many questions. He saw Dumbledore and the Order try to kill him again. He saw himself kill Mrs. Weasley in rage again-revenge for Ron. He saw Ron's lifeless corpse again-Ron tried to protect him from the Order. He saw the Department of Mysteries again, Tom had such a calming feel, and Sirius fell threw the Veil.

The roar of pain clouded his senses for a while and when he became aware of himself again he was in a different place. He was spread out on a large bed, clinging to Tom as the older man tried to devour him. With every sweep of Tom's hands the pain in his head was starting to lessen. Harry moaned into Tom's mouth, this time in pleasure.

A finger wormed its way inside Harry as Tom shifted his mouth to Harry's neck. The pain was less, barely even there. He arched his back as Tom shoved three fingers inside Harry suddenly. That shouldn't feel so good, that shouldn't feel so good.

And suddenly something bigger was being pushed inside and Harry was overwhelmed. His fingers clawed at Tom's back, he bit and kissed Tom's shoulders as they moved together, almost violently.

Harry was aware that the bed was banging against the wall and Tom was panting and moaning softly. But all that faded into the background as Harry screamed Tom's name over and over and over and over and over…

And then it was over. Tom lay panting on top of him and Harry's throat was sore. The pain in his head was gone. He looked at his hands and found blood on his fingers. As he started to lick the blood off Tom looked at him hungrily.

Very soon he was screaming again, only this time he was tied to the bed.

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