Ranma nimbly dodged the flaming debris as he rushed his way through the rapidly crumbling halls of Furinkan High. His voice was already raspy from the combination of smoke inhalation and screaming her name out. He prayed he wouldn't falter as his vocal cords have; he was Ranma Saotome, heir to the Anything Goes School of martial arts..

He could not fail, not for her...

Ranma raced for the stairwell and flung open the door, just barely flaring his soul of ice technique to protect him from the back draft of the flames as hyper exited molecules met with fresh oxygen. Rolling along the ground, Ranma spared no time to check himself as he leapt through a closed window. Ranma turned and snagged the windowsill and flared his hand with ki.

"Akane, just hold on, I'm coming," Ranma voiced as loud as his strained throat would allow him. He slammed a ki charged fist into the wall of the school, making a handhold, then with the other hand repeated the process until he was to the third floor. Ranma had been methodically scouring each floor for Akane, assisting any survivors he came across, but not allowing them to impede his progress. Akane's friend Yuka had told Ranma that Akane, Shampoo, and Ukyo had gone back in floors to help rescue the people trapped up there. Ranma swore under his breath, it would be like them to do something so foolish and selfless, just like him. He idly wondered if his charisma was a bigger curse than what Jusenkyo had stuck him with.

Ranma broke open the window to the third and final floor. Ignoring the cuts from the glass, he deftly swung himself into the hall and almost slipped on a piece of cloth on the ground. A quick glance turned Ranma's blood cold, despite the blazing heat around him. One of Ryoga's headbands, and his umbrella lying near a pile of flaming wreckage. As much of a nuisance as the lost boy could be, Ranma prayed that Ryoga was lost somewhere other than under that pyre.

With lightning speed, Ranma broke through several doors, briefly scanning each room for anyone. As he made it to his twelfth door, he found himself bound in chains that secured him thoroughly.

"Ran... Saotome...you don't want to look behind that," Mousse had actually arrived ahead of time, entering from the roof instead of the ground floor. He had gotten there in time to hear the screams of several women and men who could not make it out in time, as the already strained door frame collapsed, trapping several in there.

With as much strength as his oxygen-starved muscles could spare, Ranma managed to break the chains in a Herculean effort, and used his Mouku Takabisha to break through the barrier...

His screams were no less anguished, as Mousses had been just a minute prior...


"Ranma, drop time in one minute," Saotome shook himself from his reverie, looked towards the large black man, and gave a curt nod. Big Landman nodded back once he was sure Ranma was focused. Though it was a routine mission, it wouldn't do to have any of the Rangers under his guard.

The airship jolted slightly from the launching of the light polymer torpedoes. The three launched missiles struck home and a white flimsy foam substance spread over the flames and snuffed them out.

"Okay, point secure, everyone out and stay sharp," Big shouted and leapt from the Burning Ship, his paraglide igniting and slowing his decent down. Next followed a luscious brunette whose hair lightly curled and was cut to just about her neckline, and her skin tight red, white, and blue outfit accentuated the point of her womanhood. Courtney leapt out and glided to her destined arrival point, as her task included arriving to the lab's control room where she would rescue anyone in there and operate the facility controls so they did not inhibit the rest of the team. Ranma and Mousse were the last two out, their task to rescue as many survivors as they came across and blaze containment.

"You all set Mousse?"

"I'm set Ranma, just worry about your back."

Ranma gave his trademark smirk as he and Mousse dove out of the transport and into the Fire below....

Ranma/Burning Rangers

Burning Sky

"Burning Hearts" (Theme to Burning Rangers) would be perfect at this point ;)