Pay Back

Many thanks to Stephenie Meyer for letting me play with her toys for a little while. I, of course, own nothing. They are all hers.

Author's Note:
This story is the sequel to "The Hunt". You need to read that story first to understand this one. Big brothers who are vampires can tease their human little sisters in lighthearted spontaneous ways (as in "The Hunt"). However if the human wants to give the vampire a little pay-back, she's going to have to plan it out a lot more. So this story has a very different tone from The Hunt and I felt it should be its own story.

I had fun writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please let me know.

Chapter 1 – Embry's POV

"If I eat one more bite, I'm gonna be sick." Quil stared at the pizza crust in his hand. "Oh well, I guess it'll fit," he said, changing his mind and stuffing the last of the pizza in his mouth.

Seth and I laughed. I leaned back in my chair and rubbed my overstuffed stomach. I can't believe we ate all that. Then again, Vito's did make the best pizza in town.

"Ready for another one, boys?" the waitress called from the counter.

"Naw, I think we're done now," I called back to her.

"Mmph," Quill confirmed, around the pizza he was still chewing.

She pulled her note pad from her apron and wrote out our bill. As she walked to us, she ripped it from the pad.

"Just give that to my friend here," I said indicating Quil. "It's his turn to pay for the pizza."

"Mphw?" He swallowed hard. "My turn? I got last time!"

"That's not how I remember it," I told him.

The waitress just rolled her eyes and put the bill in the middle of the table, before walking away.

"I paid last time. With Jared, Sam and Jake."

"Uh, that would mean I wasn't there and it doesn't count. It's still your turn."

Quil looked over at Seth.

"Don't look at me," Seth said, shaking his head. "I'm broke."

"You don't eat like you're broke," Quil grumbled. "It's still not my turn."

I drew a breath to continue arguing, but was distracted by the roar of an engine from the parking lot. I recognized the truck before I saw it.

Bella Swan pulled up in front of the pizzeria's picture window. She cut the engine and hopped out.

I turned back to Seth and Quil to see they were grinning too. I liked Bella. She was easy to be around.

The bell over the door rang as she stepped into the restaurant.

"Hey Bella," I called out to her, as she hadn't seen us yet.

Her face lit up when she recognized us. "Hey guys." Grinning, she came over to us.

"How ya doing, Bella?" I kicked the fourth chair out. "Sit down for a bit."

"I can't," she smiled regretfully, but leaned on the back of the chair. "Charlie's waiting for me. I told him I'd bring home lunch. He's going to the gun range this afternoon for some training seminar. I thought I'd do everyone else a favor and make sure he shows up in a better mood on a full stomach," she laughed. Then she eyed the empty pizza plate on our table. "What's this? Only one large for the three of you? Is this a light snack to get you warmed up for lunch?" Her eyes danced with humor.

My brothers and I snickered. "Ah, well, yeah. Actually, Bella, there were 7 others before this one."

We all laughed as her jaw dropped open.

"Eight large pizzas for the three of you?!!" she gagged. "It's a wonder your families can afford to feed you!"

"Yeah, speaking of that," I said turning back to Quil. "I was just reminding Quil here that it's his turn to pay."

Quil opened his mouth to argue, but Bella's phone rang, distracting us all.

"Sorry," she mumbled as she reached into her pocket for her cell. She glanced at the display before answering it. She turned slightly away from us. "Hey Alice . . . No, of course not. Everything's fine. I'm at Vito's picking up lunch for Charlie and me and I ran into some of the guys."

So it was the little psychic leech.

"I have to go, Alice. I'll see you later."

I groaned and made eye contact with my brothers. We were all thinking the same thing. Damned leeches.

Bella turned back with an apologetic smile. "Sorry. I have to go. Charlie's waiting for lunch and I don't want to make him late. I'll see you guys later, right?"

"Sure, Bella. See you around."

She walked to the counter and asked if her phone-in order was ready. The waitress went to the kitchen to get Bella her pizza.

