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A month has passed. A month of cleaning. A month of putting up with my brother bragging about his birthday gifts. At least now that month has passed and a day from now I will be in Hogwarts, away from my harsh family.

Arriving at the muggle train station my brother and I unloaded our trunks from the car my dad had bought a while ago. My trunk was filled with my robes, wand, books, ink, parchment, and a pouch of galleons I snuck out of the Potter vault at Gringotts.

My parents led my brother and I to the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Leonel went through the barrier first with James and Lily right behind him. I followed shortly, walking right past them, and loading my belongs into an empty compartment on the train. I didn't bother to say goodbye, if they were going to ignore me I was going to ignore them.

The compartment I was seated in was empty, and hopefully it would stay that way. I didn't want to come to Hogwarts to make friends, I just wanted to get away from my family and learn advanced spells.

I pulled a book out of my trunk and began to read. Minutes later I hear the cry of students saying goodbye to their parents followed by the whistle of the train. Then the train slowly started to move, gaining a small bit of speed every second until it stayed a nice steady pace.

However, my peace was cut short as I heard the compartment door swing open. I titled my head up to see a girl my age. She had black hair and tan skin.

"Oh…umm…hello." She started. "I'm sorry…I thought this compartment was empty…"

I stared at her waiting for her to get to the point.

"My name is Lavender…do you mind if I share with you, all the other compartments are full…"

"Go ahead," I said and turned my attention back to my book.

Only ten minutes passed when the strange girl yelled something to me. I looked up and asked, "What?"

"I just asked you what your name was and what book you were reading! I asked liked five times! What, you to cool to tell me? Were you even listening to me?"

My eyes narrowed in confusion. "No, I'm reading." I responded.

The girls face turned red, out of either embarrassment or anger, I couldn't tell. I once again started to read my book until I heard her scream, "Give me that!" I quickly looked up and saw her reaching towards my book.

Out of instinct I grabbed her wrist and threw it to the side. An effective, harmless, defense.

"Ow!" She cried.

I was still very confused. What was her problem? First off, why was she so mad because I was reading, and why did she try and grab my possession? Also, why was she over-reacting when I gently pushed her so she wouldn't steal my book? I didn't hurt her. I only defended myself. Before I could say anything she ran out of the compartment while shouting, "You stink!"

I shook my head and went back to reading. I needed to forget that crazy incident. A half-hour of silence and peace went by however it was broken when the compartment door opened for the second time that day. I sighed, why wouldn't I get any rest? I looked up to see my brother entering with a different student.

"You?" Leonel gasped.

"Er, huh?" I asked. What was going on?

"A girl came running up to me saying a boy in this compartment hit her. You did?"

"First of all," I started not believing this over-active girl caused all this trouble. "It's none of your business. Second she went to yank my book out of my hands and I only grabbed her wrist to stop her."

I looked at both my brother and the older student that entered. The older one, I observed, had a prefect's badge on. Oh joy.

"I'm sorry but that is not what Ms. Brown claimed to have happen. I'll have to tell my head of house, and yours once you get one, about this."

"Nothing happened though…!" I started, confused and angry.

"Enough! We are almost at school; please put your robes on." The red-headed prefect said then left with Leonel.

I closed my eyes for a second while holding the bridge of my nose. If everyone at this place took things so seriously and literal…

I quickly put on the robes and then felt the train stop. I swiftly moved out of the train, with my trunk dragging along side me, before most of the students were out. A huge man, with a long scraggily beard and black eyes, yelled at us in an accent, "Firs'-years! Firs'-years over here!"

I, along with many other first years, followed the man to a lake and some wooden boats. I got into one boat along with three other students, none of us talked on the way into Hogwarts.

Entering the old stone castle with all the other first years, the first thing I noticed was a stern woman waiting for us. She told us to wait here until they were ready to start the sorting, along with telling us her name Professor McGonagall.

"How do you think they sort us?" I heard a round faced boy ask.

