Hello! I told you I would update again :) yay! Okay well enjoy. Oh and in this chapter there will be more romance –suggestive eyebrow wiggle- hahaha also I'm usingoverlordofnobodies idea for the bath and stuff. Now onto the story! (sorry it took so long it was a hectic two months !! then I got grounded and I will be gone for 4 days on a trip soon next week so don't be mad I'll try to update all my stories because I'm finally ungrounded !!)

Neji Getsu; it means moon as in his eyes

Naruto Ran; it means orchid

Kiba Rouga; means white fang

Shikamaru Tonbo; means dragon fly

Gaara-coon Namida; means tears or sympathy




'animals talking to each other'

"inner/demons talking"

(Author Notes)

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'so they screamed because it was cold right?' Naruto asked with his mouth full of ice cream.

'Yep.' Kiba yipped.

'Uh-huh.' Neji said looking at the ice cream. 'how am I going to eat it with a spoon?'

'What a drag.' Shikamaru sighed.

'Hn.' Gaara scoffed.

:End Recap:


"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!" Hinata yelled when she tried climbing out of the now soupy ice cream filled pool.

"Do a belly flop!!" Tenten yelled giggling and she slurped up some ice cream.

"Ummm… I don't know if that's-" Ino was cut off my cheers and Hinata jumping, more like slipping, off the diving board and landing on her stomach in the ice cream soup with a –Thwack-!

"Owwwwie!" Hinata whined grabbing her stomach laughing.

"that was hilarious! Hahahaha." Tenten laughed pointing at Hinata.

"Eeeeeeeeeep!" Sakura squeaked. "I'm MELTING! AHHHH!"

"Sakura you're just sinking in melting ice cream…" Temari stared, 'Dang my friends are weird…I love them so much!'

"Oh… AHHH the ice cream is getting REVENGE!" Sakura freaked out hyper from her sugar intake.

"Revenge?" Hinata asked looking at Sakura like she was insane, which she very well may be.

"YES! The ice cream is MAD at for all these years of EATING it! SAVE ME!" Sakura begged.


'…are they always like this?' Gaara wondered.

'Hmmm I donno. Girls are weeeiiirrrddd!' Naruto dumbly exclaimed.

'Like you can talk Naruto.' Kiba laughed.

'Duh I'm talking right now aren't I?' Naruto didn't get what Kiba meant.

'…' the rest of the guys sweat dropped at how dense Naruto could be sometimes.

'Can ice cream really get revenge?' Naruto asked after a minute.

'no but Ramen can…' Neji said monotonously. The rest of the boys smiled, even Gaara! But poor dense Naruto couldn't understand our little hyugga's sense of humor.

'REALLY? Ahhh! You guys have to save me because I might be the number one target!' Naurto began running in circles and tripped over his front paw.


"Awwwh Ran are you okay?" Hinata called to the delightful fuzzy fox.

Naruto/Ran only whimpered in response, poor little guy hit his nose on the floor.

"Guys I think its time to get cleaned up okay? I only have enough rooms for each of us and can you wash your pet because its looks like they got a little messy with the ice cream…" Sakura giggled.

All the boys had ice cream in their fur and all over their faces. Neji cocked his head to the side and Tenten squealed jumping out of the pool and hugging him.

'Can't…breathe…' Neji chocked out.

"You are just too cute!" Tenten squealed.

"Okay since you all have a room in my house you know where to go. Oh Temari I haven't shown you yours after the make-over have I? I hope you like it we all chose the decorations together." Sakura beamed.

"YAY!" Temari jumped out of the gooey ice cream mush and picked up Tonbo (aka Shikamaru) and waited for everyone else.

The girls walked up the stairs carrying their little furry companions (Remember all the boys are baby animals like little awwwwh's lol). They walked through the kitchen and started upstairs. The stairwell was a spiral black iron staircase. The fist door on the left was Tenten's.

"See you guess meet you in the living room, right?" Tenten waved opening the door.

"Yep!" Ino smirked.

"Kay." Tenten closed the door behind her after switching the lights on. After closing the door she set down Getsu/Neji.


