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Summary: Meet Bella- a secretary, stuck in the drudgery of office life. She has no boyfriend, and spends her days lusting after her boss- the confident, clever, sexy Edward Cullen who has probably slept with half the people in the office already.

Chapter One Bella's POV

Great, I thought, I'm not going to get home until after midnight with all this work he's given me. Stupid bastard.

Speak of the devil, and the devil shall come.

He poked his head around the office door. "Bella?"

"Yes, boss?" I answered automatically.

"I thought I told you to call me Edward," he said with a dazzling smile. I couldn't resist staring at his eyes. They were a beautiful, hypnotising green. "I was wondering if you could do something for me."

"Anything!" I felt myself say weakly, now looking at his pronounced chest muscles under the black suit he was wearing. Then I internally drove a steamroller over myself. WHAT did I just say? Anything? Now he'll think I'm in love with him or something! STUPID BELLA!

"Well, all right. Thanks," Edward said, coming into the room. His walk was confident and very masculine. He had a paper clipped wad of papers in his hand.

Shit, I thought, what did I just agree to?

"I need this finished for tomorrow," he said. "It's a report on Mary Wilson. Thanks so much for this, Bella."

I felt myself nodding as I took the paper from his hand. I jumped a bit when his hand brushed mine, and immediately blushed. Luckily, he didn't see, as he'd already left the room, leaving the door wide open.

And here I was, stuck with another report on top of the five I already had. This was going to take all night.

Damn Edward and his insanely good looks. And damn myself for staring at his perfection and doing anything he asks!

I had applied for and got the job of secretary at E. A. M. Cullen & Co. three years ago, as a young, excited woman eager to earn some of her own money. Now, at the age of twenty-one, I was worn down to almost tatters and almost always depressed. And I didn't even have my family for support- my parents Renée and Charlie lived back in Forks. I owned a small flat on the outside of town, with the best flatmates in the world- little Alice and stunning Rosalie. They were my best friends and basically the only thing I lived for.

With a deep sigh, I turned back to my work. Damn all these people who kept getting injured and then bringing their cases for compensation to my boss! There was no denying it; Edward Cullen was the best medical lawyer of his kind in this half of America. And did he know it. He was young, healthy, blessed with amazing good looks, and very clever. And more than half of his assistants fancied him. I bet he'd taken most of them to bed already.

"Bella?" a voice sounded from the door.

I looked up from my work, and spotted Angela. She was the only person in the office who I actually liked, the rest being gossipy bitches who cared about nothing but what Edward Cullen was wearing today and 'had he looked at them on the way in?'

"Hi Angie," I said, as she came in and sat on the floor beside me.

"Got a lot of work?" she asked.

"Tons," I said, "Literally." I gestured to the pile beside me, which was reaching shoulder height.

"Gosh," Angela said, "You have got a lot! Well, I'm finishing up now, so I could help you."

"Would you?"

"Of course, Bella," she said, slapping my arm, "That's what friends are for."

"Thanks so much!" I said, a weight lifting off my chest.

"I have to finish one little thing, but I'll be back," Angela said, getting up and walking towards the floor, "Can you hold out another half hour?"

I smiled at her. "Sure."

I finished the report I had been three quarters of the way through, and turned to the next one.

Megan McGill.

I wondered how she'd injured herself- was it a car crash, an operation that had gone wrong, or maybe an accident with machinery?

I heard a knock- Angela was back. She came into the room, holding two plastic cups of coffee and a pen. She passed a coffee to me as she sat down.

"Ohh," I said, taking a grateful sip, "This is just what I need."

"No problem," she grinned, "I know how much you like coffee. Shall we get to work?"

"Yep," I said. Angela was a personal secretary to Edward, so she'd know what to do as well as I did. I passed her one of the reports.

"Oh, I have to go at nine…" she said, "But I can stay 'till then."

"Got a date?" I said.

"Actually, yeah," Angela said nervously.

"With who?"

"Ben from accountants," she replied.

"Seriously?" I said, shocked. They had been looking at each other for months now, and I knew they both liked each other a lot. I had been trying to persuade Angie to ask him out for weeks. "Who asked who?"

"He asked me," she said with a small smile. "It was so cute. He had a rose in his mouth and everything. He's such a dork, but he's such a cutie, Bella!"

"I know," I said. "Congratulations!"

"I can't wait," Angela said.

"I can't believe I'm keeping you here when you could be getting ready," I said, immediately feeling guilty.

"Don't worry, Bells," she said, "I don't need that long to get ready. He said he'd meet me at ten."

"You'll have an hour then," I said. "I guess you can do a lot with an hour."

Angie nodded, and turned back to her work. She was very pretty already, and she didn't normally wear much makeup, so she would be fine with an hour. And it was her who had offered to help.

We worked silently for two more hours, until I only had three reports left. At nine, Angela went off, excited, to her date. I thanked her profusely- she had saved me two hours of work.

Now I only had six more hours to do, if I worked fast.

Eleven o'clock passed, and I kicked off my shoes to be more comfortable.

The clock struck twelve as I started on Andrew Thompson's medical report, and I had finished it by two o'clock. I could be at home right now, fast asleep, if not for Edward.

At around three o'clock, I feel asleep over my last report, head hitting the paper, heavy with fatigue.

Edward's POV

The engine of my car purred as I turned sharply, stepping on the gas, and steering the car into my parking space. I cut the engine, locked my Aston Martin, and walked towards the building, spinning my keys on my finger. I noticed a battered truck as the only other car in the car park, and wondered who was in the office this late.

