Hello!! Okay I know I know I should be writing more chapters for my existing stories but I'm getting to it. Lol okay well in this story the guys get turn to animals and now the girls find them and keep them as pets unknowing they aren't your average pet. Couples include SakuGaa, TemShika, TenNeji, HinNaru, InoKiba! Enjoy and yes both OnpusFavFan12 and I are doing this fanfiction idea. We agreed we would do a different, but the same story line okay onto the Story!!!




'animals talking to eachother'

"inner/demons talking"

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"Will you shut the hell up already? Kami you're annoying to be around!" Yelled a certain pearly-eyed boy with long brown feminine hair yelled.

"I'm not annoying you just boring, BELIEVE IT!" the blonde hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja yelled back.

"What a drag. How did I get put in charge of this mission with such a troublesome group?" Sighed a lazy boy with pineapple shaped hair.

"Yea how DID you get put in charge? You PURPOSELY gave up in the chunnin exams, yet they still made you one. That's just WRONG dude. Lazy ninja shouldn't lead." Kiba scoffed.

"All of you shut up or I'll kill you." The normally quite fiery haired boy threatened.

"Says who? I, The Great Neji Hyugaa, take orders from no one. NO ONE I TELL YOU!" The boy now known as Neji snarled.

"I say no more energy drinks for Neji. Don't kill him Gaara okay?" Kiba said trying to save Neji from and early death.

"Whatever." Gaara sneered, turning away from the ninja he was currently grouped with.

A rustle in the bushes had all the boys on their feet ready for anything. Well almost anything, they expected an attack from enemy ninja, or maybe even a wild animal. They didn't expect a little shriveled up old lady to walk form the bushes and start yelling nonsense at them.

"YOU ARGUE TOO MUCH! YOU CAN NOT KILL YOUR COMRADS! STOP BEING HIGH AND MIGHTY! MAYBE THIS WILL BRING YOU DOWN TO SIZE!" the old hag yelled and them and hit eat of them over the head with her cane. Even Gaara, for some reason his sand shield wasn't responding and none of the guys had the ability to move. She then threw down a smoke bomb and as the smoke cleared the boys could see her walking away laughing like an escapee from an asylum.

The boys didn't even remember falling unconscious but one by one they awoke.

First was Neji.

"Uggh, I'm never drinking another energy drink with skittles ever again." Neji moaned thinking he passed out after his sugar buzz and it was all a weird dream. Then it noticed all these animals around him.

"What the hell?" Neji screamed as he saw the animals waking up.

"Dude, Neji what's your problem? Don't yell in my ear if I'm waking up okay?" Kiba yelled stretching. Looking over at where Neji's scream came from Kiba saw a fluffy brown wolf pup.

"Whoa!" Kiba stumbles back only to trip over a brown cat with tan paws and a tail.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Neji and Kiba yelled out in unison.

"Troublesome yelling. What now?" Shikamaru, the kitten, groaned looking over at the light Carmel brown puppy with floppy ears and dark brown playful eyes sit with his tail between his legs. And next to him a dark chocolate brown wolf pup with pearl white eyes and pointed ears now twitching.

"What is going on?" Shikamaru yelled jumping up only to notice he had tan paws and felt something strange behind him. Turning his head to saw a tail flickering.

"Ah hell no." Shikamaru gasped and began to run after his tail with no success.

"Hiya guys! Oh guess what? I'm a cute baby fox now! BELIEVE IT!" Naruto shouted so loud it awoke the small ball of fur next to him.

"Shut up Naruto." called Gaara's voice.

"Gaara? Dude Gaara you're a raccoon!" the hyperactive orange-red fox with bubbling blue eyes said while jumping up and down.

"Why am I a furry animal?" Gaara wanted explanations, now. He was a red-tinted brown- raccoon. His mask and paws were black with the stripes on his tail where a creamy white.

"We don't know how any of us got like this, let's go back to the villages maybe someone knows a cure." Shikamaru explained calmly.

"Naruto, why do you not care that you're an animal?" Kiba looked at Naruto questioningly.

"I'm so damn cute this way!" Naruto smiled jumping from flower patch to flower patch.

"I'm cuter! Duh I'm a puppy!" Kiba argued following Naruto's example and pouncing into flowers and such.

"I'm orange-ish-red-ish!" Naruto shot back grinning.

"I'm normal colored AND have puppy pout power!" Kiba smiled a puppy kind of smile.

"Will you two shut up?" grumbled an angry wolf pup, known as Neji.

"Fine! Mr. You-Cant-Have-Fun-Because-I'm-Boring-And-I-Said-So." Naruto pouted along with Kiba.

"We're at the villages so just get over it and stop fighting you're all getting on my nerves." Gaara hissed.

"Excuse me! Sir? SIR!" Shikamaru went up to the guards outside the village and looked up at one.

The only thing the guard could hear though was, 'meow! Mew? Mew meow. Puuurrr."

"Hey look at this, Ryu, a group of animals!" the big guard laughed heartily.

"Well. Will you look at they aren't even trying to kill each other. Haha!" The man addressed as Ryu laughed walking back to his post.

"Well that didn't work maybe they don't understand us." Shikamaru let out a defeated sigh and started into the village, Neji, Naruto, Kiba and Gaara trudging behind him.

----------------------------------------With Hinata!!!!!!!----------------------------------------------

"I can't wait for Sakura's party! This will be so much fun being with everyone for one whole month!" Hinata said softly to herself. Hinata was walking down the street towards Sakura house again. Earlier she stopped by to drop off her stuff and see if Sakura needed help setting up for the party. Hinata offered to get the food while Sakura straightened up her house and got everything else ready.


