TITLE: Everything

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SUMMARY: This is the sequel to Nothing More. After their breakup, Cameron leaves PPTH and moves to Chicago but a series of events makes her come back and face him again. Are their going to be able to make things up? Written from Cameron's POV. Enjoy!

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Are you okay?

'6 months after I left PPTH'

"Allie!! Sweetie!! Where are the towels?" Danny yelled at me from the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and walked there to give them to him.

Danny was sort of hopeless guy but I sure did like him because he was calm and considerate, even a little uneventful and that was all I was looking for after the disastrous relationship I had been through before.

We weren't dating for too long but he already moved in with me. He was unemployed at the moment and it was difficult for him to pay the rent so I agreed on sharing my apartment. After all, he loved me.

"Right here." I handed him the towels and he pulled me to him kissing my cheek. I smiled and went to the bedroom.

After I had left PPTH, I moved to Chicago where my family lived. I needed to be around nice people and as soon as I got there I felt happy again. I was still heartbroken but it was easier for me to live away from him soI got a job in the Saint Joseph Hospital and my life finally seemed to be on the right lines.

The phone started ringing and I ran to the living room to answer it.


"Hi, Allie. How are you?"


"Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you and Danny will come to dinner tonight." She said in a somewhat restrained tone.

"Sure. We'll be there at eight." I said and smiled. I loved those nights when the family was together. "Do you want me to bring something?"




"Mom, are you alright?" I asked detecting something unusual in her voice.

"Yeah. I'm fine. So, I'll see you tonight." She said and before I could tell her 'bye', she hung up. I raised my eyebrows in surprise but soon I forgot about it and sat down on the couch watching TV. I was zapping through the channels when Danny came into the living room, towel wrapped around his waist. Seeing him like this I had to smile. He was rather short, a paunch instead of nicely shaped abdominal muscles and a bald spot on the top of his head. And yet, he was mine, he was nice to me and he acted like he couldn't live without me. Maybe he really couldn't…

"Allie, where're my briefs?" He asked again, looking as a lost puppy. I sighed. Yeah, he wore briefs. Gross.

"They're in the bedroom." I replied. "We're going to my parent's house tonight for dinner, remember?"

"Of course I remember it." He said and made his way back to the bedroom losing the towel in the middle of the room. I pulled a face but focused on the TV screen again.

Was I happy? I believed so…

Danny was a little jealous, which was actually lifting my ego because for what I remember HE never cared about what I was doing and who I was doing it with. So, at least Danny paid attention to me.

Ever since I came to Chicago, I was doing my best not to think of him but one way or another he would haunt me … in my dreams and and in my thoughts. Did I hate him? YES. Did I love him? I didn't know.

When I sent him my resignation letter, he tried calling me but I never picked up. I didn't trust myself. Instead, I changed my cell number and packed my stuff running away from New Jersey. I was still in contact with Chase and Foreman, though, but they never found out what happened between me and him so they didn't inform me about him and her.

And I didn't care.

Or I wanted to believe I didn't.


We climbed the familiar stairs to the front door of my parent's house and Danny knocked. I made him wear a tuxedo knowing my mother was obsessed with well dressed people coming for dinner. I was wearing a black dress with spaghetti straps.

"Hi, Allie." My Dad opened the door for us. "Danny."

"Hi…" I replied kissing his cheek.

We walked into the hall taking off our coats. Looking around I asked.

"Where's everyone?"

"Mom's in the kitchen, Adam is upstairs playing some stupid computer games and Sarah should be here any minute."

"Okay." I said and we walked to the living room to sit down on the couch. Adam was my younger brother, Sarah my older sister. She was still single and childless although her biological clock indisputably kept ticking already for several years. She didn't like Danny at all, he was a wuss for her. Sometimes she was really grossing him out, which made me defend him knowing he would never say anything to her and we ended up yelling at one another crazily. That was the usual scenario, actually.

My Dad handed me a glass of Scotch and smiled.

"Hope you're still the Scotch drinker."

When I smelled the liquor I immediately remembered those nights at his place, in his arms, drinking Scotch and listening to jazz music.

I shivered the memories killing me.

"Um, can I have just wine?" I asked politely handing back the glass to him. He looked at me quizzically and I shrugged. "Not in a mood for Scotch tonight."

Dad would probably ask me about the reasons I didn't want this drink anymore but thankfully somebody knocked on the door so he got up from his armchair and headed the front door.

I sighed and looked at my hands when Danny put his hand on my knee making his way up, his fingers tracing underneath my dress on my bare thigh.

"What're ya doin'?" I jumped and whispered insistently.

He looked at me and pouted as I put his hand onto his lap again.

"Heeey Allie!!!" Sarah stormed into the living room and hugged me tightly. Then she looked over at Danny and pulled a face. "Hey chicken!"

"Sarah!" I hissed giving her a warning look.

"So what?" She asked innocently and sat down across from us. We were sipping our drinks slowly waiting for the dinner to be ready. Mom never let us help in the kitchen so we gave up on trying.