"I dunno. My brothers told me we had to fight a troll or something like that." I red haired boy responded making the other boy turn pale.

"F-fight a t-t-troll?" He stuttered.

I had to enter this conversation by saying, "No, why on earth would they make a group of eleven year old kids fight a troll for? We came here to learn magic; they don't expect us to know anything."

"Don't be such a know-it-all." The red haired boy told me.

I only raised my eyebrows and before I could say anything the woman returned and led us through the giant oak doors.

We entered a huge hall, most likely the Great Hall I had overhead James talking about, and it was filled with students and teachers. I stayed towards the back as we walked down the aisle towards a stool and hat.

The hat started off with a song that basically explained each house there was. Then Professor McGonagall started reading names in alphabetical order. I watched as one by one each student walked up to the stool and placed the hat over there heads. Sometimes it was a couple minutes, sometimes seconds, before the hat shouted out a house name, and the student joined their house at the table.

"Potter, Harry." She called. I ignored any murmur that might have followed which could have been 'Do you think the Leonel is here to?' Or something like ''Another Potter?'

I felt the hat cover my head and darkness filled my eyes.

"Hmm…" A voice spoke in my head. "A Potter, I see, but very different…"

"Different is an understatement." I mumbled without speaking.

"Ah, yes I see." The hat said ignoring my last statement. "That would explain you similarities with Tom…" The hat seemed to speak to itself.

"Tom? Who is he? What would explain the similarities?"

"You have much to learn about yourself, in time you will know. In the meantime what house shall I put you in?"

Even though I was not ready to get off topic of who this Tom was I asked, "What seems to fit?"

"Not Hufflepuff, defiantly not. Ravenclaw would do you good, but you have much more in you than brains. I don't think Gryffindor would be right for you either, your brave but you like to think things out."

"So in other words you want to put me in Slytherin." I sighed.

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"No, I agree with you. I just hope I won't be starved the next time I go home."

"Well…than looks like your house will be SLYTHERIN!" The hat shouted the last word out into the crowd.

I removed the hat from my head and placed it back on the stool before walking over to the Slytherin table. I glanced around, seeing my brother's shocked face as he walked up for his sorting, of course getting sorted into Gryffindor a second later.

Once the sorting ended the old Headmaster, Dumbledore, stood up and announced a couple of odd words before the tables filled with food. Unlike some students at Gryffindor and Hufflepuff the Slytherins didn't grab at the food like starved barbarians.

I talked to some of the other first years, and note I did say some. Most of the people there were stuck up and thought they were the best. I did meet, however, some more respectable students. After the shock some of them had, of a Potter being sorted into their house, I learned some basic things. Like how the head of your house, in this case Snape, will favor there own students. I learned about all the classes and the teachers, where the common room was, and some basic facts on how to get around Hogwarts.

After the feast, and the basic school rules, we left to our common room. I was following the prefect when I overheard that McGonagall teacher say something to Professor Snape.

"Professor Snape, I need to get a word in about a new student of yours." Professor McGonagall told my head of house.

"And who would that be?" Snape responded.

"Mr. Harry Potter…"

Before I knew it I was involved in this conversation while watching the other first years disappear around the corner to the dungeons.

"You see an incident happened on the train…" She began to inform him of the event.

"Mr. Potter, is this what happened?" Professor Snape asked me.

"No sir." I responded as I told what really happened.

"You see, your student should be the one punished.

"No Severus, I think that they should both get a detention."

Professor Snape took a minute before nodding his head. "Ms. Brown will serve detention with me tomorrow night after dinner. And Mr. Potter will serve with you…?"

"I can't, he will serve detention with Professor Quirrell after dinner." Then the professor directed her attention towards me, "Understood?"

I nodded my head before leaving to the Slytherin common room. I guess what the other students said was true; the head of your house does favor their own students. Although I was surprised Snape stood up for me, the way my dad talked about him I would have thought he hated all Potters. I couldn't blame him there.

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