Tragic story prince

Gokudera sits at an empty piano, fingers poised and ready, and he hits the first note, but no sound comes out. And he plays and he plays; he plays the tenth's favorite song, the song he first heard him play. He plays, and he tries to forget, but instead he remembers.

There was a lone piano sitting there, and what else was he to do? Piano calls for playing, but it'd been so long since he'd played. He traced the old wooden instrument, fingers finding their way onto the black and white keys, as he started to play from memory, for what it's worth.

He didn't notice the tenth watching until he lifted his head, and was so surprised he stumbled on the trill. He bowed his head in embarrassment, and finished the remainder of the melody with as little mistakes as was possible.

The tenth smiled.

It was beautiful, he said, and Gokudera blushed, muttering under his breath about mistakes and what not. The other laughed, replying that if there were mistakes, he hadn't caught any.

"I like that song." He said.

And every time there was a piano and the tenth in the same room, he would play it. For the tenth, for his happiness, for himself, because in that millisecond of a time, they could forget about the war waging outside the double doors. And for that small millisecond of time, it would be Gokudera, and his boss, and the piano, and the music, and they could be happy.

Gokudera plays, the song, the story, of his life. He begins when he meets the tenth, because that was when his life really started. It started with the tenth, and it would end with the tenth. He plays, up and down the keys, and it's about Yamamoto, and Reborn, and everybody else he can't seem to forget.

He plays Hibari and Mukuro, he plays Dino and Shamal, he plays Bianchi. Something falls from his pocket—a small bomb—a click on the ground. He plays Lambo, and Sasagawa, he plays Varia and Millefiore. Something falls from his mouth.

He is playing his life story, hard and fast and as best as he can, he is playing the beginning and the middle, and he's nearing the end, but he doesn't really know what happens then. If he had known the world would have appeared like this, he'd never have opened up this book. He'd never have read this story. Gokudera nears the finale.

He looks up, and if he squints hard enough, he can see the blurry outline of the tenth, beaming up at him, in all his young and innocent glory. If he squints hard enough, he can see Reborn, and Colonello. If he squints hard enough, he can see his mother, and Yamamoto and his father.

He's almost there, he realizes, as his fingers rush towards the final note. And he realizes, as the fuse grows shorter and shorter, and as the world explodes, that this is the end of the story, in which Gokudera Hayato has lost everything

a/n; omfg sorry gokkun. ;;

let's see.

the blurry outlines of people are his tears, just in case you didn't catch on. actually it would be hard to, since i never..
and yes YAMAMOTO is dead. i don't know why. because i felt like it.well no. but, you should have been able to figure that out right?


this is sort of vague so i worry. at least the a/n is at the end...