Title: Perks

Author: Stormy1x2 ( travelingstorm )

Fandom: Weiss Kreus

Pairing: S/Y

Word Count(fic portion): 416 words

Notes: Written forsennencuff who wanted this pairing, and the sentence: "Things are not always as they appear." Written in ten minutes, I hope it's not too horrible. ;;

Additional: This was actually written about two years ago in 2006, and was posted on LJ. I just noticed it in my memories, and decided to clean it up and repost it here. Takes place during the canon time line, though obviously, the others aren't aware of this. I may expand on this universe one day.


Yohji stared at the set table. Wine glasses. Folded napkins. Clean plates – on place mats, no less. And were those candles? Silverware? He hadn't even known he'd owned a tablecloth.

"You don't have to be that surprised," Schuldich snorted. "I wasn't raised in a barn, you know."

"No, but I came pretty close," Yohji muttered, still taking in the tableau. Tantalizing smells wafted up from under the covered dishes - was that beef curry he smelled?

::I wouldn't go that far.::

"I would." Yohji sat down hard in his chair, vaguely aware that he was drooling. A home-cooked meal. When was the last time he'd had something that he didn't have to microwave for four minutes or less? "I didn't even know you could cook. You, uh, don't exactly strike me as the cooking type."

"You, Mr Florist, should know that things ain't always as they appear," the telepath snarked, setting a basket of freshly warmed bread on the table. " You don't act like what I'd expect from a private investigator. I read your mind, you know - all of these things were in your apartment. I didn't bring anything. Not very observant, are you?"

"If they were here, I didn't buy them," Yohji shrugged. His hand strayed over one of the lids. "Probably apartment-warming gifts from Omi or Ken. Can I?"

Schuldich rolled his eyes. "I didn't cook it for you to look at it."


Yohji groaned in appreciation. "That was great."

"You're so easy to please." Schuldich lit up a cigarette, feeling the blonde's eyes on him.

"I meant the food."

The redhead looked innocent. "So did I."

Yohji watched his lover climb out of the bed and slip into his clothes. The assassin was on his way out the window to the fire escape when he called out, "Schu?"

The other man paused. "What?"

"...Thanks." ::For knowing just what I wanted.::

::One of the perks of sleeping with a telepath:: Schuldich sent back. It wasn't hard to know that Yohji had been hit with a sense of nostalgia after a recent customer had come to the Kitten in the House. She had looked remarkably like Yohji's grandmother – one of the few cherished memories Yohji had left from his less then ideal childhood. She had been the greatest cook he'd ever known, and Yohji had been subconsciously broadcasting his desire for his old favorites ever since. ::Same time next week, Kudoh?::

"My turn to surprise you, I guess."

"It better be something fucking good. I don't cook for just anybody, you know." And with that, he was out the fire escape.

Yohji grinned cockily at the empty room. "I know."