Something exciting has happened! Someone offered to adopt this particular plot bunny after all this time and they have just put up the first chapter of their fic, based on this one.

The author who adopted this is blackdragonsghost and their fic is titled "Seeing, Believing, Dreaming, Deceiving".

For the curious, I'm hands off on this re-thinking of it, which is perfectly fine by me. I read the first chapter and it looks promising. So, for those of you that have put this fic on alert so you'd get an announcement when this was picked up, there you go – it's been picked up.

Happy reading and please leave blackdragonsghost reviews so she knows people are looking forward to updates and appreciate her work!

The link is: fanfiction net / s / 8236368 / 1/ (remove the spaces and add the appropriate dots and such.) If that link still doesn't show up, please feel free to look up the title and author using FFN's search feature!

-Hell's Ice Heaven's Fire