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Eleven Years Ago

"James, what's wrong?" Lily asked as she looked into the wide eyes of her husband.

"The wards, they have fallen. That means…PETER!" James screamed in anger.

Just then the door of the cottage was banged down. Standing in the wooden frame was Voldemort, the Dark Lord.

"So what do we have here? Lily and James Potter? You know why I'm here, bring me to your son and I won't give you a painful death."

"No, Lily! Take the boys and run! I'll try and hold him off…"

"Sectumsempra!" Voldemort yelled.

James suddenly grew welts and cuts all over his body. He screamed out in pain as his warm red blood spilled out of his body onto the cold wooden floor. The Dark Lord ignored James and rushed after Lily who was only a room away.

"Stupefy!" The Dark Lord said as a red beam of light hit the red-head girl causing her to fall motionless to the floor.

"Now, which one of you will be my downfall?" Voldemort pondered aloud. As he could recall the prophecy stated it would be the oldest of these Potter twins. According to that rat the older one was named Harry, who was easy to tell apart because of his black hair and green eyes.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort whispered as he pointed his wand at the child's forehead. What happened next was something not even the Dark lord could have predicted. The green curse somehow reflected off the child's head and back to its original caster.

Suddenly a small explosion occurred blowing the room, and the house, apart. Harry was thrown across the room and his younger twin brother, Leonel, was hit with some shrapnel giving him a long straight scare along the right side of his head.

Minutes after that Dumbledore arrived at the scene and quickly revived Lily and helped James. Only after that did this man claim Leonel to be the defeater of The Dark Lord, The Boy Who Lived.

The Present

My emerald green eyes snapped open as I heard my alarm; the faint sound of my mother's voice through the floor. My alarm was my mother waking up my younger brother, Leonel (A/N: Means lionhearted or Little Lion), more commonly known as The Boy who Lived. Whenever she actually woke me up it was because she was either angry about something I did, or wanted me to start the chores early. My chore list usually looked something like this:

1. Cook and serve breakfast.

2. Clean the dishes previously used.

3. Clean and organize Leonel's room.

4. Wash the windows.

5. Clean and organize shed out back, but be sure not to break your brother's broom.

6. Cook and serve lunch.

7. Clean the dishes previously used.

8. Cook Dinner.

9. Clean the dishes previously used.

As you can see my work list is very repetitive, just try doing this everyday of your life. The only good thing was that in-between cleaning up after lunch and cooking dinner was I got to go to my room, if you can call the small windowless area a room, and 'get out of everyone's way'. In my pitiful room I would read, a word foreign to my brother, and study.

Now though, I had to go and start to cook breakfast. I quickly got up from my old scratched up bed and pulled on one of the few clean t-shirts I had. I walked over to the bathroom to quickly wash my face and brush my teeth. Then I went down the stairs to the kitchen to start on breakfast.

Soon I heard the voices of my parents cooing over my brother, asking what he wanted for his birthday in a couple days. Leonel's birthday was the same day as mine; however he was three minutes younger than me. We are fraternal twins, thank god. I couldn't stand having a look alike pestering me all the time. No one celebrated my birthday except for Remus and Sirius who usually came by and said hi, but my parents somehow convinced them I didn't need attention or gifts. I don't really care though; I don't need some stupid fake wand or a pack of chocolate frogs.

A small "tap" from the window caught my attention. I turned my head to see our family barn owl with the mail.

"Harry, go get the mail!" I heard James Potter order me.

I mentally sighed as I turned the stove off and walked towards the brown owl. After opening the window and taking the mail tied to the owl's leg I saw two letters that caught my attention. I turned one over and saw the familiar symbol representing Hogwarts. Ah, the Hogwarts letters.

I pretend not to notice my letter and handed my father the mail. Only a few seconds later did he notice the Hogwarts letters.

"Oh look! Your Hogwarts letter came, Leonel! And…Harry you got one to." His smile went from real to fake in those short sentences.

"Really James, may I see?" Lily asked, and James handed the two letters over to her.

"I received a Hogwarts letter? May I go?" I asked politely.

"Um, yes…you can go." James said a little hesitant.

Wow, that was weird. I thought they would keep me locked up here doing chores. Maybe they just wanted to get rid of me, or not draw suspicions about why I didn't go. Either way, at least I would finally be able to get out of this house and learn and practice magic.

"When are we going to go to Diagon Ally, dad!? When do we get to get our Hogwarts stuff? Can I get a broom, or a cat, or an owl!? What about a wand, do I get a wand?" My overly active brother started asking our parents.

"Yes, yes. Of course you get a wand! We'll see about getting you a pet or a new broom. As for when we will leave for Diagon Ally, how about today? We aren't doing anything special." Lily said.

My father whispered something into my mother's ear and they quickly excused themselves from the table. I could barley hear their whispers, but I still heard them. They were arguing over whether or not I would come with them to Diagon Ally.

"James, we can't leave him here by himself! He could break something or do something while we are out." Lily whispered.

"Yes I know. But take him with us? We don't want to disappoint Leonel, and we don't want Harry making a fool of us. I suppose he does need to get supplies to, though."

They came back to the table.

"You, Harry." James addressed me. "You'll be coming so put on some proper cloths and fix your hair. Hurry up!"

I ran upstairs to my room and put on the one robe I owned. Looking in the mirror I saw my hair sticking up every which way. I flattened it out, covering the lightning bolt scar on my forehead, and put my shoes on. After going back downstairs we all lined up in front of the fireplace and each took turns flooing to Diagon Ally.

The whole trip itself was rather boring. My red-haired and brown-eyed brother, being the spoiled brat that he is, got everything he asked for. Buying the supplies was boring as well. Now, though, we only had one more place to go to, and that was Ollivander's shop to get our wands.

"Why hello." The old man greeted us as we came into the shop. "Here for wands I expect. Okay, who's first?"

"Me!" My idiotic brother said and went through the process of getting his wand. Up next was me, great.

"Right or left handed?" Ollivander asked me.

"Um, right I suppose. I can use my left hand as well though." I responded.

"Okay! Let me see what wand there is for you."

We went through dozens of wands, and after a while my family started to complain and ask if he could just get any old wand. Ollivander insisted they wait though; he didn't want to give up on this.

Finally he handed me a wand that felt right in my hand. Some silver sparks emerged from it, making it obvious that this was the right wand for me.

"Curious." The blue-eyed man said.

"What's curious?" I asked.

"He leaned towards me and whispered so only I could hear. "Every wand picks its owner Mr. Potter. This wand has indeed chosen you. However, the core in this wand is that of a phoenix. That same phoenix gave only one other feather. And that other feather lies in the wand of Voldemort's."

My eyes slightly widened. That didn't mean anything did it? It could just be a coincidence. Or, perhaps it has something to do with that night on Halloween, when the Dark Lord tried to kill us.

"Right." Ollivander said louder. "That is eleven-inch holly with a phoenix feather, that would be six galleons."

My family didn't question me on what Ollivander said. We just went right to the fireplace and traveled by floo back to our home in Godric's Hollow. Once I finished cooking dinner, and cleaned up I went up to my pitiful room to lie on the bed. Closing my eyes to go to sleep I couldn't help but think of he words Ollivander said to me that day. What kind of connection did I have with Voldemort?

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