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The Doctor picked up a lump of twisted metal, turned it over in his hands, and tossed it unceremoniously back on its heap. Rose yawned absently and shut her eyes against the double suns easing their way towards the horizon. The light was painfully bright even then, the insides of her eyelids turning a brilliant red; she sat up, shielding her face with the crook of her arm and looking to see if the Doctor was done yet.

He wasn't. She slumped back down, drumming the backs of her feet against the gutted shuttle she lay across, pushing her wind-whipped hair away from her face as she waited for the Time Lord to find… whatever it was he was trying to find that had taken him two hours.

The Doctor didn't seem to mind the heat and light as much as she did, but even he had discarded his coat and jacket after a while. The coat now lay beneath her back, saving her from being burned by the sun-scorched metal she was using as a sofa. The jacket was crumpled beside her; next to it lay an ever-increasing pile of things that looked useless but probably weren't.

She thought about going back into the TARDIS, but the Doctor had reassured her that the entire planet was completely empty of anyone or anything threatening and that, of course, meant that he was going to be abducted the moment she took her eyes off of him. So she stayed, and she watched, and she amused herself by trying to figure out how long it would take her to dehydrate in the heat.

Rose reached into his jacket pocket and fished out a packet of jelly babies. The first one stuck uncomfortably to her dry tongue and she quickly gave up on the rest, pulling the jacket over her face instead.

She was just beginning to slip into an unsteady slumber when a sudden scream tore her back into awareness.


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