He did it. He was responsible for the beautiful girl on the ceiling and his baby brother distraught by his side. If he could have just kept to himself this wouldn't have happened. But when Dad had disappeared on him, he hadn't known what to do. Dean Winchester had been alone a lot in the last 4 years but he had never been so alone that people wouldn't answer the phone when he called. So, doing what he did best, he screwed up the life that he swore he would leave alone and allow to live the normal life he wanted.

Jessica had done a very good job of pretending they didn't know each other and he made the comments Sam expected from his sleaze brother. Sam, begrudgingly went with him to hunt the woman in white and Dean found himself saying exactly what he promised himself he wouldn't "Sam we make a good team." Sam, thankfully had resisted and got out of the car. Dean had turned up the radio trying to drown out the noise of his heart and thoughts, when he saw the flickering and just knew that his brother was in trouble.

Now, he had what he wanted, his baby brother, but he was upset with himself, mad at their father, and furious with the thing that killed his mother and now took his future sister. He hadn't been able to save her, just like his father hadn't been able to save their mother, but Dean managed to save his little brother's life once again. But the life he saved would never be the same, and decided that it wanted to pursue the thing that killed the women in their lives, abandoning his dreams of being a lawyer, of being normal.

Thus Ending the College Years.

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