A/N: Sorry for the delay but I was just starting a new story. Anyway, here is the final chapter as well as the last What If on what would happen in the far future. So enjoy.

Chapter 13: The final battle (What If: 7 years later):

After going through a long maze which takes a long time, the heroes were outside the lair where Tabuu was hiding.

"Going through that maze is something" Luigi said.

"Yeah, fighting bosses along the way" Mario agreed.

"Well we can't stop here" Snake said.

Pikachu and Lucario looked at each other and nodded. Pikachu pushed the door open and the heroes walk in. Tabuu was trying to get some sleep. No one made a move… that is, until Luigi stepped on Fox's tail by accident.

"OUCH!! LUIGI!!" Fox snapped causing Tabuu to wake up.

"Oh way to go Mr. Obvious!" Wolf snapped.

"What the…?" Tabuu saw them "You lot?! How did you come back alive?"

"You forgot about me, Dedede, Toon Link, Wolf, Jigglypuff and Mr. Klutz here" Ness said.

"I don't care how you came back…" Tabuu began.

"Then why you ask?!" Falco asked.

"Yeah!" Toon Link said.

"As I was saying before you interrupted, I can also turn you back into trophies again" Tabuu said as he starts powering up again.

"Look out!" Bowser said.

"Now say far…" Tabuu began but then a blue blur appeared and broke one of his wings. "WHAT THE?!" And then it came around again and destroy his other wing.

Then on a point, Mario spotted a blue hedgehog landed and turns around and wave his finger in front of Tabuu.

"I don't think so you data-freak" said Sonic.

"Sonic?!" Mario, Peach, Bowser and Luigi gasped.

"Yoshi?" gasped Yoshi.

"Pika, Pika?" Pikachu asked confused.

"You know this guy?" asked Link.

"Yes. That is Sonic the Hedgehog" Mario said "the world's fastest hedgehog. We met at the Olympic Games a while ago."

"Hey, Mario" Sonic said to Mario "I can't let you guys have all the fun. How about I help out? You can introduce me to your friends later."

"Sounds good to me" Red said "Hear us this, Tabuu! You're finished! Fight us with honour or just give up!"

"Alright" Tabuu said "I choose… fight. But I must warn you, I am the ultimate being. You won't be able to touch me."

"We'll just see about that!" Ganondorf said.

A huge battle had begun. Mario and Luigi leapt up to attack but Tabuu disappeared and then got out his whip to attack them, only to be blocked by Link's shield. Tabuu then created a huge gun and fired a huge beam but everyone leapt out of the way, Samus fired her missile but the villain teleported away from that too. Then he formed a cross and tried to get one. Lucario took the blow and almost fell off the ring but Pikachu and Yoshi saved him. Wario attacks as well but Tabuu disappeared again.

"Stop disappearing and fight!" Wario shouted.

"As you wish" Tabuu said as he grew into a giant.

"Whoa. I did not see that one coming" said Sonic.

Tabuu shot beams through his eyes and hitting everyone in the progress but not defeating them.

"Man!" Link said "he's right. We can't touch him!"

"They got to be a way to beat him" Pit said.

"Unfortunately, there isn't one" Tabuu said as he formed a sword and charged at them but they leapt out of the way.

"Now what do we do?" asked Kirby.

Then a sudden glow appeared above them. A huge smash ball appeared hovering above the heroes. Tabuu was nowhere in sight.

Samus remembered Pikachu getting the Smash Ball to defeat Mewtwo. "Guys! Grab the Smash Ball together. That way we can enchant our powers to do some finishing blows!"

"Great idea. But wait, Tabuu's power level is 8,000" said Wolf as he, Fox and Falco checked their scanners "and we all 500 each. So what would happen when we grab it?"

Fox took off his scouter "We'll be over9,000!" and he smashed his scouter.

"9,000?!" Lucario said in shock.

"That's good!" Mario said "Quick, everyone. Grab it before Tabuu reappears!"

They all leapt up and all touched it at the same time. Tabuu appeared to see everyone is gone.

"They can't just disappear!" Tabuu said "Where are they?"

He did not see Snake behind him on a helicopter and been lowered down on a rope ladder.

"It's show-time" Snake said. "Grenade Launcher!"

He starts firing Grenades out of his launcher. Tabuu saw it but he was hit by the grenades. As he was hit, Sonic appeared behind him and call upon the Chaos Emeralds.

"Now I'll show you!" Sonic said "Super Sonic!"

He transformed into Super Sonic and charged which hit Tabuu in the back which sends him flying. Sonic appeared in front of him and kick him upwards and then kicked him towards where R.O.B and Mr. Game and Watch were. R.O.B used Diffusion Ray and hit Tabuu so much which made Tabuu fly towards Mr. Game and Watch who transforms into an Octopus and hit him with it's arms. Tabuu was send flying over to Olimar were.