As she waited, Bella looked back at us, a speculative look on her face. She seemed to be considering something. Suddenly, as if acting on impulse, she pulled her cell phone back out and dialed quickly.

"Alice? I have a quick question for you . . ." Her voice dropped too low for me to hear. "Umm, I'll tell you later, okay? Bye."

Bella shut her phone and came back to our table.

"Hey, umm . . ." she started hesitantly. "I was just thinking. I'll make you a deal. I'll pay for your pizza in exchange for . . ." she hesitated again. "Well, if one of you guys will give me your T-shirt." She blushed furiously.

What the f…??!!

I turned, stunned, to look at Quil and Seth. Both their jaws were hanging open too.

Quil was the first to recover. He grinned knowingly at Bella. "Is your 'boyfriend' falling a little short of the mark, Bella? You know, once you go pack, you never go back."

His 'warning' sounded more like an invitation.

If possible, Bella blushed even darker.

"No, no! It's not like that." She laughed nervously. "I just wanted something with a strong . . .you know . . . scent." She finished awkwardly.

Maybe it was me. I was still completely lost. I looked at my brothers. Nope, it wasn't just me.

Seeing our confusion, Bella tried again to explain. "Do you remember Emmett?"

I shook my head. "Who?"

"My friend, Emmett. The big one with the curly dark hair?"

Oh, she meant the big leech. I nodded.

"Well, he's been teasing me a lot lately. You know, big brother stuff." She seemed to be considering her words carefully.

Uh hunh. There was more that she wasn't saying. Somehow I thought I wouldn't like the details. "Tease you? How?" My hands clenched. "He didn't try to bite you, did he?" Already I could picture myself ripping the leech apart. A quick glance at my brothers told me they were feeling much the same way.

"No, no," Bella said, holding up her hands as if to stop my thoughts. "Relax. Just clean fun. But I'd like to get him back a bit. But with my being . . ." (she threw a quick glance at the waitress) "you know and him being what he is, it takes some planning for me to get a bit of revenge."

"You want us to rough him up a bit?" I asked eagerly.

"Of course not! Don't be stupid! Ugh," she huffed in exasperation. "I just want something with a strong smell."

"What for?"

"Well, I just got this idea." Bella laid out her plan and by the time she finished explaining, Quil and I were grinning widely.

"Remind me never to get on Bella's wrong side," Quil laughed.

Only Seth looked worried. "Are you sure this won't affect the treaty? Sam would get really mad if this changes anything."

"Over a smell?" I scoffed.

"Relax, Seth," Quil agreed. "Bella, you've got a deal. Pizza for one smelly shirt."

He started to pull off his tank top but a "hey" from the waitress stopped him.

"I'll meet you outside," Bella said as she grabbed our bill and went to pick up her pizza.

We met Bella outside by her truck. She put her pizza on the passenger seat.

Quil pulled his tank top off over his head. Bella reached for it, but Quil pulled it out of her reach, grinning.

"I want to be sure you get your money's worth, Bella," he said as he bunched the shirt and rubbed it in both his armpits.

I laughed as he handed it to me. I did the same with the shirt.

Strangely, Bella looked a little grossed out.

I started to hand the shirt to Seth, but Bella held up her hand to stop me.

"No. Wolves only. A human smell might ruin it," she said.

I was confused for a moment until I remembered she didn't know Seth was a wolf too. Sam wanted us to keep quiet about that.

So I held the shirt out for Bella to take it. She waved to the back of her truck.

"Just put it in there, please," she said without touching it.

Huh. Girls could be so funny.

"Do you guys need a lift?" she asked considerately.

"No. Sam and Emily went for groceries. They're going to pick us up on the way back. Thanks though."

We said goodbye and Bella got in her truck. We stood and watched her drive away.

When she was out of sight, I turned to Quil and said, "Don't think that counts as your turn paying for the pizza. It's still your turn next time!"

Author's Note: I promise to update as soon as I can. But I have a full-time job (LOL actually a more-than-full-time job) and a young family. So please be patient with me. In the meantime, please let me know if you think this story is worth continuing.