I had come back to pick up my iPod, which I had left in my secretary's office when I had left at six last night. It was about four o'clock in the morning now, and I had woken up a half hour ago feeling like I had forgotten something. I didn't like leaving my things about, so I had come back to pick it up.

I walked through the dark of the first floor, and took the stairs to the office I had left my iPod in, which was on the sixth floor. I found it easily; it was in the top drawer of the desk. I slipped it into my pocket, and turned for the door, before I noticed a note on my secretary's desk. Thinking it may be a note for me, I picked it up.

Dear Angela,

I'd really like to find out more about you. I am beginning to fall for you; you are so beautiful and kind. Would you like to go out for dinner tonight, at the diner in town?

Ben xx

I snorted as I dropped the note back to my desk. I wondered as I walked down the corridor if my secretary had accepted and gone out with him. I bet she had.

I turned the corner to the stairs, and noticed a light on in one of the offices. I pushed the door open, and was about to click off the light when I noticed someone lying on the floor.

Her black heels had been kicked off, and were lying next to her outstretched legs. Her long brown hair was spread across the floor, and she was using a pile of papers as a pillow. She was fast asleep, and mumbling in her sleep.

Oh, god. How long has she been here? She's the girl I gave that report to earlier, right?

I nudged her shoulder, but she wouldn't wake.

"Bella?" I said, touching her forehead.

She didn't respond.

What am I going to do with her? I can't exactly leave her here.

I sighed deeply and picked her up, walking towards the door. As I walked down the corridor, I heard her mumble something in her sleep and turn towards my chest. She didn't weigh much.

What exactly am I going to do? I can't take her home; I don't even know where she lives. And I can't take her to my house- that's like kidnapping or something.

I hadn't thought of anything when I got to the car. I slid her into the backseat, covering her with my jacket. Something slipped out of her pocket as I lay her down.

I picked it up from the spotless floor of my car. It was a small, silver cell phone.

Oh, thank god. I can ring one of her friends or something and drop her off at their house.

I went onto her contacts section, and looked at the A's. The first name was 'Alice Brandon', and I saw the little 'friend' symbol, so I dialled her number as I pulled out of the car park.

Alice's POV

I finished painting my nails and blew on them to dry them. Rosalie and I had just got back from a night of clubbing. We hadn't taken Bella, who we usually forced to come, because she had never come home. Rosalie reckoned she had finally got a date with one of the hundreds on men who worked in that office with her.

"Going to bed yet, Alice?" Rosalie said. She was dressed in a pair of pink boy shorts and a tiny tank top.

"In a minute," I said, tightening the top of my nail polish.

"Bella still hasn't come back," Rosalie said, "I just looked in her room. She's not in there."

"Well, good," I said, "She's probably at some guy's house, having fun."

"Should we ring her?" Rosalie said, "She doesn't normally come back this late."
"Don't bother," I said, "We don't want to interrupt anything… we'll ring in the morning if she hasn't come back by then."

"Okay then. Night Alice," Rosalie said as she disappeared into her room.

"Night," I shouted after her.

I left the nail polish on the counter as I slipped my heels off. Tonight had been a good night.

My room was lit by the luminous numbers on the clock that read '4:39'. I slid off the black and white dress I had worn tonight, and crawled into bed. My eyes had just flickered closed when a blaring voice sounded in my room, screaming, "HEY, HEY, YOU, YOU, I DON'T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!"

I rolled out of bed and hit the floor with a thump, sighing. I really needed to change my ring tone. I rummaged in my bag, and pulled out my phone, which was vibrating madly.

"Who is it?" I heard Rosalie say from the door. "Is it Bella?"

I looked at the number and shook my head.

Rosalie sat beside me on the bed and looked over my shoulder. "Put it on speakerphone, then. I'm betting it's a guy."

"The one Bella went home with?" I said.

Rosalie nodded, and then winked. "Go on, answer it."

I pressed 'Accept Call' and pressed the speakerphone button. "Hiya?" I said.

A deep, velvety, male voice sounded back from the phone. "Hi, this is Edward."

I stared at Rose, who looked shocked and excited. "It is a guy!" she mouthed.

"Edward who?" I said suspiciously.

"Cullen," he answered.

Rosalie and I stared at each other.

"She's banging her boss?" Rose mouthed in shock.

I stuck a hand over my mouth to muffle my giggles.

"Hello?" he said uncertainly, when I didn't reply.

"So why are you ringing?" I giggled.

"I have Bella here, asleep…" he said.

"I knew it!" Rose mouthed again.

"…And I was wondering if I could drop her off with you?" he continued.

"Why?" I said, "Why don't you just keep her at your house?"

He became embarrassed. "Because, erm… I thought that was a bit… well, I thought, seeing as you're her friend…"

"Say yes!" Rose mouthed, "I want to see this guy."

"Okay, you can drop her off with me," I answered.

"Where do you live?" he said.

I gave him the address, and then hung up and screamed.

"AHHHH!!!" Rose yelled along with me. "I can't wait to see what he looks like!"
"Finally Bella's getting some!" I shouted.

"And he's her boss!"

"WAY TO GO BELLA!" I yelled, clapping my hands.

"He sounds really hot," Rose said, "His voice is all low and smooth…"

"Yeah," I said enthusiastically. "We have to dress up for this!" I pulled Rosalie up and dragged her into the kitchen.

"Best pyjamas?" she asked.

"Best pyjamas," I agreed, and then we both screamed again.