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It was night, and inside Severus Snape's office sat two persons. One a former Death Eater and now triple spy and the other was Harold von Carstein, known to most people as Harry James Potter.

"So what have you figured out of Dumbledore and the stone"?

"I have yet to discover all the protections. I believe Dumbledore will use some sort of moral test or similar as the last defence to the stone. My own protections is a logical riddle of potions and poison, the smallest flask should get you to the stone while the biggest one should get you back the way you came from".

Snape took a sip of firewhiskey from the goblet that stood on his desk.

"I am unsure of the other protections though I do know that Sprout received a giant Devil's snare lately and of course that blasted three headed dog of Hagrids, other than that I do not yet know".

"Ah don't bother with Quirrel I already have my suspicions there", it was true after all Quirrel had told Harry what his protection would be in exchange for Harry telling him Snape's, "Likewise a Devil's Snare is easy to deal with and the dog won't cause any problems, however we do need to find out the other protections, have you found out more on Dumbledore"?

Snape looked around him, as if to make sure that no one were listening in, though with the spells they had put up would ensure privacy.

"Yes, over the years I had put it down as simply being in his erratic nature… but now that I have watched him closely, and thought back as well there is something strange about him. Two times a month he leaves the school, I followed his trail, and it turns out that he leaves to Germany, where he visits Nurmengard, and there is only one reason he would visit that place".

"Grindlewald", Harry stated, "but why… why would he visit Grindlewald"?

"I don't know Potter but I shall try to figure it out. The strange thing is that the last few days before he leaves he seems to be struggling against… something. I'm not sure what, but always on his return he seems, resolved… more in control, yet…I don't know more distant at the same time".

This was interesting news to Harry. "Anything else, anything that seems otherwise strange to him, something that is overlooked"?

Snape considered it for a moment before he gave his answer. "Well, now that you mention it there is this… feel about him sometimes. It feels as though there hides something in him… something sinister, but it reveals itself only for a slight moment not long enough to make sure of anything".

"Hmm… well for now let's concentrate on the stone, don't get me wrong, I want to know anything that might be of value or seems suspicious when it comes to Dumbledore, but for the moment it's not our first priority".

Snape nodded thoughtfully. "If you don't mind me asking of course, what is your goal with the stone, I mean do you plan to destroy it? Use it as a weapon… get rich or something like that"?

For the second time that night Harry was actually surprised. He knew Snape was good but he was amazingly perceptive.

"Tell me Snape, what do you know of the stone"?

He shrugged. "Not much, it's supposedly the pinnacle of alchemy, the main ingredient in the Elixir of Life, and that it can turn any metal into pure gold".

Harry nodded, that was what most people believed, however there were many things back in the old days including spells that could do the same or similar at least. "That is only the top of it. The Philosophers Stone it most likely one of the most powerful magical artefacts on the planet. If I'm not mistaken Nicholas Flamel started working on it when he was fifteen years old… the stone was not completed until he was almost as old as Dumbledore is now".

He stroked hi chain thoughtfully as he perused his mind. "I believe that Flamel had access to several tomes of different magics stretching back for over several millennia. I am just guessing of course, but I believe that several magical procedures, including elven magic and dwarven runes have been included in the work of that stone, what worries me most though is that I can feel the stone here in the castle… faintly of course but still, the presence of Chaos is unmistakable, and that makes me wonder what deals and sacrifices he made to finish it".

Chaos… sacrifices", Snape stated faintly. He had learned of the gods of Chaos through some of the books he had borrowed from Harry, and of course the Dark Gods were also mentioned in several old legends that only people of less than idealistic morals would have heard, and so Snape probably knew that the situation was more serious than it had seemed first.

"Yes, the finishing of an artefact of this calibre would not be possible without the blessing of at least one of the Dark Gods, and if you are to receive any aid from them there is always a cost, most often at the cost of your soul or through the sacrifice of hundreds of innocent souls through a series of old and forgotten rituals, the fact that Flamel might have access to those kinds of knowledge was extremely disconcerting.

