At the age of five Harry Potter was a most unusual child. First of all, he hated his family. You see Harry's parents had died in a car crash when he was a little leaving him with nothing but a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. So he had been dumped at the doorstep of his aunt and uncle at the age of one.

He soon realized that his family hated him so he hated them back. The second strange thing was that his 'room' was just a cupboard under the stairs, and the clothes on his back was hand me downs from his two months older and ten sizes bigger cousin, needless to say Harry was positively swimming in his cousin Dudley's clothes. Said cousin was the person Harry hated most, even more so than uncle Vernon.

Dudley was the reason why all the other kids at school ignored him or bullied him. At school the only persons who appreciated Harry was his teachers. Even though he was punished for trying to be 'better' than Dudley, Harry tried his best to become smart. The teachers noticed this and they observed that Harry was a very intelligent child, and he could often be found reading books far above his age level.

But the strangest things about Harry was that he was a wizard. A wizard you say, yes Harry was a wizard, and he had a pretty good idea that he was one too. For the last year he had realized that the strange things that occurred around him was his own unconscious doing, so he started to try and replicate it. He admitted that he wasn't very good, but still how many kids do you find that could summon a small ball of violet flames in his hand, or a kid capable of moving things with his mind? Not many I'll tell you.

But now he was running for his life. He had been late today, so his 'family' had locked him out for the night. At first Harry had sat at the stairs doing nothing, but then after nightfall something strange had happened. Ten men had come walking towards him in high speed. The strangest thing was that they were wearing long black robes, and hid their faces behind white masks while holding small thin sticks in their hand.

So Harry did what any five year old kid with some intelligence would do, he ran like he had the Devil himself on his heels. The men had followed him shouting what sounded like abra kadabra or something. Normally Harry would have laughed, but when the sticks shot some strange green light out that killed the neighbours dog Harry realized that these guys were really dangerous.

He had run throughout all of Privet Drive, through Magnolia Crescent and now into the park and they were still following him. With a cry of pain Harry tripped on a root and broke his ankle as he fell face first to the ground. The men had stopped and now stood facing him in a circle, and one of them stepped forward, and Harry could see a pair of cold grey eyes stare at him from beneath the mask, and he had long blonde hair sticking out from under his mask.

"So look here, the Boy-Who-Lived. Not so mighty now are you Potter", he drawled in a slick mocking tone, to the cheers and jeers of his compatriots. Harry instead of cowing before them sent the man a hate filled glare, and the mans laugh disappeared instantly.

"Now, now Potter, we need to teach you some manners, Crucio". Pain, pain unlike anything he had ever felt before filled him. His skin seemed to be tearing of his body, and his head was almost bursting with pain, and then it stopped.

"Not so good is it Potter", the man drawled. Harry instead summoned all of his rage fear and hate into his centre, feeling that familiar warmth that was his magic. Latching onto it Harry summoned it forth into his hand and formed one of his purple fireballs, before he fed it with his emotions and flung it against the man.

The man was quick enough to jump out of the way, however the man who was behind him was not so lucky, and he screamed in pain as the fire tore him apart. Unable to put him out the Death Eaters watched in shock as Thomas Nott was burned to death alive, Harry meanwhile was lying on the ground exhausted, and so he barely saw the fight that ensued.

The Death Eaters, incensed at the loss of their comrade was about to kill the brat when a cold heavily accented voice carried over to them.

"So this is how deep you have fallen? To kill an innocent child? I shall revel in your slaughter". Out from the darkness a pale, unnaturally pale man stepped out. His hair and eyes were as black as the very night itself, and his face was a picture of perfection. Smooth spotless and pale skin, that was accentuated by his high cheekbones and his teeth glinted white in the night, sharp pointy teeth!

"Vampire", hissed the one who had tortured Harry, and with lightning quick reflexes he shot a curse towards the vampire, only to stare in horror as it had disappeared. "BOO", a voice screamed in his ear, and the Death Eater screamed in panic and apparated before he even realized he had done it, and so he screamed in pain when he landed in his large living room, missing his left leg halfway up his thigh. With a shaky whisper of "we failed" to his wife Narcissa, Lucius Malfoy fainted on the floor.

