Dreaming on the Radio (Chapter 1)

Ano hi guuzen Kikoeta koe ni
Kokoro ubawarete shimattan'da

Momoshiro hummed along to the radio as he scurried around the kitchen, looking for the tools and ingredients he would need to make his super great Momoshiro special sandwich.

"I'm dreaming on the radio," Momo sang as he half jigged away from the fridge with the ham and mayonnaise bottle. Echizen Ryoma was possibly one of the best singers he had heard in a long time. Apparently he was a child star in America until the age of twelve but then promptly disappeared from the music industry. Now, after six years since his last number one, Echizen Ryoma has returned to wow the nation from which he was born.

Strangely, very few people knew what Echizen actually looks like. There had been scarcely any television appearances or interviews when he was a child star and he has not produced so much as a music video of his latest release. It was a wonder how popular his song became when the boy himself had not made any appearances in the media.

His publicist had claimed that Echizen did not wish to be disrupted during his university studies and thus had applied to a college under a false alias.

Dreaming on the radio

"Anytime, anywhere, I listen to the radio yeah!" Momoshiro blared out, placing the sliced tomatoes between the intervals of his own singing.

Nani ka atarashii koto-

"Oi!" Momshiro spun around at the sudden cease of the music only to find himself being glared at by a pair of hazel eyes beneath the white brim of a baseball cap.

"What the heck did you do that for?"

Ryuzaki Ryoma moved in a month ago; cold and distant yet insisting to be known by his first name, Momoshiro thought he was a mystery that he didn't really have time to solve.

"It was too loud," Ryoma muttered as he sauntered over to the fridge

Momoshiro rolled his eyes, "so? It's Echizen Ryoma! Who cares if it's loud?"

The only answer Momoshiro received was another frigid glare.

"What? Don't tell me you don't like Echizen Ryoma," Momoshiro teased. To be honest, he'd be surprised that Ryuzaki liked any type of music, the boy had been so quiet that no one realised he had moved in until a week after he had arrived. Fuji-senpai had actually tripped over the doorway when he found the petite boy watching the news one evening.

Well, he's not really that small, Momoshiro mused. But compared to Inui-senpai, who was a whooping six feet something, it certainly seems like it.

"No." Came the muttered reply just before a can of Ponta was popped open. Ryoma then proceeded to slink out of the room as silently as he had entered.

To be continued...

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