Chapter 1- Cora

Cora Aesthyrcaex, elven warrior (named in draconic, as was her home's custom), walked up the last hill, as the sun began to set. She couldn't wait to see her family again. But that wasn't all. Living in her old town was Avalyn Arcanisslex. Her one true love, and a powerful sorcerer.

She climbed the last few steps in a great leap.

And gazed down on the ashes of her home.

She skidded to a halt, and saw her home again. Or what was left of it. Every house was destroyed, all the people dead. She saw bodies, strewn around. She dared not look closer, lest she saw Avalyn's. A huge glowing dragon lay dead alongside the red corpse of another. A dragon of Bahamut and another, of Tiamat. Her town had died for them. She had heard one of their people was a dragon.

"Vengeance." She thought. "Vengeance against the evil dragons, vengeance against evil, vengeance against Tiamat, for slaying my home, my family, my love.

Then she felt it.

A voice, touching her mind. The voice of Bahamut.

"Live. I can help you. I will give you power, if you will give me your life to slay them."

She didn't hesitate, she agreed instantly, the pain of loss fresh in her mind. The voice continued.

"I can tell you what to do, my daughter." He told her the ritual, the gathering of scales, the building of an egg. She went off to obey, using the scales of the martyred dragon. Silently, on his own plane, Bahamut mused to himself.

"Something about her is different. Her life shall be fraught with pain. Happiness, and much pain. My newest child shall be greatly different to the others." The great dragon god paused for a few seconds. "I can feel it."

The egg was complete. Cora slipped inside, and closed the edge to the light. Inside, as was the ritual, she thought about all she was going to lose.

And all she had already lost.

Like it? I hope so, as I'm not going to stop it if you don't. Anyone who knows more about D&D than me, your advice is appreciated, as I've never played it or read a book other than Races of the Dragon, which I bought for ideas. The first 9 chapters will be short character introduction chapters. On the upside, if i don't get bored, they should be quite fast.