Author's Note: So… this is almost a commission piece. My friend did say she would five me five bucks… but that's not why I'm writing it. No, I'm writing it because the concept has been in my head ever since I first saw the movie Treasure Planet, and its about time I put some pen to paper… or in this case, fingers to keyboard.

This fic takes place during Jim Hawkins' time at the InterStellar Academy. It will be primarily a romance fic, because that's what was commissioned (sort of), but I like to throw in some less-sappy plot on the side, because Jim doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to be in touch with his feelings the minute they rear their ugly head.

Please enjoy.

James Hawkins was the kind of guy who hated to lose.

Take racing, for example. If he didn't beat you around the course with at least twenty seconds between times, he would storm off in a huff and not simmer down until the next day. He was proud and defiant, and everyone knew it. He was also trouble, or at least he was before he found the map.

While the story Treasure Planet had been kept a strict secret, word of a mutiny on a Galactic ship had spread far. The money that the Hawkins family had suddenly come into was attributed to a dead uncle, and no one asked of it afterward. What the people of the village did wonder about, however, was the changed nature of the boy. The James Hawkins that stepped off the RLS Legacy was an entirely different person than the one that left months before. Gone was the brooding boy; suddenly, by the graces of the gods, here was a man with a future.

It was with this future in mind that Jim set off for the Interstellar Academy. Fresh for his voyage to the outer reaches of the galaxy, and sporting a new self-confidence, he left his mother with the funds to rebuild her precious Benbow Inn and set out for the capitol of Montressor, Carviene.

But having a future didn't change who he was. He still hated to lose, which brings us to the start of our story.

Jim glared at the man sitting across from him. He knew there weren't that many humans around the closer he got to Carviene, and that he should welcome the contact with his own species so far from home, but…

But sometimes he honestly forgot what scum the human race was.

"I said give me my money, punk!"

Jim shook his head, more in aggravation more than refusal.

"Look, I'm in kind of a hurry, so if you could just let me go, that would be great, thanks…"

One of the man's lackeys, a Calderian with a bad tentacle job, stepped forward to block his escape. The man's hand went to the opening of his jacket and Jim followed it. If this guy was armed, he was in deeper shit than he thought…

"All right,' he said, holding up his hands. "Take it easy, I'll give it to you." He slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out five drabloons and slid them across the table. The man didn't hesitate to snatch the coins up and tuck them away.

"Pleasure doin business with ya," he said with a grin before walking away. Jim glared holes into his back until he disappeared from sight. That was the last time he put money on anything. He'd barely been traveling fro two days and he'd already been scammed.

"You think I'd know better," he muttered to himself. He ran a hand back through his dark brown hair to get it out of his eyes and reshouldered his pack, turning towards the door. He'd make a note to stay out of Port taverns in the future.

"All boarding for shuttle to Carviene!"

Jim glanced at the clock on the wall and cursed. Slapping another drabloon down on the table for his bill, he bolted for the door and headed to the shuttle. The conductor eyed him warily as he jumped into the cabin, but took his ticket without a word and moved on. Jim breathed a sigh of relief and sat down, away from the other passengers.

He was rather hacked off at himself for losing money over such a stupid thing. Betting on a race, what was he thinking? He shook his head. Better get over it now; he had bigger things to worry about where he was going.

Jim reached into his pack and pulled out the folded piece of paper that was carefully nestled between his clothes. He unfolded it with the utmost care and began to read it, though he'd already done so numerous times before and was pretty sure he had it memorized. The handwriting was small and neat, and he read the words slowly.

"To his Lordship
The Admiral Roark
The Interstellar Academy
Carviene, Montressor

My Lord,

It is with great honor that I present to you this letter of recommendation for a man whom I believe to be the most gifted and able-bodied spacer available to you.

You are undoubtably aware of the recent expedition led by myself to the Outer Edges and of the events that befell upon my ship. It was on this expedition that I met young Mr. James Hawkins. He was hired onto my ship as Cabin Boy; however he earned his stardust in the duration of the voyage. He is an intelligent young man and is eager to learn.

I would also like to point out that he saved the crew's life on more than one occasion and demonstrated a type of valor I believe to be uncommon in the students that pass through your halls.

My Lord, it is my hope that you will accept Mr. Hawkins into the Academy. I can assure you that it will be worth your while.


Capt. Amelia
RLS Legacy

Jim's gaze lingered on the signature long after he was done reading it. He owed the Captain so much for this chance, and he had no idea how to thank her. She was providing him with that one thing he wanted above all else: a future. That letter was his future.

Every so gently he folded the letter back up and slipped it into his pocket. The Montressor countryside was the last thing he saw before drifting off to sleep.

Author's Note: Okay, the first chapter: really short, but it sets it up. I'll be back with the next chapter soon! Please review!