"Aaah just as I left it." Tenten admired her room with delight. It was a dark green with silver trip and stripes one the walls, wooden floor with a dark green (same color as the walls) shag rug. Her bed had green and silver comforters and a little bit of blue, one pillow that stood out was black and white and had a picture of her and all the girls that are in the house at the time. On the desk were a laptop and a picture of her three-man squad. And a picture of her and Neji next to each other, Neji had a slight smile on his face.

This did not go unnoticed by Neji though. Slowly he walked up to the desk and before he could get a closer look Tenten scooped him up and opened a door the connected her room to her personal bathroom. It had the works, marble floors and sinks, a big long bath tub. Steel faucets and knobs. Lime green towels. (If you can't tell I see Tenten as a green obsessed person lol).

"Ready to get washed off Getsu?" Tenten giggled and turned on the faucet.

'Oh please Kami no.' Neji said with a look of horror, too bad for him Tenten saw it as an 'omg bath!' face not a 'don't strip in front of me because I'm not what you think I am!' face.

"Aw don't worry the bath will be fun I even got shampoo and conditioner for you!" Tenten held the bottles up looking completely innocent.

After she set them down she looked over noticing the bath was about full and she turned it off. She started striping out of her clothes that were sticky with ice cream and dirty from her wearing them all day. First she pulled off her socks and began unbuttoning her pants.

Unfortunately Neji couldn't look away from her perfect figure, the way she slowly slid off her pants and the reveal of her soft creamy legs.

Then she pulled her shirt from over her head. Then she unclipped her silk white bra and threw it into the dirty clothes hamper. Lastly she slid off her silk white underwear that had a candy design on them.

Neji was to say the least aroused. He was drooling and his tail was wagging, -thump thump thump- hitting the floor.

"Ready Getsu?" Tenten asked as she picked him up and held him to her bare chest. She slowly slid into the tub.

'What am I doing? THE GREAT NEJI HYUGGA doesn't PEEP!' he proclaimed but then he cast his eyes downward. Eh what could it hurt just this once?

"This feels amazing. I'll wash me first okay?" Tenten pet him and grabbed for her shampoo. It smelt like Winter Mint. "Sakura even got my favorite scent for me! Yay!"

Neji was transfixed on her delicate fingers massaging the shampoo into her hair and washing it out. Then she grabbed the matching conditioner and repeated the process.

"Much better. Ready for your wash?" Tenten grabbed for Getsu/Neji 's shampoo and conditioner. (It was a two in one bottle).

First she pulled the plug to drain some of the water she placed the plug back into place and began slowly massaging the wash into Getsu/Neji's fur. She started at the back and avoided the face. She rubbed under his belly and around (without touching any…parts) his lower side. Then she filled a cup with warm water and washed him by pouring it over him.

Neji was in pure bliss while Tenten smoothed away the suds. Slowly standing she grabbed a towel from a towel rack right next


The girls and pets continued until they came to Hinata's room, the first on the right.


"See you soon." Hinata giggled closing the door. The room was just as she left it, a light lilac color. Wooden floor with a white shag rug and her bed comforter was white with purple flowers designed upon it. She had a see through canopy that hung from the ceiling that covered around her bed.

Much like the rest of the girls she had a desk in the corning of her room with a laptop place upon it and many photos. One of her three-man squad and many of her friends herself and, Naruto.

'Whoa are those pictures of me?' Naruto looked and if he wasn't already orange-ish-red color he would be blushing. Before Naruto could think further on the subject he was being gently carried into a room attached to this one. It had titled floors, marble sinks and steel faucets and knobs. Hinata set down Naruto/Ran and closed the door. She turned on the water and got out the pet two-in-one shampoo for her fox.

"Don't worry. The water won't be too hot or too cold." Hinata smiled stoking the little fox's fur once before turning to her mirror.

"My hair has gotten much longer, I think I like it better this way. I wonder if he does too." Hinata mused stroking her long silky hair.

'Who's this HE? Whoever HE is can kiss my ass because Hinata is MINE MINE MINE!' Naruto whined.

"if this guy steals OUR mate I'm making your life a living hell!"

'Because you're not doing that already…? OUR mate what are YOU talking about I think YOU mean MY mate!'

