Hello Everyone! Thank you for the wonderful reviews! There the only things that keep me going. Anyway, some of you were asking how Emmett got arrested? Well he got arrested at a frat party. Him, Jasper and Edward were there and he decided to be the typical crazy collage guy. Long story short he dressed up as a hula dancer with a bango and rented a donkey. Some of the guys dared him to go into one of the class rooms and leave the donkey there for the teacher to find in the morning. He got caught by security. Also, Bella has been a vampire for only a couple years. Hope you like the chapter.


"You know, this is actually really relaxing." Emmett said from his chair. We were all in white fluffy towels with a green face mask and cucumbers on our eyes while we were getting our toes painted.

"Says the guy who was to manly to come." Rose scoffed from her chair.

"Hmp" Emmett grumbled.

"Sooo how is my little stud muffin doing?" Antonio asked as he walked into the room.

"Fine." Emmett said.

"Well I just wanted to come tell you guys there are two fine young gentleman out in the waiting room for you. Jasper and Edward I think there names were." Oh great. Now hes hitting on my husband.

"Just send them back Antonio." Esme said kindly.

Antonio nodded and went out to get them. A few secounds later They both walked in, smirks on both of there faces.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here Edward. Looks like Emmetts enjoying himself afterall." Jasper said.

Edward laughed. "I always new Emmett had a feminin side to him!" At that they both started cracking up.

Antonio was watching all of this from the door. He smiled and came up between Jasper and Edward and linked arms with them.

"Well gentlemen, would you like to accompny me out to dinner?" he said with a charming smile.

They both looked at each other.

"Uhhh...you see..."Jasper started.

"We both...ummm" Edward said.

"Sorry Antonio, there with us...and they are strait." Alice told him ponting between her and I.

"Dang." Antonio said and snaped his finger. "Its always the cute ones." We all laughed.

Later when we were all done at the spa we met up with Carlisle at the hottub.

"Well kids, todays our last day in the rocky montians." Carlisel told us.

"Where is our next stop?" I asked.

Carlisel smiled.


"YAY!!" Rose and Alice squeled.