"Hope this works! End of the Day!" Olimar got into his rocket and flew off as Tabuu was been bitten by some fly-trapping-plants (forgot what they were called) and then he piloted his rocket downwards and hit Tabuu. He was send flying to Wario who ate an garlic.

"Now, Wario-Man!" Wario transforms into Wario-Man and attack Tabuu like crazy. As Wario distract Tabuu, Pit appeared above him.

"Palutena, please send in the army!" Pit called as Palutena called her troops and attacked Tabuu as Wario ducked out of the way. Tabuu was send crashing to the ground.

"Grr! Where did they all come from?" Tabuu snarled.

"It's not over yet!" Ike said as he was behind him "Great Aether!" He slashed Tabuu in the air then threw his sword in the air, jumps and catches it and did some nasty slashes on Tabuu and then send him flying to the earth where Marth is waiting.

"Critical Strike!" Marth called and slashed Tabuu away from them towards the Ice Climbers.

"OK. Iceberg!" The Ice Climbers call upon their mountain of ice. Tabuu was send flying towards Ness and Lucas.

"Ready Lucas?" Ness asked.

"Always is, Ness" Lucas said.

"PK STARSTORM!!" They called together and huge shot of light appeared and showered onto Tabuu. Tabuu was send flying down screaming to where Falcon said.

"Got you! Blue Falcon!" Falcon got into his F-Zero car and hit Tabuu so hard it send him flying yet again towards Lucario.

"Witness the power of aura!" Lucario said as he leapt over Tabuu and send a blue beam at Tabuu sending him falling towards Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff used Puff Up as it grew huge and shouts sending Tabuu crashing to the ground. Red calls upon Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard.

"You're finished Tabuu! Triple Finish!" Red called as the 3 Pokemon used Flame Blast, Water Gun and Solar Beam to send Tabuu into a wall.

Tabuu got up very angry. But he did not see Pikachu and Yoshi appear behind him.

"Yoshi!" Yoshi sprouted wings and spits out fire which hit Tabuu all over the place.

"PikaCHUUUUUU!" Pikachu used Volt Tackle again as he spins around in a blue ball and hit Tabuu all over the place and then hit him in the air where Fox, Falco and Wolf call upon their…

"Let's do this! Landmaster!" Fox called.

"I'm going to have some fun with this" Wolf agreed.

"Personally, I got with style" Falco said.

They called upon their Landmasters and fired at Tabuu hitting him. Dedede appeared above Tabuu, blew a whistle and calls upon his minions to attack Tabuu as he sings and dance. Tabuu was hit again but fell into Meta Knight's trap.

"Feel my power!" Meta Knight covered him with his cape and then slashed him making Tabuu fell into Kirby's cooking pot.

"Now let's cook" Kirby said as he put on his chef hat and starts stirring and then the pot spits out Tabuu.

Samus got her canon ready as she aimed at Tabuu. "Now, ZERO LASER!" A huge laser shot out and Tabuu fell back to the ground again badly hurt.

But what he saw next make him gasped in fear. Bowser and Ganondorf had transformed into Giga Bowser and Ganon and send him flying up again. Diddy and Donkey Kong got ready. Diddy put on his jet pack and fired his peanut gun at him as Donkey Kong beat on his drums and hit Tabuu into a green negative zone cast by Luigi.

"What are you doing?" Tabuu said to Luigi.

"This. Toon Link, now!"

Toon Link trapped Tabuu and starts slashing him. And then did a finishing blow which send Tabuu fly straight into Peach's trap.

"Here goes. Peach Blossom!" Peach said as she dances around and left peaches around and put Tabuu nearly to sleep. "Zelda, this is your chance!"

Zelda got her Light Bow ready. "Thanks Peach. Now, LIGHT ARROW!" She fired it and it hit Tabuu into the air again.

Tabuu stopped in mid air as the other heroes gather round Zelda and Peach.

"Darn you. Too bad I'm nearly drained out of power. I will destroy you all anyway" said Tabuu.

"You forgot one thing" DK said.


Zelda and Peach smiled. "Our heroes."

Tabuu gasped. "Oh no. I forgot Mario and Link. Where are they?"

Suddenly Tabuu was trapped in the triforce cage again. Mario then leapt up in the air.

"You're finished, Tabuu!" Mario said "Mario Finale!"

Mario send a huge range of fire hitting Tabuu. Then Link appeared through the fire using the Power Star to make him invincible and starts chopping up Tabuu while still in Mario's attack.

"No more will you hurt innocent people" Link said "Triforce Slash Finish!" And he cut Tabuu in half.