"Pfft I am part of you so she's OURS. Don't fight me kit, just get ready for when we have to kil- HOLY SHIT STARE LEFT NOW!"


"GIRLY MAN! No time for games this may be your only chance without being called a pervert or getting murdered! Look at her or …or else!"

Naruto began drooling at the site and Kyuubi stopped talking and enjoyed the show as well.

Hinata first pulled her tight shirt over her shoulders to reveal a perfect hourglass figure with hips and a little bit of love handles. (no offence if this explains you but I don't like it when girls think they HAVE to be perfectly skinny and stuff… its just like be yourself and everything will be good. End Random Rant.)

'She's… so beautiful. 'Naruto was met by silence.

Hinata stripped off her bra skinny jeans and polka-dotted panties. She walked to the edge of the tub and dipped her hand in the rising water. Seeing as the temperature was perfect she turned off the faucet and walked over to the drooling fox.

"Awwwh you look so cute drooling like that but its bath time." Hinata giggled wiping the drool form his mouth. Holding him close to her chest she slowly slipped into the hot water.

'BOOBS!' was all Naruto thought seeing as BOTH his paws were on her breast. (Let's hope Neji doesn't find out XD)

Hinata began giggling as she saw the little fox put him head on her shoulder and sighed. (My puppy does this whenever I hold him and he isn't hyper its so kahyoot! x3)

"Awh don't worry Ran. It wont take took long we'll be out before you know it okay?" Hinata explained thinking he was bored. Naruto/Ran yipped in response looking up into her eyes, his tongue hanging from his mouth.

Hinata giggled and then dipped her head under that relaxing water. When she brought her head back up she squirted some lavender shampoo into her hand and slowly massaged it into her scalp before rinsing it off. Then she repeated this with her conditioner.

"Your turn Ran." She smiled as she grabbed the orange scented pet shampoo and slowly kneaded it into his fur. He purred in contentment. For all he knew he was in heaven. Two words to describe this would be pure ecstasy.

"Now lets get all these soapy suds off you baby." Hinata cooed cutely. Carefully she poured water over the small chibi like fox. His big blue eyes looking up at her.

"No. Don't look at me like that. What is it? What's wrong?" Hinata asked while unplugging the bath water.

Naruto/Ran looked at her and put one little paw on her knee. His eyes looked at if asking 'please hug me and cuddle me and say you love me.'

So she did just that.

'C-ca-n't bre-a-the.' Naruto coughed out. Unfortunately for him Hinata doesn't speak fox.

"I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you. I LOVE YOU!!" Hinata chanted and squealed at the end.

She dried herself with a towel and got a small one for him.

--With the others--

Sakura, Temari and Ino walked on.

"God I feel like I'm in one of those horror movies where one by one the people leave and then they die." Ino blurted out.

"AHHH! Ino-pig don't say stuff like that you're going to make me not want to go take a bath alone." Sakura piped.

"Why?" Temari was confused. Seeing as Gaara, once a killer himself, is her brother she was use to horror.

"Pretty much EVERY horror movie has SOMETHING happen in a bathroom or water." Sakura hugged Gaara/Namida closer. He myuu'ed in surprise.

"And my room is next isn't it?" Ino sighed.

"Yep." Sakura nodded

"Try not to diiieeee!" Temari chimed in a singy-song-voice.

"Temari!" Ino whimpered.

"I'm just kidding you have your 'big tough' puppy to protect you." Temari giggled.

"Better than a little kitty-cat." Ino mumbled under her breath.

"What was that?" Temari was glaring at Ino until-

"Guys knock it off you can fight once we meet downstairs for movie night!" Sakura exclaimed gleefully.

"otayy." Ino said innocently.

"sowrry." Temari said in a child-like tone.

"See you soon Ino-pig. Come on Temari."

Ino huffed and closed the door behind her and began walking until. –scratch scratch-

"w-What was that? Temari, Sakura? This isn't funny!" She turned to face the door, her hand slowly reached out to grab the knob. Cautiously she opened the door, fearing what she might find and without warning was tackled to the ground, by a ball of fur.

'Ino!!' Kiba exclaimed excitedly jumping on her.

