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Bella's POV throughout entire story, I believe

I had been with my sweet angel for thirty years now. He was perfect in so many ways. I couldn't ever imagine my life with anyone but him. I still can't. I snuggled close to Edward as we watched the news with Carlisle. Nothing we needed to get involved with. Nothing has been truly serious since Victoria had changed many people, in order to find and kill me.

I chuckled at the thought of Victoria. I remember so long ago, how I would have cringed as I thought of her name, now I merely chuckled, as she was a distant memory. A memory that my sweet angel had saved me from.

Edward kissed the top of my head. "What's so funny, love?" He looked at me with a confused look. I merely looked at the television, which was displaying a series of fires, murders, and I laughed again, knowing he must have gotten my laughter confused with the news.

"Nothing was really funny. I was only thinking of how distant a memory Victoria is now. How I would cringe, but now I laugh at the thought of her name." I laid my head on his shoulder. Edward turned his attention back to the TV.

I turned toward Carlisle. "You know, Carlisle, a new school year starts next week. You're trying to pass for thirty-eight here."

His gaze met mine, as if he wasn't aware of this. He claimed he was though. "Yes, Bella, I know. We're planning to leave Saturday. You and the others won't go to the new school, however, for another week or so."

"The perfect alibi." I smirked, we always had one. We couldn't start school right away, being so new to town. Even though we would understand the school better as brand new juniors compared to the freshman who had probably been to the high school more than once. I was happy to start school over somewhere new. I sighed though. In a way, I was dreading school again.

"Anything wrong, Bella, honey?" Edward asked sweetly.

"No, I just hate the first day. All the female staff eyeing you. Not to mention the students." I groaned. "You know how many male students were eyeing you at this school? I just hope this school isn't going to be the same."

"I hope so too, my sweet love. For one, I cannot bear to see you upset. Second, we came to this school in the middle of student teaching season, so many male teachers eyeing you. My Bella, it was so much to put up with." He really did seem in pain. I kissed him lightly. It's amazing how his kisses still have the same effect on me. I'm still dazzled by being with him. I kissed him again, just waiting and preparing for a trip to a new town, and a new school.

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