065 of 100 Challenge.


It was always a question of priority with these people. What was more important? Getting a job to make money, or stealing a couple minutes extra rest in the morning? The answer was clear to Mugen; sleep always won that debate. However, each time he replied thus, he had to ask himself that question again. What was more important? Stealing a couple minutes extra rest in the morning, or silencing that shriek that would inevitably erupt from Fuu when he told her of his selfish decision. Every time he asked himself that question, he could not keep that smile from his face; the smile that resulted from asking himself how such a little girl could make such an enormous noise.

"Mugen, get up!"

He pretended to sleep.

"Come on, Mugen, we don't have all day. You and Jin need to find jobs so we have some place to stay tonight!"

He groaned and rolled over, glaring at her. "Go away."

"Oh come on, Mugen! What's more important to you?"

He mouthed the words as she said them. "Getting a job, or sleeping in?"

"Well?" She urged.

He rolled back over. "Sleeping in."

He could almost picture her face going red with anger. "MUGEN!!!"

He grinned, shaking his head with revere. Awesome.

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