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Standard Disclaimer Applies.

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Something Sweet: Epilogue

Remus swirled the champagne around and around the glass, watching the people move by. He was proud of himself. He had not only managed to surpass all expectations, he had done it with style!

Something Sweet was the very epitome of a French patisserie; blacks and creams, the sweet smell of something baking, and lots of care for everyone who came in. It had only taken a couple months to get everything set up, but Remus knew it was all due to one very special pastry chef.

"What're you up to, gorgeous?" Remus smiled as two warm arms wrapped around his middle. Sirius kissed him gently and Remus wasn't sure what was better; having an adoring man or having an up-and-running shop to call his own.

"Nothing, did you finally get away from the terrible twosome?"

"Yes," Sirius chuckled, "I'm not sure how though."

The terrible twosome referred to Harry and Phelan, who were inseparable. Neither seemed to mind that there were seven years in between the two and one couldn't speak very well. Harry had taken to Phelan so fast that no one was sure what had happened.

"Hey, dad, can I…"



"No." Remus grinned as Sirius tried to convince Phelan out of eating more sweets. They had managed to adopt Phelan after four months of background checks and financial struggles. Both were glad to be able to give the boy a loving home. He certainly deserved it after everything Greyback had put him through.

"Can't I just have a little…?"


"Oh, let him, Sirius. It's a special occasion."


Sirius and Remus laughed as Phelan gave a loud yell and ran towards the cases. Remus had taken a small break and Lily had immediately taken the selling up. She was doing rather well, actually. Remus might have to hire her.

"Hey, you two. What's so funny?" James came sauntering up to them, bouncing a two-year-old Harry on his hip. Remus reached out to take the toddler from him, cooing softly. Harry gave a little giggle and scrunched a fist into the gold sweater Remus was wearing.


"Hello, baby, how are you?"


"Great." Harry wiggled to be let down and Remus lowered him to the floor.

"Come on, Harry. Want to see something cool?" Sirius bent on one knee and peered into his godson's face.

"No! Stay wit' 'Mus." Harry gripped Remus's fingers harder. Sirius's jaw fell open as James laughed hysterically. Remus grinned and ran a hand through the black curls on Harry's head.

"You don't love me, do you? Oh, such betrayal!"

Harry's little smile fell off his face as he watched Sirius pout. The infant reached out and patted Sirius's cheek, "No sad, Sirri. Lub you, too."

"Aww, love you kiddo." Sirius gave Harry an Eskimo kiss, causing him to laugh and rub his nose.

Remus paused as a small hand tugged on his pants leg, "Alice!"

The little blonde grinned up at Remus, "Bonjour!"

"How are you?"

"Good, mama said that I couldn't come, but I snuck out."

"You…what…?" Remus stared down at the little girl before him.

"Ah, my type of lady!" Sirius smiled at Alice, who grinned back. Remus sighed and placed a hand on his temple. These two would be giving him a headache before too long.

"So, Uncle Remus, where are my chocolate covered, raspberry cream éclairs?"

/page break/

Remus gave a happy sigh and fell onto the couch. Having his own shop was wonderful but it took a lot out of him. He heard Sirius shoo Phelan toward his bedroom and wondered how long it would take Sirius to realize that they had the rest of the night to themselves.

"Hello, lover." Apparently, it didn't take long. Remus rested his head on the back of the couch and looked up at the man who had stolen his heart.

"Bonjour, le cheri. Comment peux-je vous aider?" Hello, lover. How may I help you?

"Je l'aime quand vous allez tout correct sur moi." Sirius slid his arms around the thin shoulders and scrunched his fingertips into Remus's shirt. I love it when you go all proper on me.

"Bien sur vous faites." Of course you do.

"Qu'est-qui suppose signifier?!" Sirius stood upright in disbelief. What's that supposed to mean?

"Rien. Rien." Remus laughed, waving his hands and standing. Nothing. Nothing.

"Il signifie quelque chose!" Sirius placed his hands on his hips indignantly. It means something!

"S'il vous ennuie qui beaucoup de, pourquoi faire ne vous me faites pas…" Remus dashed towards the bedroom with Sirius hot on his heels. If it bothers you that much, why don't you…make me…

Bonne idée, le cheri!" Good idea, lover! Sirius called as they raced around the small cottage. Phelan stuck his head out of his bedroom door, shook his head, mumbled "Adults" and shut the door again.

Remus dashed into their bedroom, laughing. He moved away from Sirius's fingers, laughing until he couldn't see. Sirius took a running leap and managed to pin Remus against their bed. They both giggled helplessly as their bodies twisted together. Sirius rested his head on Remus's chest and took a deep breath, trying to calm down. Remus lay back on the pillows and brushed back the dark hair that had managed to get in his mouth.


"Oui?" Remus kissed Sirius's forehead softly. Sirius tilted his face upwards and melded their fingers together.

"Je vous aime." I love you. Remus felt his eyes widen.


"I love you."


"Did you doubt it?" Remus shook his head, stunned. He had known on some level that Sirius loved him, but having never heard it…

Remus smiled and accepted the sweet kiss that Sirius pressed against his mouth. Everything was going right; the bad guy was toast, he had his own pastry shop, a beautiful son, and an even more gorgeous partner who loved him.

"Je vous aime aussi." I love you too. They fell asleep wrapped together; not fearing what the next day would bring them or what might happen. They would take each and every day as it came, but knew that love would always keep them together.

The End

A/N: And there you have it…the end of Something Sweet. Keep on the watch for Evolving Padfoot! A different perspective on Becoming Moony!