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- Owen? Owen? Where are you? -Tosh ran through the docks, worried sick. In the end she saw him, standing against the railings, just like that time when she had felt miserable after Tommy´s sacrifice. He was wearing the same black leather jacket and was looking down at the sea. Lost in his own thoughts. Tosh feared he might have another bad day, that he was thinking once again about ending it all. So she ran towards him, with her heart trembling for him.

-Hey, Tosh! What took you so long? Was Jack spying on your every move? -Owen smiled at her, he had never felt so happy in his whole life and death. Her cheeks were slightly blushed due to the exercise and her eyes were shining with determination. She looked amazing and his heart started to race by the mere thought of the possibilities that lie ahead.

-Owen? Are you ok? Is anything broken? Are you...- she never managed to finish that question as he kissed her, with no prior warning. She stood there, not moving, while his arms embrace her and his lips kissed her.

-What? I thought you loved me? -Owen stopped when he realised she was not responding, she was not kissing him back, she was just there, speechless, looking at him as if he was a complete stranger- Tosh, talk to me, come on.

- What are you doing Owen? Is this a new sort of game for you? -She answered, anger clear in her voice. She turned around and started to walk back towards the hub.- I would have never believe that you would...

-Tosh! -He grabbed her arm and tried to stop her- Tosh, listen to me.

-No! How dare you? We are friends, or so I thought. How dare you make fun of me and my feelings? You know damn well that I am in love with you, just as I know that you don´t love me and that even if you did it would not matter now. You are dead, Owen, but this...this is sick -Tosh was so angry that tears were starting to form in her eyes.- You have already played that trick with me, remember? In the hospital, you kissed me to get rid of more games, Owen, I am tired of this.

-Tosh, listen to me! -Owen grabbed her other arm- Stop shouting and, for crying out loud, Tosh, don´t cry!

Tosh tried to control her emotions but refuse to look him in the eye.

-Tosh, I have been a git for a long while, specially with everything related to you. Believe it or not, I have always admire your skills, your professional approach, your brain -He explained, it was so hard to open up after all those years of locking it all inside.

-Thanks, that sure helps -Tosh was being sarcastic. Being called an intelligent woman was just as bad as hearing the classic: "I like you but not in that way, you are like a sister to me". She struggled to free her arms.

-No, Tosh, you are getting this all wrong, or maybe it is me who is saying it all wrong -Owen was desperate, this was not going as planned. She should be in his arms by now instead of trying to kill him with her eyes- I am a bit rusty in all this romantic stuff, ok? That doesn´t mean that I don´t care for you, maybe love is too strong a word to use here, ok? I am sure I am saying it all wrong again, look, we have never even had a date, but I do like you.

-I have never been on a date with you and I love you -Tosh replied.

-I have escaped love for four years, running away from it, you have to understand I might have some trouble accepting the fact that I am willing to risk it all to spend a night with you -Owen said and tried to kiss her again but she was backing away and he couldn´t reach her lips.- Tosh, there is no time to lose. Trust me, I want to be with you, just you, and I have found a way, but it won´t last, so we can lose time like this.

Tosh opened her eyes. What was he talking about? He released her and Tosh realised that his hands were not cold, in fact, she remembered feeling the warmth of his breath when he had tried to kiss her a second time. Was that even possible? She blinked astonished.

-You are...? -She asked. Owen moved closer, and Tosh touched his face, so warm. His breath was tickling her wrist. She felt dizzy and he embraced her to support her as well to enjoy the feeling of having her in his arms.