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Chapter 1-Graduation

It had been nearly nine months since He left. I still couldn't think about him much less speak his name. Every time I closed my eyes I would see his angelic face, most importantly, I would see his golden eyes filled with the love and admiration that I knew he didn't feel for me anymore. I did not want to sleep because his face just brought back the memories of why he left in the first place. "It will be as if I never existed," he had said. Ha! Fat chance. How could he ever delude himself into thinking that I would just forget about him and move on when he had impacted my life so dramatically. What was that saying? You never forget your first love. He was in fact my first love and most likely my last. How could I ever love again . Half of the time I have my arms wrapped around me just to keep myself from falling apart.

I was graduating today. Whoopee! Not! Charlie was ecstatic not that I cared. Charlie kept pestering me about college. There was only one college who still was taking applications, which was Cornell in Ithaca, New York.

Cornell had its options 1.) I would get away from Forks and everyplace that reminded me of him. 2.) I would leave Charlie so he would not worry about me or have to hear me wake up screaming every night after the same recurring nightmare.

Graduation past in a blur as did everything these days. I was lonely. Jessica had gone on an Anti-Bella agenda months ago. Angela, Ben, and Mike still tried to include me in their conversations but I was totally unresponsive. I was glad when the Ceremony was finally over. I was free of the constant burden that was high school. I was free to be alone. The way I liked it. Of course I would still have to act normal for Charlie so he would not worry but that was so easily handled. I think I would check out Cornell just to make Charlie happy that I was not planning on going to college.

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