Esme was laying in her bedroom, spread lengthwise across the bed and her head dangling off one side. A black video Ipod rested across her sternum, the cord snaking between her breasts. Her lips moved as she sang along to the music and closed her eyes, enjoying the alone time. Carlisle leaned against the wall and watched her, waiting for her to notice him. Her caramel hair draped down the side of the bed to pool on the floor. She looked more like a twenty year old than the century-old vampire he knew her to be.

Her nostrils flared for a second, then she opened her eyes with a smile. "Hello, honey. How was work?" She asked, sitting up and holding out her arms.

He walked forward to sit on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his lap. "Horrible. There was this beautiful woman who kept running through my mind all day. I just couldn't stop seeing her face."

"Hmmm. Well, I think your day was similar to mine, then. I had an incredibly handsome guy in mine though." She smirked.

"Oh, really? Do I have to kill this guy?" He grinned down at her.

"That may prove a little difficult. How about you just kiss me instead? You know, to help me forget?"

"That may just be the best idea I've heard all day." Carlisle leaned down to her, brushing feather-light kisses across her mouth before gently nipping her bottom lip. She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.

"Have you forgotten yet, woman?" He asked with a teasing light in his eye.

"Not quite yet. I think I may need some more help with that." She kissed him this time, immediately pulling his body in line with hers.

The Ipod, forgotten, fell to the floor at their feet; the resulting thud causing them both to jump.

"I'm glad you're home." Esme said as she tucked her face into the side of his neck.

"I'm glad to be home." Carlisle kissed her temple, pushing back the satiny strands of her hair. "Where's the family?"

"Alice and Jasper are in their room listening to music, Emmett and Rosalie are in the garage working on the M3, Edward is out hunting, and I don't know where Bella's gotten to." She answered, ticking off on the digits of her fingers.

"So we're completely alone?" He asked, swirling his fingers on the sensitive skin of her back.

"Yep." She answered breathlessly.

"Well, that's new." He said, blinking in surprise.