Subspace Emissary:

A/N: Sorry for the delay, but I am so exicited about the new SSB game so I decided to make my own novel on Subspace Emissary. Please enjoy this and I try not to copy other authours.

Chapter 1: Chaos at the stadium:

In a stadium hovering above the land, there was a tournament that was happening. In the audience stands Princess Peach and Princess Zelda, who was watching the crowd excitedly.

"This is going to be a great battle" Peach said.

"Yeah" Zelda said "I wish Link was here but he disappeared. I wish I know where he is."

"Don't worry" Peach said "Link is a travelling person. You'll find him."

Suddenly, a trophy stand came into the scene. Peach smiled in joy. That person was none other than Mario. Then a huge light appeared and the trophy disappeared to see Mario got into his fighting stance. He saw Peach, smiled and waved.

"Hi, Peach!" Mario called "this battle is for you!"

Then another trophy appeared and then glowed revealing Kirby. Mario smiled when he saw Kirby and they got into their stances as the announcer called out "GO!!!"

Mario charged and got Kirby off his feet. Kirby jumped back up and lunged to kick Mario. Mario shielded himself and then use his fireball to knock some damage on Kirby. Kirby then sucked up Mario and gained his powers. Mario jumped out and he and Kirby starts firing out fireballs.

Meanwhile, in somewhere else, someone is watching Mario and Kirby fight by looking in a small fountain. His name is Pit and he was enjoying the fight.

"Man!" Pit smiled "Just looking at them was making me want to fight too. I just wish I could be like them."

Mario has grabbed a beam sword and Kirby grabbed a fan. They were about to clash until Mario sliced the fan in half and sent Kirby flying out of the stadium.

"Look-a like I won" Mario smiled.

The Kirby trophy fell back onto the arena. Feeling pity, Mario touched the trophy making it glow and brought Kirby back to the living.

"You have done well Kirby" Mario said "Next time, let's do this again, when everybody's here."

"OK" Kirby said "I like that." And they shook hands.

The crowd cheers at their fight. Both Mario and Kirby waved to the crowd. But then a man shouted out: "What's going on? The sky turned red!"

Mario and Kirby looked up to see red clouds coming towards them and a huge ship heading towards them. The crowd flee the scene in terror.

"It's the Battleship Halberd!" Kirby gasped.

"You know that thing?!" Mario asked.

"That ship belongs to Meta Knight, my tutor half rival" Kirby said "but I can tell that it was not him controlling it."

Suddenly, purple darkness came from the ship and lands on the arena. Then they formed into Primids. Seeing Mario and Kirby needs some help, Zelda and Peach goes onto the stage.

"Peach? Zelda?" Kirby asked.

"We're helping too" Peach said.

"Zelda, if you get killed, then what would Link will do to me" Mario said.

"Don't worry Mario. I can handle myself" Zelda said "with or without Link."

The two heroes nodded and they got into their stances. The Primids attacked but the heroes managed to take them out one of the time.

"That was a close one" Peach said.

Suddenly, someone in a green rob was hovering above them. He has yellow eyes, which is clearly seen since he is hooded. And he's quite small.

"Who are you?" Zelda asked "And why are you sending out these army?"

The creature didn't respond. Inside he sends some R.O.Bs down on the arena with a sphere. They grabbed each side and pulled it open. Inside was a timer with starts at 3:00. Then the creature flew away. Mario noticed what the timer is for.

"It's a bomb!" he gasped "Kirby, try and get Peach and Zelda out of here. I'll try to stop the bomb!" And he ran towards it.

"MARIO, NO!" Peach called.

But before Mario could get to it, a crash was heard and they all turned around to see dust. Then a cannonball shot out and hit Mario sending him flying into the sky and disappeared.

"MARIO!!!" Kirby ran to help him until he heard some screams. He turned around to see Petey Piranha. And he holds cages, with Peach and Zelda in either one. "Oh no! PEACH! ZELDA!"

"You can only choose one princess" Petey said "Choose and try to defeat me. If you dare!"

"Darn it!" Kirby said "Come on you oversized turnip!"

Petey used the cages as weapons but Kirby leapt over them and attack the cages, trying to break Peach or Zelda out. After a long battle, Kirby broke Peach's cage and Petey was exploding. Kirby and Peach leapt out of the explosion and landed on their feet.

"Thanks, Kirby" Peach said "But where's Zelda?"

Kirby saw Zelda's cage on the ground and Zelda crawled out.

"There she is" Kirby said "Let's help out".

But before they could get to her, someone appeared in front of them, a person Peach knew too well.

"Wario? What are you're doing here?" asked Peach.

"Hahaha. Look at this" Wario holds up a huge gun in front of them facing Peach and Kirby "This is a trophy gun. I can use this to turn anyone into trophies."

"What are you're talking about?" asked Kirby.

Wario's eyes turned to Zelda, who is getting up. "Perhaps a demonstration is in order."

He pointed the huge gun at Zelda powering up. Peach and Kirby notices it.

"ZELDA!!! LOOK OUT!!" Peach called.

"Huh?" Zelda looked up but Wario fired a black arrow from his gun which hit Zelda directly. Peach and Kirby gasped as Zelda was turned into a trophy and Wario grabbed her.

"GIVE HER BACK!" Kirby snapped.

"Sorry but I got other things to do now. Bye bye for now!" And Wario took off taking the gun and Zelda with him.

"We got to go after them" Peach said.

"But Peach, the bomb!" Kirby said pointing as the countdown on the bomb was nearly up. "We take our warp star and get out of here. Let's go!"

They got onto it and managed to escape as the bomb hit 00:00:00. Then a dark orb engulfed the whole arena. Peach and Kirby watched in horror as they quietly flew away.

"Oh man. What a disaster. We have go after the Halberd!" Kirby said "my guess that Wario took Zelda there!"

Peach nodded and prayed. 'Mario. Where are you?'

In the palace in the sky, Pit watched in shock as he watched the black orb on the arena.

"What is that?" Pit asked.

A glow of light appeared behind him. Pit turned around to see Palutena behind him.

"Pit, the world is in great danger. Did you see that giant orb?"

"Yes. But what is that?"

"That was a Subspace. There an evil team called Subspace Emissary which threatens the world. And lately Wario and 2 other villains named Bowser and Ganondorf are working for them" Palutena said.

"Man. So what do we do?" Pit asked.

Palutena handed him a double golden blades which can be fixed into an bow and given golden arrows.

"Go down there and help Mario and the others defeat them" Palutena said "I'm counting on you, Pit."

Pit smiled. "I promise I won't fail!"

He climbed up the stairs, turned to Palutena and the door opens behind him. Pit smiled, closed his eyes and falls back. He fell through the clouds and then spread his wings and flew through.

To be continued…

A/N: And so the adventure begins. Hope you like this and I'll do more soon.