"Rouga?! Ooh I'm sorry baby I was kind of mad I'm so sorry I forgot, I promise it won't happen again." She rambled hugging the puppy close but being careful not to get killed by its tail.

Rouga/Kiba continued to lick her face and bark at her cutely. She ruffled his fur and set him down as she got what she walked towards the door in the back of her room.

Looking around from a short height didn't help Kiba too much. He did see enough though. Her walls were sky blue, 'like her eyes.' he thought, her bed was white with the same sky blue and silver stripes down the comforter. He continued looking around, that was until he tripped over his paws and landed face first into a sky blue shag rug in the middle of the room.

'owww.' Kiba whimpered.

"Aw Rouga you okay?" Ino cooed picking him up and turning to walk towards the door in the back again.

'Laptop, normal, pictures of her and her friends, normal, picture of me, nor- wait WHAT?!' Kiba yapped as he could see the top of her desk and its contents.

Ino giggled thinking it was just for attention. She had now opened the door and walking into her personal bathroom.

Closing the door behind them she set Kiba/Rouga down and then set down the dog shampoo she bought earlier that day. Once that was done she turned on the bath water and turned it to warm.

'No way!! I'm so lucky go Kiba go Kiba you get to see Ino naked woot woot and she wont even kill me! SCORE!' Kiba thought happily.

Ino began humming as she slid off her tight jeans revealing a red velvet thong and her long creamy colored legs. Once her jeans were thrown into the dirty clothes hamper she pulled off her tight purple t-shirt. As the shirt elevated up her body her curves slowly were revealed and then the shirt thrown in the hamper leaving her in only her matching red bra and thong. Then she unhooked her bra slid it down her arms and then slid off her thong throwing them together in the hamper.

She turned to the bath almost full now and tested it.

"Perfect." She mused.

'Wow. Ino's hotter than I thought… I'd SO tap that!' (This was kinda awkward to write lol)


Now don't get Kiba wrong he liked Ino for more than her body but really if some sexy person that you liked did that (it would be a bit different if you like guys ((I LIKE GUYS!! Sorry random outburst)) because from what I know guys don't wear bras and thongs… lol) would you not say something like 'damn!' lol.


"Come on Rouga! It's bath time." Ino said as if talking to a child and picked up Kiba and sat in the bath tub with him.

Kiba tried not to stare but Ino was kind of shoving his face right into her chest… or so that would be his excuse.

Ino set him down and began to shampoo her hair with her blueberry scented shampoo before starting on him. Kiba watched as the water glistened off her and how her hair shined even thought it was soaking wet.

Once Ino was done she turned to Kiba.

"Okay Rouga, your turn." Ino chimed. She held up the peach scented shampoo (much like her own only for dogs).

Kiba wagged his tail getting water everywhere.

"Rouga!! Haha stop it you're getting everything wet you silly puppy!" Ino giggled trying to clam down the adorable pup.

"Well let's get going so we aren't the last ones down to the party okay?" Ino smiled and unplugging the drain and grabbing 3 towels, one for Rouga/Kiba one for her body and the last for her hair.

--With Temari Tonbo/Shikamaru and Sakura Gaara/Namida--

They walked in silence perfectly content while Shikamaru and Gaara were having a little bit of a brother to over-protective friend talk.

'I swear you look or touch or even think about looking at or touching my sister I will kill you.' Gaara glowered.

'Same goes for you, Sakura has become almost like a little sister of me and Naruto and if you do ANYTHING to her we won't hesitate to kill you.' Shikamaru hissed.

(omg my foot is like that weird needle fire sensation sleep thing T-T sorry random)



"Here's you room Temari meet up with you soon!" Sakura chimed breaking the silence hugging Temari before turning to her own door.


"I've always wanted a cat, did you know that Tonbo? Ha of course not because I just got you but… I don't understand you must have an owner somewhere and your group that Hinata found is an odd mix of animals traveling together isn't it?" Temari asked.

'Meww' Tonbo/Shikamaru kitty-talked. (lol)

"I'm losing it I mean I'm talking to a cat!" Temari giggled to herself.

'Troublesome… I'm glad you think I'm a cat and not who I am or else…' Shikamaru said then drifted into thought. What WOULD happen if Temari found it WAS him?

