Plot achieved. Enjoy chapter 4.

Chapter 4-Elix

Kirsten walked over to the group, intending on finding out more about them.
"Who are you?" was her first question.

"I'm Elix." said the Kobold, her voice far lower than Kirsten's, but still clearly feminine. She wore a simple flowing dress of brown-black, the same colour as her scales, cascading down her entire two feet height to the floor, her golden eyes burning brightly. "These are Adain, Eijir, Orion and…" she trailed off, after pointing at the human, then the two draconics.

"Erianis." said the spellscale.

All in all, the five were an odd group. Adain, the human, was short, maybe four and a half feet, his eyes bright blue, his hair black and close shaven. He had a red jacket on, as well as a pair of trousers in black and a red-gold pendant hanging from his neck. On his back there was a large, two headed axe.

Eijir, the first of the Draconics, was quite clearly the offspring of a dragon, and not by far. A half-dragon, his red scales gleamed in the light as much as his brown eyes were hidden by the shade. A pair of furled wings were on his back, poking through a voluminous navy blue cloak. A long stick, the ends coated in metal, was visible on his belt, a long blue tunic covering his body.

Orion was less clearly inhuman. There was a slight blue tinge to his skin, his eyes a sparkiling green. A long, cyan robe was covering his body, brown hair bound in a ponytail by a golden band.

The spellscale, Eriana, was clearly female, a tight fitting leather costume in blues, purples and greens covering most of her body. Her skin was varying shades of blue and purple, her eyes the same.

"Are you a dragonborn?" asked Eriana, her voice high, curious.

Cora nodded.

"Then there's something you might want to know." she said. "Some miles from here, a pyroclastic dragon has carved itself a small empire. It needs to be slain. I came to look for my old friend Eijir, knowing he was a member of a team that undertook this kind of mission. But I do not know if five would be enough. Maybe with you three..?" she said.

Avalyn began to think about it.
"Done." said Cora, with a serious expression.
"Done." said Kirsten, her face bright and far away.

Avalyn sighed.

"Do you really think we need help?" asked Adain.
"Please, don't argue. It won't hurt." replied Orion, cutting him off.
"He's right." said Elix.
"Lix, don't get involved." said Adain.

"Just accept it." growled Iejir.

There was silence.

Cora and Avalyn wondered at him. Iejir… who would give someone such a name?

"We'll meet you at the bridge to the forests tomorrow, at daybreak." said Adain.

Cora nodded.

The five in front of them got up from their table, and left.
"I'm in heaven…" said Kirsten, happily.
"What was that about? Suddenly we're questing to destroy evil dragons?" asked Avalyn.
"Yes." said Cora simply. "That's what dragonborn do."

Avalyn sighed.

"I don't know if I trust that Iejir… he's a red dragon of some kind I think…"

"I'll give him a chance." said Cora. "One chance."

Short, I know. I wanna finish the plot and move to the fighting…