A/N- Okay, inspired by a beautiful DeiSaso pic, I came up with this one-shot.

Everything about him was beautiful. His fiery red hair, his large chestnut brown eyes, his nearly child-like appearance, his soft but conniving smile, even his temper, was all beautiful.

Sometimes, I had to wonder if he knew just how beautiful he was.

I shifted around in the bed, being as careful as I could so he wouldn't know I was awake.

I slowly placed a finger on his arm and drew it downward. It felt realistic to an extent but I knew it was fake. That was proven true even as I touched the area where his arm below his elbow met the area above his hand.

Sasori had been resting on his side, facing away from me, but then a hand grabbed my own hand. He turned to face me with an annoyed expression and I curled my fingers around his hand.

"Go to sleep, Deidara" He growled at me. I smirked slightly. "We have a mission tomorrow."

Even then he was beautiful. And perfect.

I lifted my other hand, ignoring him, and brought it to his face. I started tracing everything; his eyes, his eyebrows, his nose, his soft cheekbones, his lips. With my hand that held his, I rubbed his knuckles gently.

He stared at me in a blank face, brown eyes watching me.

Then, I lowered my hand to his chest. He was just a puppet so his chest was smooth. I lightly ran my fingers over the cylindrical object for his heart and the kanji for Sasori on it. I felt the indentions on his stomach for his stomach cord.

Finally, I brought my hand back up to his cheek and held it there, blue eyes staring into his brown ones.

He was a puppet but he was a beautiful one and would have been just as beautiful if he had a human body.

I leaned forward to his face, Sasori following my action, and I kissed him tenderly on the lips, teeth nibbling on my lower lip. I pulled myself toward him and laid on him, so that my chest was on his and my legs were entangled in his and the sheets.

I pulled away, resting my head between his neck and shoulders.

"Brat," He muttered, angrily, making it sound like he didn't want me on top of him. But he did. His arm was already wrapped around my waist.

I fingered his blazing red hair as my eyes started to close, breathing in Sasori's unnamable scent. It was probably something to do with his poisons or chemicals he used.

"Goodnight, Sasori-danna, hm," I mumbled, coming close to falling asleep again.

Yeah, Sasori was beautiful and he probably knew it, too. He was a work of art, after all. And I fell in love with him for it.

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