-Shika's 'daydream'-

Poof! The little kitten known as Tonbo now revealed a naked Shikamaru, CLINGING to Temari!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PERVERT!" Temari screamed dropping the now naked lazy boy.

Shikamaru shivered, but not because he was cold, oh no it was because of the scary face she was making. You know the face Sakura makes when she's pissed? Now mix that with Gaara's Famous glare. Okay picturing that? Times it by 100. That's not even close to the intensity and frightening look Temari had towards him.


-End Shika's 'daydream'-

The poor kitten jumped in the air, luckily caught my Temari. (Like you know the dream you wake up in a jump/jolt yea that's what it was.)

"Shhh baby, don't worry Tonbo I won't let anything hurt you." She cooed.

'…what a drag the one who will protect me if the one I'm scared of.'

By then Shikamaru noticed they were in a bathroom. Walls a pale lilac with dark purple towels, rugs, and a white and lilac marble counter.

'She sure does like purple.'

"EEEEEE!" Temari squealed in delight.

Tonbo/Shikamaru flattened her eats to his head. 'so loud.' He whimpered to himself.

He was set down as Temari, as everyone else… placed the plug in place and started the bath water.

'Oh shit.' Shikamaru thought thinking of both what would happen if Temari finds out and what would Gaara do…

Wait, Gaara. Bath time. Sakura and him.

Gaara. Is. Dead. (Shikamaru and Naruto think of Sakura as a little sister ever since Sasuke left her broken and alone.)

His plan of how to kill Gaara with out dying himself was interrupted by seeing Temari strip from the corner of his eye.

'I have self restraint. Do not look. Do not look. Do not- forget it I have no will power.' Shikamaru turned his head ever so slightly just in time to see a now unclothed Temari.

Her hips swayed as she walked over to turn off the bath water and tested the temperature.

"Perfect, I hope you don't scratch me for this but you need a bath." Temari giggled at the ice cream covered cat before her.

He purred and strutted toward her and looked up at her with innocent shinning chibi eyes.

"Awwwh Kawaii!" Temari picked him up and hugged him as she slowly got into the water.

"Good you're not an evil cat." (Like the ones that dig their claws into you once the touch water… -glares-)

'Do not be a pervert, do not be a pervert.' Shikamaru repeated over and over to himself.

"Ah isn't the water nice?" she sounded like she was tempting him.

'Kami please don't-' too late.

Temari began taking out her peach scented shampoo and massaging it into her hair.

"I hope you like this scent I got you the same kind only for cats." Temari smiled.

She dunked her head under water for a moment to wash it out. Then came up to see Tonbo/Shikamaru waiting patiently for her to work her magic.

Temari reached toward the cat shampoo and squeezed some into her hands. Then she began rubbing it into his fur. Kneading in there really, but it was surprisingly gentle.

Signing in content Shikamaru/Tonbo purred. Even as she washed water over him and rid him of suds he purred in pure ecstasy.

"well time to dry off." She unplugged the bath and got 3 towels. First drying off her precious cat. Then drying her body and hair.


"This will be a long month huh?" Sakura gave Namida/Gaara a small smile.

'Month?!' Gaara yelled but it only came out to a ' myuuu' to Sakura.

"It might be weird to say this… and I know you probably don't understand a word I'm saying but I guess I should tell you the whole story of why I have such a hard time with some stupid bench huh. I mean its stupid really that I'm terrified of s bench for crying out loud!" Sakura gave a small hurt/fake –ish laugh.

'nyuu.' Gaara encouraged her bye rubbing his head under her chin.

She began stroking his fur. (Sorry this wont be like OOOUUU! NAKIE :D !! because it's explaining, there's more than the anime, because its my story !! RAWRZ!)

First she flipped the light switch the room filled with light. Not bright sort of a paled bulb effect. Gaara took this time and she walked to the door in the back to look around, Black, red, and pink were the dominate colors. But what interested him most was her desk. A pink laptop and lots of pictures some turned down on the desk so you couldn't see them. But one was from the last time he and his siblings visited Konoha. It was in the park with everyone in a group photo Sakura sitting next to behind him and pulling the corners of him mouth upward into a smile. Another was Him building a Sand Castle (an AMAZING one at that!) and Naruto using a pail and shovel with little chibi tears down his face.