Mario and Link landed by their friends as Tabuu was shaking as he was about to explode.

"No… No… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" And Tabuu exploded. The orbs that were in the arena scattered.

Then the Subspace Spheres that engulfed the area shrunk and disappeared. Then the battlefield disappeared to a cliff side showing the sunset.

Bowser and Ganondorf had walked away, vowing to get their revenge on Mario and Link next time. Everyone smiled at the sunset.

"Marth! Ike!" The two swordsmen turned around to see Roy with a revived Pichu, Dixie Kong, Krystal, Waluigi, Navi, Palutena, Tails and Knuckles.

"Roy!" Marth ran up to his friend "Good to see you again."

"Yeah. I saw what you did" Roy said "Great to see you two again. And the same to you, Red" He smiled at the Pokémon Trainer.

Pikachu was quite surprised to see Pichu alive again. Jigglypuff hugged Pichu. As if he had read Pikachu's mind, Roy replied "Yeah, it's the same Pichu who Mewtwo killed. So before I got the others, I repaired Pichu's trophy. It was tricky to do. Oh, and I did not bring back Mewtwo, because he deserve that for the beginning."

Pikachu smiled. He turned to Lucario, who smiled back.

Fox saw Krystal running towards him and she hugged him.

"Fox, I was so worried about you!" Krystal said.

Fox smiled and stroke her hair. "It's OK. It's all over, Krystal."

"Eww… vomit" Wolf snarled as Falco smiled at the two lovers.

Wario begins to walk off with Waluigi.

"So what's the next plot?" Waluigi asked.

"What do you think? Plan a way to defeat Mario and Luigi once and for all" Wario said.

Donkey Kong and Diddy were reunited with Dixie. Pit bowed to Palutena who smiled. Sonic was about to leave with Tails and Knuckles.

"Sonic, wait!" Sonic turned to see Mario "Thank you. You came at the right time."

Sonic smirked "Hey, no worries, Mario. How about a match sometimes? You know, for old times?"

"I'll be waiting" Mario smiled.

Sonic smiled and runs off. Mario rejoined Peach as they watched the sunset hand in hand. They turned to see Link and Zelda in a passionate kiss while Toon Link did some gagging noises. They smiled and watched the sunset.

7 years later…

The next tournament was about to begin in Super Smash Bros Future. In the stands was King Mario and Queen Peach as well as King Link and Queen Zelda. Next to them was Fox McCloud and his wife Krystal, and next to them was Pikachu with Yoshi and Buneary by his side with Lucario standing behind them. The rest of the original smashers were in the crowd. No one heard from Bowser, Wario and Ganondorf since.

Down below in the waiting rooms, are newcomers from more third company games. Solid Snake had returned but was really old, and Sonic is there as well, still the same. And with them are Cloud Strife, Crash Bandicoot, Jin Kazama and Spyro the Dragon who decided to test their strength in this tournament.

"So this is the Super Smash bros tournament huh?" Cloud said. "Not too shabby."

Crash flexes his arm. "Hey, I am just as excited as I am ever be."

Spyro nodded to his best friend "Yeah. But facing Snake and Sonic is the real deal."

Jin just remained silent. Sonic smiled at Crash's entry while Snake remained silent too.

Just then, a young man ran in. He looked like Mario but he has blonde hair and wore a blue hat, shirt and red overalls. His name is Marco and he is the son of Mario and Peach.

"Come on, Marco!" Peach called.

"Make us proud!" Mario said.

Then, a young man appeared as well. He looked like Link but he has Zelda's jewel on his forehead. He wore a yellow tunic, hat, blonde-ish hair and wields his own Master Sword. His name is Tai, the son of Link and Zelda.

"Tai, you can do it" Zelda cheered.

"You can do it son" Link smiled.

Ness and Lucas were also on the stage as teenagers. Red was also with them now a young man.

"Hey, Ness. I had grew a lot stronger since we defeated Tabuu" Lucas said "think you can take me on?"

"Ha! Sure thing. Fighting you will be like old time, Lucas" Ness smiled.

Red smiled "That Ness and Lucas alright."

Joining Tai and Marco was a Fox-look-a-like but he has light blue fur. His name is Marcus, and he is the son of Fox and Krystal. And with him was Pikachu and Buneary's son, who happens to be a Pichu. This Pichu was trained by Lucario. Their parents cheered them on as well.

Marcus got into his fighting stance "Alright. Time to see if my fighting style has paid off."

"Pichu" Pichu got into his stance too.

Tai held up his shield and wielded his sword "This could be the great match ever!"

"You said it" Marco agreed.

And the four warriors charged at each other ready for the great battle to come.

The End.