"Hello Saku-chan! Do you need any help setting up for the party?" Hinata smiled as she set down her suit case.

"Hey Hina-chan! Can you go buy the things on this list I forgot to go grocery shopping and well… here's the money you'll need do you want me to call Ino or someone to help you carry all of it?" Sakura asked as she fell down the stairs.

"No, I'll just bring a cart haha." Hinata laughed at Sakura's clumsiness.

"Okay, see you back here soon!" Sakura yelled out as Hinata left the mansion-sized house.


"I hope Sakura is okay." Hinata sighed pushing the cart towards Sakura's. (Okay they don't have cars in this story and the store's carts you can take or rent err something lol).

"Ever since Sasuke-teme left her she's been so out of it. I hope she finds someone that truly loves her and forgets his sorry ass." (Who knew Hinata could swear? There might not be a lot of it just getting a point across)

Just then a kitten, puppy, wolf pup, fox cub, and raccoon came running out of the bushes and hid behind Hinata. Out after them was a group of young children with sticks and rocks.

"What are you doing?" Hinata asked the kids sternly, unlike her normal meek demeanor she was becoming more and more courageous like Sakura and the others told her. She only stuttered around her love, Naruto.

"Beating stupid animals." One of the kids said as if it were no big deal.

"You can go to jail for that! It's against the law and if I see you do it again I will not give it a second thought to hurt you!" Hinata yelled smacking all three children for emphasis.

"Sorry…" the kids said and walked away.

"It's okay, they can't hurt you now." Hinata cooed at the animals, "come with me, I'm sure Sakura wouldn't mind."

'Should we?' Gaara looked at the others; they knew her much better than he did.

'You know it! Hinata is da BOMB!' Naruto yipped.

'Back off my cousin if you know what's good for you.' Neji glared.

'Awh! Neji, give the guy a break. If Hinata loves him back let him go for it, it would sure make her happy. And on the brighter side if he messes up you get to kick his ass.' Kiba laughed and tried to do a thumbs up sign but then remember he was a puppy.

'Fine.' Neji sighed.

'You guys coming?' Shikamaru walked elegantly behind the cart and the rest followed.

'I'm tired of walking…' Naruto whimpered. Then he got one of his so called brilliant ideas. He jumped up into hinata's arms and she caught him.

"Awh! You're so cute! You want me to carry you? Okay!" Hinata giggled snuggling her face into him and then pushing the cart with one hand.

Behind then fumed a small little wolf pup growling about Naruto messing up soon so he can murder him.

-------------------------------------------With Sakura-------------------------------------------------

"Hinata should be here any minutes with the food!" Sakura cheered.

"Thank Kami, I'm so hungry!" Tenten moaned rubbing her stomach.

"Me too!" Temari complained.

"me three!!!" Ino whined.

Just then the door opened a revealed Hinata. "Hello sorry I'm late I picked up a few stowaways, some evil kids were trying to kill them." Hinata smiled holding up the small fox as the other animals walked cautiously into the house.

"Hope you are mad Sakura." Hinata said shyly.

"Mad? Of course not! Ohmigosh!! He is so kahyoot!" Sakura chimed as she picked up the raccoon, Gaara.

"Can we keep them huh can we?" begged Ino hugging the caramel puppy.

"Puhwease?!!?" Tenten begged petting the wolf.

"Ye-" Sakura began.

"They have no where else to go!" Temari begged.

"YES! Good god let me speak I was trying to say yes this WHOLE time!" Sakura yelled hugging Gaara against her chest.

'Chu!' Gaara, well chu'ed.

"Oh! Sorry I didn't mean to squish you!" Sakura whispered to him.

'Um guys I think I just hugged her boob! Why isn't she killing me?' Gaara asked worried looking up at the pink haired girl for any signs of anger. Only seeing happiness.

'She thinks you're a 'kahyoot little raccoon' not Gaara.' Neji smirked.

'So… we wont get in trouble for anything we do?' Kiba wagged his newly acquired tail.

'Sweet!' Naruto nodded and licked Hinata on the cheek.

"So who wants food?" Hinata squeaked surprised the fox licked her.

'ME ME!! I want food Hinata-chan!!' Naruto yipped excitedly.

"FINALLY! Sakura you. Ino and Hinata are the only ones that can cook in this house since you banned me and Tenten from the kitchen… haha." Temari smiled hugging and stroking her sleepy kitten.

'-yawn- this is –yawn- too… troublesome.' Shikamaru said as he fell asleep.

'I guess this is home for now.' Neji sighed curling up in Tenten's lap.

'I could get use to this!' Kiba laughed as Ino rubbed his tummy.

'Guys, help!' Gaara squeaked. (Yes okay I know Gaara is WAY OOC BUT would you forget your reputation and everything if you were turned into a small raccoon and being hugged for the first time by a girl outside your family?) Sakura giggled and she kissed the raccoon and then held him tight to her chest screaming "YOU ARE SO KAHYOOT!!"

'chuuuuuuuuuu!!' Gaara chu'ed as he was hugged.

Sakura set him down and Ino and Tenten followed suit into the kitchen.

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END CHAPTER 1! Sorry I'll update my entire list of stories Saturday and maybe sooner. School hates me so my teachers always give me too much homework.

Getsu it means moon as in his eyes neji

Naruto Ran it means orchid

ROUGA means white fang Kiba

Shika tonbo means dragon fly

Gaara-coon Namida means tears or sympathy