'Why would she keep those…'

"Who cares she has pictures of us. And she's HOT and OMG WE'RE IN A BATHROOM!"

Sure enough the raccoon-dog demon was correct. They were in a bath room. Which Sakura just locked the door and began bath water and taking off-

'WHAT IS SHE DOING?!' Gaara/Namida panicked.

"WOOT! Take it off baby!!"

'… This cant be happening.'

"FINALLY you get hormones! I was waiting for you so now we get down to the good part-"

'No. no "good part". I'm not taking advantage of this.'

"I was going to say we can go through all her personal stuff but you idea is much better."


"You wont die because you're a 'cute little raccoon' so you can ever "accidentally" touch her, again, like your earlier boob pillow time. Mmm mmm. That was hott. Not it can be a bit more-"


"You know you WANT to…"


She was undressed and Gaara was drooling no thanks to his perverted demon who was giving him a bloody nose and more…

Until Sakura began taking again and Gaara noticed she was now unclothed. She bent over turning off the water.

Sakura glided over and gently cradled the raccoon in her arms slipping into the water while beginning to talk.

"Well it started a while ago, before he, before Sasuke left." She cringed as she said his name.

"I really cared for him. Now looking back it may not have been true love I did, do care for him. I gave him everything, almost everything…"


"Sakura, you love me right?" Sasuke asked in a smooth voice.

"Of course Sasuke, I'd do anything for you. Why do you ask?" Sakura looked up from the bed she was laying in to the chair he sat in across the room.

"Well, you know that I plan to kill my brother to avenge my village and revive my clan. Right?" His look of love turned into something Sakura had never seen before, she didn't feel comfortable with where this conversation was going.

"I don't understand what you getting at Sasuke." She quivered.

"You're strong. I need that in my clan. I need good genes in my clan." He stood from the chair and began walking over to the bed she was on.

"Sa-Sasuke you're scaring me." Sakura had tears forming in her eyes, what was he asking her to do?

"You said you love me, so prove it. Bear my child, help me revive my clan." Sasuke was now pinning Sakura down on the bed.

"Sasuke stop! I'm 15, I don't want a kid, and I'm still a kid myself!" She cried.

"I thought you loved me Sa-ku-ra." He purred lustfully.

"I- I do. I just don't want to have sex with you." In truth Sakura was scared, she was a virgin and wanted to stay that way until she was ready.

"Well I want it. You said you'd help me if I stayed didn't you?" He harshly kissed her ash her pinned her hands together with one hand and sliced her shirt and shorts with a kunai knife.

"Stop. Please just stop Sasuke."

"Why should I bitch? Your mine and I can do what I want with you." He sneered.

Why? Why was he being to cruel, and vulgar? She wasn't ready why wasn't he listening, why didn't her stop?

"DON'T!" she yelled thrashing as soon as he got her bra off.

A –smack- sound echoed through the room. He hit her, he really hit her. Sakura's eyes filled with tears again. And as they flowed down her porcelain face she realized he didn't love her, he wanted her because she was strong enough to birth an heir of his clan.

The next thing she remembered was Sasuke telling her "You stupid bitch." Then it was black.


"And when I woke up I was on that bench, that cold hard stone bench. Alone. There was blood in between my legs and pain. He took my virginity, my dignity, and everything I had." Sakura ended her story and finished washing herself and Namida/Gaara. Her tears fell into the water making little ripples.

"I guess it was my fault for not seeing that I was being used but, I don't know."

Gaara stared in shock. Why would anyone do something so awful to such a captivating, innocent, sweet girl? She was always smiling can laughing, how can she smile through the pain? Was it real or a cover up? He didn't know but he vowed to protect her. He didn't know why but he felt he had to.

"Well its time to go, are you ready? Everyone's waiting." Sakura smiled now in a pair of his boxers and his black shirt. Wait HIS BOXERS AND SHIRT?

"Temari stole these from her brother, Gaara, to give to me isn't that great? Hehe I wonder if he'll find out." Sakura giggled picking up Gaara/Namida and walked out her room.


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