Pay Back

Many thanks to Stephenie Meyer for letting me play with her toys for a little while. I, of course, own nothing. They are all hers.

Chapter 9 – Square One

Emmett's POV

It had been a week since Bella's Prank, as we would now forever call it. The house was back to normal. Even the smell of bleach and cleaners had dissipated.

Life had returned to its normal routine. I sighed. Life had returned to its normal boring routine.

As much trouble as we had all been in, it had so been worth it. I hadn't had that much fun in decades.

I sighed again, beyond bored, and clicked off the TV.

The sound of Bella's truck arriving in the front yard drew my attention.

Hmmm. Was it worth it . . . ? Definitely. I quickly moved to stand beside the front entrance, where the front door would hide me when opened.

I grinned as I prepared to pounce. This was going to be excellent! I bet this would make things interesting again. My grin grew wider.

Author's Note: This is the last chapter – a small one to wrap things up. Of course, this started out as a 300 word one-shot. So if my Muse decides there's more story to tell, I'll be sure to share it with you too. :o)

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