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Two months later.

It had begun to rain while class was in session, taking Iruka by surprise. It really didn't look like if it was going to rain during the day. Iruka cleaned up and packed his things and when he was about to head out he realized that he didn't have an umbrella.

Just my luck, he thought annoyed. Guess I'll just walk through the rain. He frowned.

He locked up his classroom and headed to the front gates, when he noticed a figure standing near the entrance. As he got closer he noticed the figure had silver hair. Kakashi turned to face him and his eye turned into the famous inverted U.

"Kakashi? What are you doing here?"

Kakashi gave him an amused grin through his mask, "What do you think?" he held up an umbrella, "May I walk you home, Sensei?" he teased.

Iruka chuckled, "You're silly sometimes."

Kakashi opened the umbrella and held it in between them. Iruka hooked his arm with the one holding the umbrella and leaned closer to the older man, with a silly smile on his face. Iruka glanced around and noticed that the roads were deserted; everyone was staying out of the rain.

"Kakashi?" he said softly.

"Hmm?" his arm was pulled down along with the umbrella, covering them. His mask followed. Iruka pressed his lips against the older man's, and gave him a tender kiss. After a moment, he pulled away and pulled the mask back up, over the blushed pale cheeks, while his own blush crept onto his.

"Let's go home."

Kakashi smiled brightly under his mask, "Let's."

It had been two months since Kakashi officially moved in with Iruka. And Iruka was kind of glad that nothing had really changed between them, and if it did, it was only for the best. There were still those times where the jounin would stumble in through his bedroom window when he returned from rough missions. But now, there were times when Iruka would wake up in the morning and find the jounin sleeping soundly next to him, after those missions that didn't exactly leave him drained, and every single time, Iruka couldn't help but smile and pounce on him. It was quite a beautiful thing to wake up to. Now, when Iruka returned home after a long day at the academy, and found the jounin in his apartment daily, it made him smile despite how his day was.

Through this whole process, the jounin has been more willing to talk to Iruka about himself, about his past and things that he just never really told anyone, while Iruka did the same. There would be nights when they settled in for a good night's rest that they ended up talking until one or the other couldn't keep his eyes open, and it would always make the other smile, possibly because they never thought that they would ever be this happy.

They walked home in a comfortable silence, and as they neared their apartment.

"Ne, Iruka, did I ever tell you…"

Yes, this felt wonderful.

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