Meanwhile back in Surrey Nicolay Von Carstein watched in amusement as the Death Eaters pointed their wands at him, hands shaking so much that he doubted they could have hit a castle at the moment. With s chuckle he picked up the leg Malfoy had splinched behind and took a few big bites, savouring the taste of fresh blood, almost as if on an afterthought he threw the mangled leg away.

The Death Eaters watched transfixed as the leg sailed away and landed on the road, only to be turned into goo as a big lorry ran over it. With a cry of bloodlust Nicolay flew onto the Death Eaters, ripping the ribcages out of two of them before they could even point their wands at him. Whipping out his sword, he beheaded one Death Eater, before separating the torso from the legs of another one in one swift elegant movement.

Giving the sword a spin he speared a Death Eater through the chest, before grabbing the next one whom he attacked with vigour. Holding the unfortunate man in a vice grip Nicolay latched onto his throat and plunged his elongated sharp canines into his jugular, draining the unfortunate man off his blood in less than a minute.

As he was about to jump the remaining two he felt a sensation in his chest that he had not felt in three millennia. Pain, unbearable pain, and he spun around, looking into the smug face of the dying Death Eater he had speared. The Death Eater was grinning like a loon even as his life slipped away and Nicolay knew why. Sticking out through his chest was a large pointy silver stake.

He heard the last two apparate away, so he crawled over to the small boy, who was looking at him with glazed eyes. "I am sorry for this", Nicolay said as he drew closer to the boy. Coughing slightly he bit into the boy's neck, drinking some of the blood. Feeling satisfied he slit his own wrist, and forced the boy to drink some of it, sealing his fate, "t-the line of V-Vo-Von C-Carstein mus-must a-a-always prevail", he said. With one last effort he pushed a golden signet ring with a black rock in the middle of it onto the boys right hand middle finger. "Good luck Harold Von Carstein", he muttered as his immortal soul left his physical shell which immediately turned into dust.

When Harry awoke he felt terrible. His head was pounding, and his entire body was burning. Sitting up Harry saw that he was on a bed in a white room, shortly thereafter the door opened up and a man in a suit came in.

"I see you are awake, please follow me we have some questions for you lad", he said with a smile. Nodding at him Harry gripped the mans hand as he followed him. "Are you sick lad, you're quite cold"? the man said.

Harry mused, now that he was fully awake he felt rather…good, more than good actually. He felt really great and he realized that he could see perfectly even without his glasses. "I feel great", Harry said, grinning at the man who smiled reassuringly as they entered a room and Harry sat down in a chair.

Now Harry, I do not wish to disturb you or anything, but we found you last night in the park where some other men was also found. They were all dead, and we were wondering if you could tell what happened.

Harry frowned, something inside him told him not to say the truth, so Harry told the Inspector that the men had kidnapped him and knocked him out, and that he couldn't remember anything. Along with a few heart wrenching sobs and a whole bucket of crocodile tears (Harry had seen Dudley pull it so much that he had no difficulties replicating it), the Inspector told him it was alright.

To top Harry's luck he heard that uncle Vernon had been arrested this morning for possession of illegal substances (ie.drugs) and a concealed weapon.

Later that morning at St.Mungos Lucius Malfoy was screaming and bitching about how he was going to ruin all of their lives. The healers, had been unable to repair his splinched leg. They had managed to perform the charm that would bring the splinched piece back, but the leg was ruined beyond repair and so he would now have to wear an ugly peg leg just like the one Alastor Moody had for the rest of his life. Later that day, a massive search by the ministry failed to get any clues about the whereabouts of seven 'highly respected members of the society' (ie: Death Eaters who gave monthly 'donations' to the politicians). So seven purebloods were now listed as missing, and would remain so for quite some time.

The continuing week was the best in Harry's life. Dudley and aunt Petunia were to heartbroken by Vernon's arrest that they never found the time to bother Harry. And Harry he just continued getting better. His eyesight was now able to penetrate the darkness of the night with ease, though he did react badly to very bright lights. He never grew tired, and his physique was getting above the level of perfect. His strength, reflexes and speed was amazing and even his hearing, taste and smell was improved, yet it was not without costs.