"But back to the point, dark times are approaching, and I'm not talking about Voldemort possibly returning. The daemonic forces of the Dark Gods have almost overrun the planet two times. Both times they were driven back at a terrible cost, but in terms of life, and of the planet itself. However there is a prophecy, that dates back almost eleven millennia that states that the demonic armies of the Dark Gods shall be released three times, we know for certain that it has already happened twice, which leaves one last wave of daemons… one last Storm of Chaos".

Harry sighed deeply before taking a large gulp of blood from a goblet he had, courtesy of Jerek. "I believe that the stone can be a useful tool against the forces of Chaos because let's face it, when the Storm comes we are going to need every advantage we can get, and trust me the storm is coming I can feel it every single day… and as things are standing now we do not have a chance to survive".

"So you are a champion for good after all", Snape said with a smirk.

"Oh good heavens no. I'm a merciless predator, a stalker of the night who survives by drinking the blood of the living. I have few morals, though I prefer not that harm innocent children if I can help it, the main reason I am doing as best I can to prepare is so that the world can survive… after all with no humans or similar around then there would be little food for me would it not"?

"Ah…I must say Potter you truly are a Slytherin" Snape said with a slight hint of respect in his voice…" though I cannot help but wonder, what will you do to prepare? After all you cannot do this alone".

Harry chuckled, both at the unusual compliment as well as Snape's observation. "But I am not alone Snape, I already have you, and tonight I will start the education of an apprentice as well, and lastly I'm sure that I can have the potentially largest army in the world should I want to, after all the dead while not particularly good soldiers can wear just about anyone, including daemons down through sheer strength of numbers… that is why I am trying to teach you as much as I can about Necromancy. The more Necromancers I have the quicker I can raise an army should the daemons break free".

Snape apparently couldn't find any fault in his logic so he wisely kept quiet. "What about the Dark… I mean Voldemort"?

"…What about him"? Harry asked.

"Could he be of any help"?

"Hmm… I'm not sure", Harry said as he studied one of his nails. "Voldemort is a… loose cannon I suppose. He is too far lost in his dreams of immortality and world dominance. I suppose that if the daemons breaks free there is a chance, however I do not believe he will be alive that long. He along with Dumbledore are the ones with the highest chance of ruining my plans, and Dumbledore will be too distracted with defeating Voldemort if he returns, to do anything seriously detrimental to my plans".

"But I believe I shall retire, I have other things to do tonight as well", Harry said before disappearing into the shadows, leaving a thoughtful Snape at his desk.


A few minutes later Harry stood inside the dorm of the first year Gryffindor girls, weighing his options. It had been surprisingly difficult to get up to the dorms, thanks to the wards on the girls staircase, however as he did with most problems, he simply took the easiest and most unexpected method of approach. A simple jump had allowed him to get past the charmed staircase, and from there it was simply a matter of trial and error to find the first year dorms.

Looking over the four girls Harry really only had one option to take. Lavender as well as Parvati were sadly both too ditzy for his idea to work. Tonks, she was clever enough for sure and he definitely… well maybe he didn't trust her, he didn't truly trust anyone, but he felt confidant that she would help him if push came to shove, so that left only Hermione, the person in their year who had the most wonderful personality he had encountered in his life.

He was under no illusions that she wouldn't be able to discover quite quickly what is was that she would be studying, but he counted on her thirst for knowledge as well as unconscious sadistic streak for her to continue to study the book, and just to be safe, he had managed to put it under a strong enough compulsion that she would want to read it. Not strong enough to cause suspicious, but just strong enough so that she would fall right into his hands.

