Summary: Echizen is a famous singer who is secretly attending Senbatsu University. It hadn't been hard to keep his identity a secret, now if only his loud, callous housemate didn't grate on his nerve so much. -MomoRyo- Because annoyance is obviously the start of a beautiful relationship.

"You did what?!"

Echizen sighed tiredly as he marked another note on the score in front of him. They, Sakuno and him that is, were currently in his room, with Ryoma seated on the swivel chair and Sakuno standing behind the door, holding it close and pressing her back against it as if she expected a tank to barge through at any second. Or perhaps she was expecting fans to barge through at any second, it wouldn't be too surprising.

"You promised, promised that you wouldn't sing at the karaoke!" his manager rambled profusely, voice going impossibly high and eyes looking deathly worried. In all honesty, Echizen didn't realise why she was freaking out so much, it wasn't as if anyone realised who he really was. In fact, if Momo hadn't been telling everyone about how great his performance was, Sakuno would not even have known Ryoma sang at the karaoke.

"It's not a big deal," Echizen said, rolling his eyes a little. "No one recognised me."

"You don't know that," Sakuno whined, "it was only yesterday, and what if you get conned into singing again? Or maybe," fear crept into Sakuno's eyes at all the different ways Echizen could be exploited. Her overactive imagination even began playing out scenarios in which a crazed fan came and kidnapped Ryoma and and…..

Clutching at Echizen's shoulder, Sakuno gave a tortuous wail, "Don't get sold into slavery, Ryoma-kun!!!!"

"…" Echizen didn't really have much say to that, not entirely sure where slavery came into it. "…okay," he muttered in an attempt to calm Sakuno down.

Shaking her head a little, Sakuno backed away. "Onto more…pressing issues…I mean, not that this isn't pressing, oh grandma is going to have my head." Sakuno coughed to stop herself in her tirade. "Grandma says your last song…er…won't be appropriate."

Echizen snapped his head away from the unfinished scores in front of him and glowered at Sakuno. "What?" He had already adjusted the song three times to suit his stupid producer's expectations. What on earth could possibly be wrong with it this time?

Sakuno clearly understood what Ryoma was having an issue with, or at least, she understood it was a bit of an issue as her nervousness quickly kicked in and she began playing with her hair. "Er…well…um…she didn't tell me the details exactly, but she said something about it being too bland and….well…she said it was too bland."

Bland?! Okay, so admittedly he had to force the song out, the music didn't flow to him as smoothly as some of the other songs. But that was only because he's been stuck in this stupid university with nothing to do and having to hide his identity and have people sing his songs and get overly praised and-

Echizen let out a breath. Calm down, he told himself, you were the one who wanted to go to university under an alias. And Momoshiro recognised that you were the best singer in the end. Even if the idiot was still head-over-heels for that sugary-sweet Tachibana Ann, you are still the best singer. Even if that idiot is blowing him off to go to the library with Ann….well it worked out in the end since Sakuno wanted to come over for an impromptu meeting.

"So tomorrow at five a car will come and pick you up, okay?" Sakuno finished, and with a start, Ryoma realised she had been speaking during his entire inner tirade.

"Uh, yes, yes it's fine," he said, thinking that he couldn't have missed much if he was going to the studio tomorrow anyway. "I'll see you at five then."

Sakuno sighed, "I'm not going to be there, Ryoma-kun. Were you even listening?" One look found that Echizen had gone back to looking at his half-finished scores, a frown etched upon his face as if dissatisfied with his work. Shaking her head, Sakuno placed a hand on Ryoma's shoulder and spun him around. "Listen, Ryoma-kun. You absolutely CANNOT sing again. It is very important. Your mystery element is really helping you and giving you that extra edge. Yes I know your music gives you an advantage too," Sakuno cut Ryoma off when the latter began to protest, "but this mystery is really feeding the fans. Especially with that rumour we spread about you having an upcoming tour-

"Which I am NOT participating in," Echizen said. He would not endorse an event he had no say in.

"We know, Ryoma-kun, it was leaked as a rumour," Sakuno sighed before looking at the star with focused, albeit slightly nervous, eyes. "That's not the point…just…promise you won't sing again, okay?"

Grumbling slightly, Ryoma rolled his eyes and nodded. "Yeah yeah, I promise."


"Wow, even your humming's good," Momoshiro grinned as he dropped the fried eggs onto a plate, grabbing the bread from the toaster. Despite having different classes, Momo and Ryoma's been spending most mornings together, munching away at the breakfast as they chatted, laughed, and generally had a good time. This particular morning Momo had a class to attend so wouldn't be staying long. Echizen was planning to finish adjusting his score, he was determined to get it approved this time around, fourth time lucky perhaps?

A week had passed since the karaoke incident and as far as Echizen could tell, no one had linked him to the singer. Not that it was difficult, who would believe such an international superstar would really be at their university and sing his own song at the student union's karaoke night?

"Late lunch?" Momo asked as he finished his food.

Ryoma nodded, "Sure, I'll be there." It may have only been a week, but they pretty much memorised each other's time tables already. Today Ryoma would have a lecture that didn't finish until around half two, like most of his classes so Momo had suggested they go get lunch together since the second year had a student seminar to attend anyway.

As Momo waved and left the kitchen, Fuji strolled in. "Late lunch? You two are getting awfully close aren't you?" he chuckled as he pulled a box of cereal down from the shelf."

Ryoma gave a non-committal shrug and continued chewing away at his toast.

"Does Echizen Ryoma really have time for such trivialities though?"

Ryoma almost choked.

"Oh my, are you alright?" Fuji said, patting Echizen softly on the back as he thumped at his chest, gulping down the orange juice to force the food down.

Once he was no longer in danger of suffocating, Ryoma took a wary glance over at Fuji. There was no proof that Fuji had worked it out, but it wouldn't really surprise him if he did, Fuji-senpai was sharp like that.

"What makes you bring up Echizen Ryoma?" he asked casually, taking another bite of his toast, making sure to seem disinterested.

Behind him, Fuji smiled his gentle smile. "Oh no real reason," he said, pouring milk into his bowl of chocolate-covered cornflakes. "Just wondered how you were faring with your alternate identity, singer-san~" With that, the third year glided out of the room.

As soon as he was sure Fuji had returned to his room, Echizen groaned and lowering his head into his arms. The secret was out.

-- to be continued

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