However, Dad was acting sort of weird so we started exchanging looks with Sarah not knowing what was going on. He usually sparkled with wit but he seemed a little sad that night. Every now and then he would go and check for Mom in the kitchen but I really didn't know what was wrong.

When we sat down at the table I looked over at Mom. She was smiling but I could see how forced the smile was. Everyone was eating not paying attention to anything but their plates so I leaned over to her and smiled.

"Mom, are you okay?" I whispered, my voice concerned.

She put her hand on top of mine and smiled.

"I'm fine. Don't worry."

"But seriously… You're very pale. I'm a doctor. If there's anything wrong with your health, just tell me."

"No. I said don't worry. And eat up."

"Mom!" I raised my voice a little.

"Allison. I'm okay!" She said kind of furiously and grabbing her fork, she focused on her meal again.

I sighed deeply and looked at Sarah. She looked back at me and nonverbally we arranged on the continuation of this conversation after the dinner… without Adam. If there was something wrong with Mom, he was too small to know.


After we were done eating, we moved once again to the living room chatting and sipping our drinks. Yet, the atmosphere was rather stifling.

Danny, again, drank too much fell asleep on the couch, which was a great pretext for Sarah to make fun of him.

On the other hand, it was way better to talk about the family issues only among us. Mom was still pale and kept coughing the entire time. Seeing this I spoke once again.

"Mom… you're not okay. I can see that. Could you two stop being so hypocritical and finally tell us what's going on?"

My parents' eyes widened and they looked at each other in confusion.

"Alright." My Mom sighed. "I've underwent several medical check-ups because I haven't been feeling very well lately but the doctors don't know what's wrong with me. All the results are in limit so I think everything is just fine."

"But what do you mean that the doctors don't know???" Sarah stood up raising her voice.

"Mom…why haven't you told me??" I asked.

"Because it's nothing. If it was something serious, they'd have found out what it was. I'm just coughing and sometimes I feel dizzy." She said as if nothing was happening. "I'm also sweating so I guess it's an exemplary menopause."

"But it doesn't have to be." I said, really worried. "You're coughing. That has nothing to do with the climacteric."

"The doctor said it was nothing. They even gave her a special balm to cure the rash Mom has got on her feet." Dad finally spoke.

"Rash?" I exclaimed standing up and making my way to her. "Show me, now!"

My Mom hesitated for a few moments and then took off her shoes and the pantyhose. What I saw at the moment made my jaw drop to the floor. The rash was all over her feet reaching almost to her knees. The red papules were coalescing and seemed full of sanies.

I heard Sarah gasp at the sight of it and I was having a hard time staying calm. This was not any common disease… it was something very serious and I had absolutely no idea what it was.


The very next day I made my Mom drop by at the hospital because I arranged for her to meet with the best doctors that I worked with.

Sarah and Dad accompanied her and I was present at all the examinations she had to undergo. She was very brave, most of the examinations were not very pleasant but my Mom was a strong woman.

"Dr Cameron. Get your Mother's results tomorrow, okay?"

"Thank you, Dr Davis." I smiled and shook his hand.

We decided to go to the cafeteria so that Mom could relax a little after all the tests she had experienced. We sat down at one of the tables and I looked at Mom closely. She was awfully pale, her stare blank.

"It'll be okay… trust me." I said encouragingly but I wasn't sure about the truthfulness of the sentence.

"I'm having a migraine." She whispered and rubbed her temples.

I handed her a pill of painkiller and a glass of water.

"I'll call you as soon as I know the results tomorrow, okay?" I stated after a moment and my Dad smiled at me lovingly.

However, the next day, as soon as I opened the envelopes with the results, my heart skipped a beat. They were all negative. According to them, my Mom was absolutely healthy but anytime I saw her she looked worse and worse. Minute by minute, hour by hour.

I called my Dad to tell him the results and we decided to meet at my parent's house again to discuss things.

Danny wasn't coming.

"I've studied various immunological books but this has to be something else." I said as soon as we assembled in the living room. "I also talked to some of my colleagues but…but nobody knows."

"But why they didn't hospitalize her? They should monitor Mom's state." Dad added looking absolutely shattered.

"There's no way they can treat her like this. They need to do something!! Allison, you work there, you should do something as well!!!" Sarah yelled, her emotions uncontrolled at the moment.

"But I don't know what." I whispered, unfortunatelly telling the truth. I had absolutely no clue what to do. We all looked at one another feeling sad and helpless.

"Wait a minute!!! The guy you worked with… Dammit, he's said to be one of the best diagnosticians in the States. Why doesn't he help us?!" Sarah said insistently.

My eyes widened and I forgot to breathe for a few seconds.

"Go ahead, call him and ask him!!" She exclaimed again, obviously satisfied with her idea. I felt the tears building up in my eyes knowing there was no way I could avoid it. I knew she was right, he was definitely able to save Mom's life but I… I just couldn't.

I looked up into my Dad's eyes that were full of expectation and then over at my Mom who was sitting in her armchair wrapped in the blanket trembling lightly.

"Okay…" I nodded and hoped I'd be able to fulfill their wish.


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