I looked over to Edward who chuckled softly.

"What is it? What's so funny? I asked

"It's that Newton kid. He can't figure out what we are." Edward said, rolling his eyes

"What if he finds out or suspects?" I asked nervously

"Oh, he already does love. He just can't figure out how we can come out in the day time." As he spoke those words Jasper and Alice joined the laughing.

"The funny part is, he thinks your one too!" they were all laughing hysterically at this point

"I don't see what makes that funny." I replied, hurt

"No, no Bella, you don't understand. Its just he is confused at how we can be so graceful, and you, you are…well, you!"

I stood up angry, and quickly walked away from their laughter. Edward caught up to me before I had gone too far.

"I'm sorry Bella. We were laughing at your expense and that was rude."

"Well, no harm done." I tried to smile

I walked away from Edward toward the gym.

"Bella!" Mike called

"Oh, hey Mike" I said as we walked into the gym. The air around us had a peculiar smell; it was like the permeating scent of garlic. "Mike, did you have garlic for lunch?"

"Yes, does that bother you?" he looked at me suspiciously

"Yea it does. Hey, I gotta go." I said darting into the girl's locker room

During the class period I tried to avoid Mike at all costs. When class was finished I grabbed by bag and rushed out to my truck without changing. Since it was the last class of the day I would shower and change at home.

By the time I reached home, Edward was already there.

"Bella love, please don't be too angry with me." He smiled that crooked dazzling smile

I stomped past him up the stairs and took a shower. When I finally came back down, he was sitting in his chair at the counter.

"Mike is crazy." I said finally

"What would make you say that?" he laughed at my comment

"The boy has some serious issues, it's not funny Edward." I said reaching for the fridge to get some juice. "I think he was wearing garlic or something today. It smelled awful!" I cried

"Oh! This is too good. This is priceless!" Edward was practically rolling with laughter

"A few days ago he asked me why I couldn't stand the sight of blood, he even asked me why I didn't go to church." I said in a frustrated tone

"He…. He what-" Edward said through the laughter as the door bell rang

"It's not funny Edward!" I smirked as I opened the door

I looked to see Mike was there, and as he turned he lunged at me

I felt a piercing pain in my side and looked down to see blood.

He had stabbed me. I staggered backward

"Bella?" Edward questioned nervously as I turned to see his horror filled eyes.

I sank to the floor.

"Oh God Bella, I'm so sorry!" mike sputtered as the tears fell from his eyes

I noticed Edward just pushed him away from me.

"Bella let me see." I tired to pull my hands away. "I need to see it," he demanded as I pulled my hands from the wound

"You staked her? He yelled in horror

"I thought- I thought" mike stuttered, "I thought she was a vampire!" he cried out

"What are you talking about?" Edward said angrily "There is no such thing."

My eyes flutters to Edward and I saw he was on the phone

"It hurts." I managed

"Carlisle, Bella has been staked. I'm taking her to the hospital." He said snapping the phone shut

"What can I-" Mike began

"You've done enough, just get the hell out of here!" he yelled

I felt cool arms slide around me and pick me up.

"Edward?" I questioned, I was feeling faint from the blood loss

"Just hold on Bella. You're going to be okay. I'm taking you to the hospital."

"Edward, I feel. Cold." I whispered

"Bella?" he asked in a concerned tone "Bella? Please just hold on!"