Warnings: Oliver/Percy slash! And fluff =)

Notes: Yeah, this was sort of a challenge to my self to actually finish
something. So there might be a sequel. lol. It depends on whether or
not this one is any good.


"Percy! Where are you?" Oliver's voice echoes eerily in the deserted
library. I wonder what he wants. I'm trying to read, and do not
make any effort to answer him. Reading "Herbs and Lore for Today's
19th-Century Doctor: A Manual With Engraved Illustrations" is really
quite an intense experience, after all.

"Percy! I know you're in here! Come out!" He is closer to me now. I
still don't answer him. I'm content here, stifling my sadness with the
heavy, antique words in this stuffy old text.

I can see his feet under the shelf in front of me. He's wearing a pair
of grungy work boots, the same ones he always wears. I think he likes
them because they make him taller. With a deep sigh, I shut the giant
volume. He rounds the corner just as the large cover settles heavily on
top of the heap of aged pages.

"There you are! What's the big idea, hiding out like this? It could
be the last night we'll ever have together. So, let's join the
party!" Oliver's face is lit up, his teeth showing behind a large
grin. I love his teeth; they are so perfect. Not like mine.

"Oliver." I have to steady my voice. I don't want him to think I'm
upset. I start again. "Oliver. The people out there don't want me
with them; they don't even like me." I stare down at my hands. I hear
him move and close my eyes. I'm glad he's leaving, but terrified that
he'll leave me alone. But then I open my eyes, and he's standing
before me. My breath catches slightly. He drops to his knees and
places his rough hands on my well-manicured ones.

"Percy. *I* like you. And *I* want you out there. You don't have to
talk to anyone. Just...come. Talk to me." He sounds so honest. I
don't know whether to believe him, and then I look into his eyes. They
are full of such sincerity. And a bit of...longing? And the color; jet
black pupils surrounded by milk chocolate irises. It's so easy to get
lost in those eyes. And I feel myself nodding in spite of the warnings
my brain is screaming.

His face lights up so suddenly that I feel as though I have been
eclipsed. He stands up, pulling me with him. "Great! Come on, this will
be the best night ever!" I'm amazed. There is no way I could be the
cause of any of this excitement. Can it? He's barely given me a single
thought since the day we met seven years ago.

I glance up, and notice the moon shining down through the large ceiling
windows. It casts an eerie light, and I love it. It's so...mysterious
and beautiful. A lot like Oliver.

As we walk towards the door, he keeps a hold of my hand and leans very
close to me and whispers: "I wanted to talk to you. was too
late." My mind is racing. Why does Oliver Wood care? I'm very skeptical
despite the squeeze he gives my hand as we near the Great Hall.

I can hear the excited hum of voices as we approach, the sounds of a
party as everyone in our year spends a few hours together before
being released into the world. I realize with a start what this must
look like, Oliver and I hand-in-hand like this, and try to pull
away. He shouldn't have to be humiliated by me.

He raises his eyebrows and holds on tighter, not letting me go. I
feel my cheeks burning. Of course, this was all some sort of
awful dare, one last chance to make me a complete laughingstock. I
have to get away from here, I can't. I can't stand the thought of
being hurt by him.

Oliver grabs me by the shoulders, facing me, holding me still.
"Percy? I'm sorry. I. We don't have to go if you don't want to. I
just thought it would be fun..." His voice trails off, and he looks
so worried. His brows are knotted, and he begins to chew on his lower

"Why do you care?" I put more anger behind that question than I meant
to; he flinches and looks towards the floor. I'm surprised to see a
blush gently color his cheeks.

"Well." His voice cracks and he stops to clear it. "Well, I
don't know when it started really. Probably...geez, a couple of years
ago. I guess I don't really know when it *started,* now that I
mention it, it just sort of happened, and who was I to complain.
Well, don't get me wrong, I did try to complain, I told my brain that
it had made some sort of weird mistake, that things like this don't
just happen, but of course -"

"Oliver! The point?"

"Uh. Right. Well, I woke up one day, I think I had a dream about it,
but anyway, I woke up in love with you, and I thought it would just
go away but it didn't, and I tried to push it out of my mind, but you
are just always *there* and I finally decided that I couldn't live
with myself if we graduated and I never told you about it so here I
am telling you about it and please, don't hate me."

He pauses for a breath, but I hardly notice. My heart has completely
stopped. I feel lightheaded and all I can think about is that maybe
it's true, maybe Oliver...loves me? This is too perfect, to wonderful
to be happening to me. And all I can think of is taking him in my
arms and never letting him go.

With a jolt my heart restarts, and with it comes a pure and
terrifying thought: Oliver can't *love* me. He hardly even knows me.
The expression on my face must have changed very dramatically; he
takes a step back.

"I'm sorry Percy. I. This is why I waited." Oliver turns to walk away,
to leave me, and I can't let that happen. I reach out and take his
hand, and can feel him trembling. I don't want him to leave.

I turn him so that we are, once again, eye to eye. "Oliver. You can't
um. Love me." His face falls completely; he looks so devastated. I
hate myself for making him hurt. "No! I don't mean you *can't.* Just
that you. You don't even know me." I feel my hand shaking in his. I'm
so scared.

He lifts his eyes to mine, and I see a tiny bit of hope shining from
behind the fear and sadness. "Percy. Let me know you. Tell me all
about you. Give me a chance to prove to you that...well, I don't know
what exactly. But let me love you. Please."

The tears in his eyes are no joke, so I do the only thing I can think
to do. I take him into my arms. His back stiffens at the contact, and
then he wraps himself around me and buries his face in my shoulder.
My god. Oliver in my arms is like nothing I've ever known. And yet,
it's very...familiar. As if he belongs there. As if he's always been
there. I run my hands up and down his back, and whisper into his soft
brown hair. "Come on, then. Let's get some drinks, and I'll tell
you...whatever you want."

He pulls away slightly, and my throat constricts; I don't want to let
him go. I don't want to lose that warm, wonderful weight against my
heart. He looks up at me, his eyes wide and bright. That brilliant
smile appears suddenly, so open and full of life. I feel swept away, as
if he has taken hold of me and is dragging me with him. And it's going
to be a wonderful ride.

"Let's go!" Once again, he takes my hand, and I follow him towards
the Great Hall. I'm still scared, but now he's with me. It's...perfect.