Ranma/ Burning Rangers
'Burning Sky'

Ranma crawled out of his tent, and walked to the front door and knocked, "Honey?"

The pigtailed man's face drooped when T'chi Pei opened the door, "She's still mad, huh?"

The Amazon nodded before replying, "What you do is very stupid, yes?"

"I don't see why I'm gett'n blamed for this," Ranma replied, darkly. The girl nervously giggled in response.

"Well, I no tell Nabiki you take bath, is okay?"

"I guess," Ranma replied, walking into the house, before turning to reply, "Traitor." T'chi Pei scratched the back of her head with a sick grin on her face.

"Hey Pop," Ukyo whispered to his father, as he caught the pigtailed man sneaking to the bathroom.

Ranma made note his son was whispering, "She really that mad?"

"What did you do, Pop?" the little boy asked concerned.

"It wasn't my fault!" Ukyo shrugged, smirked, and rushed into the bathroom past his father; making sure to lock the door behind him.

"HEY!!!!" he screamed indignantly, not paying attention to the volume of his voice.


Ranma's pigtail stood at end at his wife's cold voice, "Er, I'm not really here dear, really! Uh, you're just... um... sleeping?" Ranma blinked prettily at his spouse.

"What are you doing inside the house, Saotome-san?"

"Coming to apologize?" Ranma asked hopefully. Nabiki shook her head, and pointed back out doors.

Ranma sighed, and started back out, before turning to his wife at the top of the stairs, "I couldn't take the chance, you know that," he stated dejectedly.

Nabiki almost softened, "You could have had one of the others..."

"They don't have the experience," Ranma cut in, earning a hard and frosty glare from his wife. Ranma was getting used to the feeling of Deja vu that accompanied each one of these discussions.

"You didn't need to risk yourself, one of them would had been there sooner."

"The risk wasn't that big in the first place!" Ranma retorted, raising his voice a little. "Er, it didn't seem so, at least." he added sheepishly.

"Ranma..." Nabiki started in a softer voice, her face growing a bit morose, "You said that I wouldn't have to worry anymore."

"I... everyone else was occupied, I didn't see a reason to take them from their positions."

"And it almost got you... it..." Nabiki's voice choked up, and she turned her head away so her husband couldn't see her tears. Ranma waited for his wife to regain her composure.

"I'm sorry, really. I guess it was stupid of me." Ranma didn't dare ascend the stairs to comfort his wife just yet.

"On Stormwatch, when I thought I had lost you," Nabiki began with a trembling voice, her and Ranma's conversation attracting the five Amazons to eavesdrop on the conversation with Ukyo at the door of the bathroom, "I don't, I didn't know how I... They said there wasn't anything that was going to happen to you!"

"But I'm here, I'm still with you," Ranma replied gently, finally finding the courage to meet his love at the top of the stairs and embrace her to shield her from her worries, "I'm fine, Nabiki, with you and Ukyo. I'm fine."

"Oh Gods, I don't ever want to feel that again," Nabiki whimpered into her husband's chest. The Amazons all had somber looks on their faces; they had been told of what happened, and how they almost lost their future tribe's leader.

"Is not good if Amazons loose best Matriarch," Lei-woo Fa stated for all of them.

"You, hush," Ranma commanded with an irritated voice, the Amazon shifted back nervously, "I told ya, I ain't goin' anywhere, and for the last time I AIN'T gonna be Matriarch!" Ranma stated adamantly. His loud outburst lightened the mood a bit.

Nabiki let out a slight chuckle through her lessening sobs, "Ranma, I don't know what I'll do without you."

"Here's hoping you never have to find out," the man in question replied seriously. Ranma then moved in for a kiss, which Nabiki accepted.

Their brief moment of intimacy was interrupted by the sound of Ranma's pager.

"Of all the..." Ranma departed from his wife and past the anxious looks of his trainees to the phone. He dialed the number and shouted, "WHAT?" A reply was given at the other end, according to Ranmas expression, "Couldn't someone else...?" As the conversation went on, Ranma's face grew less agitated and more serious. Finally, he turned a look to Nabiki that seemed to be asking permission.

Mrs. Saotome smiled through her tear-streaked face, and gestured her head for him to go. Ranma smiled, and then took off, with the five Amazons in tow.

"We're over the drop zone now," Ranma-chan stated towards the view monitor. The Burning Ship was slightly rocking from the turbulence being created from the rising heat, but stable enough to proceed.

"[Good,]" Lead Phoenix replied, "[We'll be on backup if you need help, but we don't have a full squad to take over for you, I'm afraid.]"

"Don't worry about it, they're doing fine, and they're not as green as before."

"[Alright then, I trust that *you'll* stay as navigator and not take an active part, this time?]"

Ranma chuckled and scratched the back of her head, "Uh, Nabiki spoke to you?"

"[Big, though I did also get a message from your wife,]" the cobalt blue-haired man stated with a smirk, "[Lead, out.]"

"Okay girls, it's show time! Wa-fu, you take point," the Amazon nodded, "T'chi Pei, your providing rescue support for her, she'll clear the paths first so you can file everyone trapped to the safety rooms."

"Okay." the girl in question replied.

"Pai Lan, you take the forth entrance on the east side, and work your way towards the middle. Mai Ting, stay close to Lei-woo Fa, but keep to your own path," Ranma turned an irritated eye to Lei-woo, "It doesn't look like I'll be able to come and bail you out of trouble... this time. Don't touch anything that looks explosive, if you can."

The girl was looking in any other direction but her mentor's.

"Alright, now let's show them that the Burning Rangers Amazon Successor Squad has what it takes!"

The doors of the Burning Ship opened, and the five newest additions to the Burning Rangers roster plummeted towards their latest mission. Their paraglides opened, reflecting the sunlight that cut through the billowing gray smoke and clouds, slowing their descent. As the light glistened from their wings, like angles of mercy descending to the fiery earth, their expressions were determined, yet carried a glimmer of hope of a bright and promising future.