"Bella?" he asked in a concerned tone "Bella? Please just hold on!"

Edward placed me in the back of his car and took off towards the hospital I presumed. My eyes were closed as he continued to call to me. "Hang on. Just hold on Bella." He pleaded

I felt myself slipping, but I fought to keep my gaze fixed on Edward. I wanted him to hear my mind. I wanted to let him know I'd be okay whatever the outcome.

I slipped further into the coldness and I reached out to his mind.

Edward, I love you with my everything. Always and Forever I thought to him

"Bella, don't you dare say goodbye! You aren't going anywhere." He responded frantically as if he had heard me

"I love you" I whispered and with a final flutter closed my eyes for the final time, taking with me the most amazing vision of Edward in my eyes.

Edward's POV

Edward, I love you with my everything. Always and Forever

I heard the angelic voice in my mind. They were her thoughts. I finally heard her.

"Bella, don't you dare say goodbye! You aren't going anywhere." I cried frantically

"I love you" she whispered and then was silent.

"Bella?" I questioned, and then cried "Bella! Answer me, please"

It was more than just her voice; the rhythmic beating of her heart was weak. Practically nonexistent as I brought the car to an abrupt halt and jumped out of the car. I pulled her limp frame into my arms and noticed how cold and unresponsive she was.

I rushed her into the ER and the nurse directed me to trauma room 1. I placed her on the gurney as her arm fell to her side exposing the wound.

"What the hell happened to her?" the intern shouted

"Someone stabbed her," I said as I looked up and saw Carlisle enter the room

"She's going to need blood. Lots of it!" he yelled out and I was slowly pushed from the room. As is saw he began chest compressions.

I waited patiently, knowing my father would help her. Damn that stupid Mike Newton. Bella was right, and I had been wrong. I had laughed at his fixation, thought it was funny. But Bella knew better, she said he was crazy. She was right.

Soon, Carlisle emerged from the room. He seemed distracted somehow. I ran to him, hope in my eyes and heart.

"How is she Carlisle? How is Bella?" I asked

"Edward." He said placing his hand on my shoulder "I'm sorry" was all he said

"What! No…No!" I cried out "Your wrong! She can't be gone!"

"Edward!" he said reaching for me again.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled "Why didn't you save her? You could have saved her!"

"Edward, there was nothing that could be done. She had lost so much blood-"

"Give her more." I cried

"Edward, she was already dead when you brought her in" He said, his eyes pained "Please understand, there was nothing I could have done."

"I want to see her." I managed

"That might not be a good idea."


"Follow me." Carlisle said

He led me into the room where my beloved Bella laid still and cold.

"Bella love, I failed you." I whispered, "What am I ever going to do without you?"

I bent to kiss her lips, but they were cool. I held her hand and the moment seemed eternal.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up into the face of my father.

"Edward" he said quietly "They've come to take her to the morgue"

"It's cold down there. Bella doesn't like the cold." I mumbled

"I know Edward. The police are here; they want your statement about the events. Newton already turned himself in."

"I can't talk to them right now." I said turning back to see Bella on final time

"I'll see if you can do it another time." Carlisle said as he led me from the room

My eternity had taken a wrong turn somewhere in the last 4 hours and I couldn't make it right. My reason for existence was gone. I would have nothing; I would be nothing without her for eternity.