He had nightmares filled with weird dreams of another young boy who lived in what could only be described as the middle ages. His skin was turning paler by the day, and he could no longer see his reflexion on any surface and mirror. The sun seemed to always burn him, so much that in the end Harry grew so angry and wished so hard for the sun to stop bothering him, that wherever he went clouds hid the sun within forty miles of his person.

He was not hungry anymore, but he was thirsty, so thirsty that he thought he would die soon, and no matter how much he drank he could not satisfy himself, and to top it off it was the pain in his mouth. His corner canines always burned and they were so painful, almost as if they were far too long, almost as if they were growing up into his bones. This continued for over a month, at that point Harry realized what was wrong. He was a vampire. A VAMPIRE for Christ's sake. The nightmares he realized were memories of the person who had turned him, and they were completely anonymous, for one he had received a memory of 'himself' so to speak as a six year old, but the night after he had a memory of when he was over two thousand years old.

Still he learned a lot, and embraced the memories as they came. He became sneaky, very sneaky in fact, and he was capable of extreme feats of acrobatics, so now he waiting on a roof in a street that had lots of drunk adults wandering in the nights.

This was the first time he would 'feed' from someone, and he was partly thrilled, partly nervous, and partly disgusted at what he was going to do. Yet if he was to survive he would have to do this. He watched a young couple, probably between seventeen and twenty, sway down an alley, kissing fervently at each other, while trying to remove their clothes in their drunken lusty stupor.

Jumping down from the top of the building Harry landed gracefully and completely soundless at the street seventy feet below him. Sneaking towards the couple Harry had to physically restrain himself, as the rapid pulse of the couple, along with their lust filled pheromones washed over him. Harry could almost dance to the heartbeats, and as the man bit at the nape of his girlfriends neck causing her to moan in pleasure Harry could take now more. With a hiss he threw himself at the male, biting down hard at the exposed artery at the man's neck.

A moan of almost orgasmic bliss washed over Harry as he drank deeply from the precious blood, ignoring the panicked cries of the girl. It was so good, so sweet and salty at the same time, he just couldn't get enough. The girl screamed even louder as tears started to fall. Her boyfriend fell onto her limply. Dead and drained of blood. Shaking with sobs she looked at the young boy who stood before her. His eyes which had been an unnatural bright emerald green earlier were now a terrifying blood red, and she was about to run away when she felt herself go weak in her knees, and to her immense disgust and embarrassment her panties grew so wet that she looked like she had pissed herself. She did not even notice the boy sink his sharp canines into her neck, and only moaned in pleasure as he sucked the blood out of her.

Completely fallen for the young vampire's uncontrolled sex aura she ended her life in immense pleasure.

Harry finally managed to get out of the blood frenzy he had been in, and the red that had filled his vision disappeared and he looked in horror down at his victims. He had completely lost control and had drained them of their blood, and he vaguely remembered letting out a vampire attraction charm that could make even a pure blooded vela beg him to take her, a normal non magical human had stood no chance.

Harry knew he was no normal vampire. He was a Von Carstein, the last of one of the original twelve bloodlines, as fifth generation vampire he was even now not even close to his full maturation more powerful than any other vampire alive could hope to be. Whereas other vampires were at best close to a hundred generation, he had only four other vampires that had been before him. First there had been the Master Vampire. The first of the Von Carstein, his descendant had been Vlad Von Carstein a truly terrifying vampire. Vlad had then sired Mannfred Von Carstein, a vampire who had been rumoured to be even more powerful than the Master Vampire of the bloodline himself. Mannfred had in turn sired Nicolay who while not as powerful as Mannfred or Vlad, had definitely been a force to reckon with, and only carelessness and bad luck had ended his life. And now Nicolay had sired Harry. But Harry would become more powerful than any of these, he would go trough both puberty and magical maturation as a vampire, his ancestors had not done the same, and as such did not get the same power boost that Harry would get.

Vowing to learn himself control Harry, closed the eyes of his victims and closed the wounds on their necks, before leaving to find another person to feed off. That night was the day the world started changing whether for good or evil no one but Harry himself could say. And as Harry truly accepted his new persona every vampire in the world shivered in fear for a moment. There was a new predator out now one that they could never hope to match.


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