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Authors notes: Well, I hope you like this.... This is my first fan fic, matter of fact this is probably the first fiction I have written since I got out of college years ago. Please be gentle.....


Forever Eyes
Somebody's Angel

"You wrote this about me?"
"Depends, do you hate it?"
"It's alright"
"Then yeah, it's about you..."
"Cool... Gotta bounce... don't want to miss the curfew"
"Oh...... OK... See ya later"

Space Needle-Max

Oh My God... I can't believe I just ditched and ran... Granted feelings have never been my strong suit... But Logan finally, totally opened up.... And what do I do? I run... I am so confused... I've never had this problem before, usually if a guy comes on to me, it's easy..... Yes or NO... none of this ambivalence I feel with Logan... Nobody before has ever engaged my interest on so many different levels.... This goes way beyond just physical, at least on my end.... I just wish I knew exactly what he was feeling.... I know he's attracted to me, but I want more..... more than just friends and partners... way more... So what's a revved up girl to do? Looks like the ball is in my court now.....

Foggle Towers-Logan

Well.... Logan shakes his head and tosses his journal to the couch. What in the world was I thinking... She ran out of here like all the demons in hell were after her... Whatever I expected, it wasn't that.... I thought... hell, I don't know what I thought, but that sure as heck wasn't it... Looking back, maybe I should have expected it. Max has never been very good with expressing her emotions, at least the softer ones... I guess I was hoping to push this "something" we have into "something" more... And for just a moment there, I thought I had succeeded... maybe it was only a trick of the light, but for just an instant she looked so happy... I just wish I knew what her feeling were... I want more...

Logan was still sitting right were she had left him. He looks so damn good, candlelight suits him well...
"Max, you're back, did you forget something?"
"Yeah, I guess you could say that, We need to talk." Max replied, as she sat back down on the couch. "Have anymore wine, because after I'm threw, we may both need it".
"OH.... OK" Logan filled her glass. Shit this does not sound too good. "If we need more there's plenty in the kitchen."
"OK, here goes..." Max downed half her wine in one swallow, trying to bolster her courage. "When we first met there were sparks flying, and at that point, I wasn't even sure that I liked you. And now... I've gotten to know you, and found that I really like who you are."
"I hear a "BUT" coming on." Sharing that poem was a really, really bad idea. Too much, too soon for dear Maxie. I guess this is her verbal equivalent of a tactical retreat.
"Logan so much has changed, for both of us... Before... dammit this is hard... Before you..." Max got up and walks over to the window, staring blankly out at the black night.
"Before What Max? Before I was shot? Before I landed in this chair? Yeah, you're right, a lot has changed" Logan lets a heartfelt sigh out "I had hoped that maybe you could see beyond all that, beyond the chair"
"The chair is your issue, it's never been mine..." Max replied.
"Max, please don't try and bullshit me. You've already admitted that we had some great chemistry at the start, you also said that it's changed."
"Logan, you've got this all mixed up! Now, will you please let me finish? This is hard enough for me without your interruptions.
"No more interruptions?" questioned Max as she came up behind Logan and rested her hands on his shoulders.
"No more interruptions."
"As I was saying... When we first met there was some obvious sparks, but then you were shot. You became totally engrossed in Eyes Only. The only time I heard from you was when you wanted me for a mission. I even tried to put our relationship on a more personal level by inviting you to dinner. What a fiasco that turned out to be. It seemed that you weren't interested in anything more than a business relationship. Considering the interest you showed before, I was both confused and hurt by your obvious turn about. " Max stopped for a breath. Picking up her glass from the coffee table she refilled it and took another healthy swallow. Okay Max, pull yourself together, you can do this. Max sat back down on the couch and motioned for Logan to come join her. Logan rolled over to the cough and after aligning himself perpendicular to the couch he set the brakes. Placing one hand on the couch and the other on his wheel he smoothly lifted himself out of the chair and onto the couch. After removing his feet from the footrest and positioning them on the floor he released the brakes and pushed his chair back behind the couch. Out of sight, out of mind.... Aahhhh if only it were that simple.
Max turned toward him, her knee pressing against his hip and her hand resting high on his thigh. Logan's eyes were riveted on her small hand splayed across his leg. God what I wouldn't give to be able to feel that. Max reached up and turned his head towards her.
"Logan, I'm baring my soul here, the least you could do is look me in the eyes." Max joked, lightening the mood a little. "I guess what I am trying to say is... that for me those sparks have never dimmed. They've only gotten stronger. I'm tired of being business partners or just friends. I'm tired of denying what I feel. I want more Logan. I need more." Max finished on a whisper, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.
"Max, look at me... really look at me. As much as I want it to be different, I may spend the rest of my life in this chair."
"Stop right there" Max interrupted, her eyes flashing with ire. "That has never mattered to me. I fell for you, Logan Cale, not Logan when he's standing, not Logan in a chair. Don't you get it? Here's a news flash for you, hot off the informant net... regardless of rather you are walking, or in the chair, or even on a respirator, you are still the same man I fell in love with!" Oh God! That was more than I had planned on admitting.
"Max, don't you realize that if you had to run, I could only slow you down"
"Dammit Logan, I don't care. I didn't care last time and I sure as hell don't care now! Let me tell you a secret , even if you hadn't been rushed to the hospital, I would have found another reason to come back..."
Brown eyes locked with blue, and in those chocolate depths Logan found the truth, she loved him.