Snake Supporter

(Ok, this is when Orochimaru was, like, 24)

'Forgive me, for interrupting, but someone is coming this way.'

A figure looked up at the huge grey dragon that stood in front of it, looking off in the supposed direction of where the person they were talking about was coming in. The figure leaned down once more, finishing what they were doing, before standing up.

A glass bottle was revealed, and pulled out from their belt, as they injected the dark green fluid they had retrieved from their latest kill, and injected if from their syringe, into the bottle.

Just as they finished, the dragon crouched slightly, and began to growl threateningly, as someone came into the small clearing, and stopped in front of the creature.

"My, my, what a cute pet you have." They said.

The person, who spoke, was a long, jet-black haired male, with yellow and snake-like eyes. Thought, it seemed he was wearing lavender-purple eye shadow, and had gone overboard on it… WAY overboard, to be precise.

"So- you're the one who's been visiting my property at night, and killing off people-"

The figure who, had just corked the bottle with the strange fluid in it, stood there silently. They were confused, but if you had been here, with these people, on this very night, you could tell they were not going to make any movement away from where they stood, anytime soon.

They weren't afraid of the male, not at all. Even thought, they should be…- if they actually knew who he was. But they didn't. The only thing they knew was the dragon, growling viciously at the being, as they made their way over to the figure.

The dragon hissed loudly, before slithering over to the figure quickly, and making the male stop in front of them, as it wrapped itself around the figure defensively.

"Oh, you're pet doesn't seem to have much 'people skills'." They commented, before giving the figure, a smirk. "It seems this is the first time I've met you, so, how about an exchange of information? Oh- you look confused. Well, I tell you a bit about me, and you tell me, a bit about you. How's that?" He frowned. "Wow, you seemed more confused to me, now-"

"Leave, mortal! My mistress has no time for the likes of you!" The dragon growled, snapping at him, only to have him jump back.

"Oh, so you're a girl? Then you must have a lovely female name- unless your parents favored boy names. Which is fine too-"

The dragon took a swipe at him, before he made a disgusted face.

"Will you stop that?! I'm trying to have a conversation, here!"

The creature ignored him, taking yet another swipe, angering him. The male grabbed the dragon's paw, and threw him aside, causing him to slam into a tree. The male turned, hoping to get a better view of the newly revealed female, but she had fled, leaving only the bottle there.

The dragon struggled to its feet, before giving a low moan of pain, and limping off, back into the forest.

'I should really stop doing that-'He thought, before walking off himself.

Next Night

The female stepped out of the woods and into a clearing with a small pond. She hugged the dragon's neck, and led it over to the pond, pulling it into the water with her. Around the pond's edges, were the only places it was shallow, but sadly, the female did not know this, resulting in her losing her balance, and falling in.

The dragon dipped its head into the water quickly, grabbing the back of her clothing, and pulling out a girl, wet, and shivering. The dragon used its claws to dig up the bottom of the pond, pushing all the mud to one shallow area, and patting it down, before setting her down, and getting out.

It continued the process of digging up dirt, and pushing it into the pond, to make it shallower for the female, so it only reached her petite waist.

"Good think I brought a towel for you, yes?" The dragon chuckled, before taking her clothes, and setting them beside the pond, and let her bathe in piece.

She was uneasy about it, looking around to see if anyway was within a seeing distance, before smiling a little, as she un-knotted her long hair, letting it fall into the pond, as she took a bath. The smell of blood reached her nose, as she finished, before there was a cry of agony that ripped through the air. She looked around for the dragon.

Thinking it to be a simple and quick task of killing of the screamer and removing the fluid she always did, from their corpse, she went to the edge of the pond. The girl took her towel, and wrapped it around her body, before quickly making her way towards the scream, and stopping, when she was someone tied to a tree, unconscious.

She blushed a bit, after seeing he had nothing around his neck, and that his skin was rather pale to shine in the dim moonlight, thinned by the numerous forest tree tops. She made her way over to the body, not noticing, she had tripped a thick rope.

There was a snap, before something grabbed her and [pulled her up quickly, making her inhale sharply. She was now caught, in a handing rope trap. Oh, how confused she was, as she stared with interest, at the brown rope. She only thought about what it was, and not that she should be screaming now.

"Score, I caught you!"

She looked down, to see someone come into view. The same male as the night before, stood below her.

"Oops- didn't know you were taking a bath- that's ok." He said, giving her a cheesy grin. "It's being done and over soon."

He lowered the trap, but only enough to pick her up, and put her over his shoulder, before walking off. She only thought about how similar the male looked, to her cousin. But then, she realized, he had longer hair than her cousin. She just passed the time, by comparing him to her cousin, and mentally noting the similarities.

# Elsewhere #

"For the love of Kami, how stupid are these humans?!" One person yelled, looking in the mirror, watching all of this go on. "He is WAY too old for her! Erm- well-"

"Kitsune Kamikoro! I thought I told you not to use the watching mirror!"


The teen quickly threw the white cloth over the mirror, making the image fade away, before he dashed out of the room.


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