Silent as a cat he snuck up on her and placed the book named Ancient Forbidden arts: The Basics, on night drawer. It was a book he had written himself, and compiled quotes from other books, as well as his own notes on how to best perform the various spells and rituals. Fortunately it was only the basics, and as such nothing in the book could cause her any harm in potential errors or miscasts. Laying one last spell on the book, he ensured that other than himself or Hermione, no one would be able to notice it.


The day afterwards was the day that many of the first year students had looked forward to: Flying Lessons. Thankfully all the students had met up early so they did not have to wait for the lessons to start, and Madam Hooch, quickly had the class lined up, and after some tries everyone had their brooms in their hand. Unfortunately before they could even prepare themselves to take off Neville had managed to shoot up into the sky like a rocket, and after a painful fall was led to the hospital wing.

"Look the little fat squib dropped this", Malfoy said to the Slytherins who predictably laughed uproariously, as he showed the remembrall that Neville had received from his grandmother just earlier that day.

Harry sighed, "give it back blondie", appearances had to be maintained and as THE Harry Potter he was expected to be the Hero of the day.

"Why should I Potter, I think I'll just put it somewhere for Longbottom to find, perhaps at the top of a tree", he said as he jumped onto the broom, and he was just about to kick off when suddenly he felt his breath blown out of him due to his back hitting the ground. As he coughed and cursed for himself he tried to figure out what had happened. His answer became clear as he suddenly looked straight into the eyes of Harry Potter.

"I SAID give it back"! Harry said coldly before extending his hand.

"GET HIM", Malfoy yelled to his two bodyguards, who threw themselves at Harry.

Predictably they threw themselves like a pair of dogs at him. Crabbe delivered what he thought to be a devastating punch towards Harry's face, but to Harry it seemed as though he moved in slow motion. Without moving an inch he reached up and grabbed Crabbe's fist and squeezed until he heard a cry of pain and a satisfying crack of broken bones, a following kick to the thigh sent the larger boy screaming to the ground. With a roar of anger Goyle tried the same, but Harry effortlessly swiped his arm away from him, before delivering a punch into his face that sent blood and teeth flying. And before he had even hit the ground he was unconscious.

"S-s-s-st-stupefy", Malfoy said from behind him, and swiftly as the wind Harry turned, and watched a faint red bolt of energy hit him and dissipated at the contact of his cloak. Harry growled angrily at the cowardly attack, and before Malfoy could try again Harry had grabbed his wrist and with a strong flex of his hand Malfoy's wrist broke. The following knee to the groin emitted a painfully high shriek of pain from Malfoy, the last punch to the head that knocked him out was more of a mercy stroke than necessity.

The remaining boys collectively shivered and grabbed their crotches protectively. "Anyone else who wants a good fight? Yes… no? didn't think so", Harry stated as he took the remembrall from Malfoy's hand, and after a second of thought Harry delivered another kick into his crotch, and watched fascinated as Malfoy gave faint unconscious twitches every now and then.

"POTTER, JUST WHAT ARE YOU DOING"? Came the angry voice of McGonagall. Before anyone could deliver a proper explanation she had led him to the school and up to her office.

"Well Potter, explain yourself", she said angrily.

"Malfoy stole Longbottom's remembrall, I asked him to give it back. When he refused I pushed him a little, and he fell to the ground. Again I asked him for it and he sicked his two guard dogs at me. I defended myself and after I made sure that they couldn't do anything to me, I turned around only for Malfoy to throw a spell at me, so naturally I made sure that he was out of the game too".

"Humph, very well twenty points from Gryffindor for excessive use of force, next time get a teacher instead, that is after all part of our duties, now get out I believe you have dinner soon".

Without a word Harry turned and walked to the door. Just before he exited he looked back at her. "Just remember Professor, that out in the real world you cant survive by running to the authorities every time you are attacked, sooner or later you will be forced into a situation where it is kill or be killed, what would you rather be, the killer or the victim"? Without even waiting for an answer he swept out of the office and closed the door with a bang, leaving a troubled McGonagall back at her desk.


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