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The next morning, the entire house was chaotic. Brooke couldn't find her shoes, Kate couldn't find her dress, and Sarah hated the way her make up was done. I rolled my eyes and let them momentarily go to black; Brooke's shoes and Kate's dress appeared on the bed and Sarah's make up was made up the way she liked it.

"Thanks Haley." Brooke said with a smile as she slipped the shoes on.

"Just don't tell the guys I used and we'll all be good." I said with a laugh as I fixed my make up and hair to the way I liked it. I slipped my dress on carefully to avoid messing up my hair and makeup. After it was on I figured out that it would've been easier to just Use instead of taking three minutes to put on a dress. But Caleb was right, I needed to watch my Using. I didn't want to die, leaving Connor without a mother and father. I needed to make sure Connor knew what a good man his father was.

We walked downstairs and found the photographer there ready to take pictures. He started snapping pictures as we walked around the house, making sure we had everything we needed. We locked the door and then stood in front of the house so the photographer could get more pictures of Brooke in her beautiful wedding dress. He did a few different angles and had us get in some pictures before he let us leave. We all piled into the limo and I had to hug my best friend and soon to be sister in law.

"I love you Brooke." I said and kissed her cheek. We started to sip some champagne on our way to the church and laughed as we told stories about our guys.

"I heard that Tyler and Julie have been getting into a lot of fights." Kate said. Trust Kate to be the gossiper.

"But they seemed happy." I said, "They have Travis."

"Haley, are you really that dumb?" Kate asked and I gave her my 'what the fuck' look. "Tyler is still in love with you. He's always been in love with you."

"Well that's too bad. He has Julie and I have Cappie." I told her.

"Do you really love Cappie?" Sarah asked.

"How can you ask me that? Of course I do." I said, shocked that Sarah would even bring it up. "I really do love Cappie." Sarah just held her hands up and we let the subject go.

We pulled up to the church and quickly walked into the small waiting room.

"Are you girls ready?" My mother asked. We all nodded and one by one we walked down the aisle to the altar. My brother looked very good in a suit, but as I walked down the aisle, I still stuck my tongue out at him. When Brooke walked down, everyone stood up and I felt myself cry as they said their vows. I knew since I met Brooke that she and my brother were going to get married some day but no one believed me.

I looked at all the people sitting and I found Cappie sitting next to my mom with a smile on his face. I wanted to get married some day, but I just didn't see myself marrying Cappie. He was sweet but I didn't think he would ever ask me to marry him. He was too into the college party scene, he wouldn't want to marry a girl who already has a kid.

Everyone started clapping so I followed suit as Brooke and Reid walked down the aisle. I, the Maid of Honor had to walk down the aisle with the best man, who just happened to be Tyler. I took hold of his arm and when I did, I felt a spark run through my body. I shook it off, sure that I was just imagining things, but for some reason I thought that spark meant something.

We walked out of the church and all of us piled into the limo to drive over to the reception hall. We drank more champagne and I tried to sit as far away from Tyler as possible without trying to make it obvious.

When we got to the reception hall, we walked inside and I got attacked from behind by Cappie.

"You jerk." I turned around and hit his arm as I laughed, "That scared me."

"I'm sorry baby." Cappie leaned down to kiss me and I kissed back lovingly. "I just missed you."

"I missed you too." I said, kissing him again. We walked into the big ballroom to see everyone already finding their seats. I kissed his cheek and took my seat at the head table, sitting next to Brooke.

"I can't believe you actually married him." I said, giving a shudder before laughing.

"Oh shush it Hales, you're just jealous." Reid said and I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, I can have Brooke anytime I want." I said and jokingly put my hand on her thigh.

"Mine." Reid growled and I laughed at him.

"You married a caveman." I told Brooke.

"Yeah, but he's cute." Brooke smiled and kissed Reid. I shuddered again and started eating dinner. I talked to all the girls and sighed, thinking that I was the last one who needed to get married. Well, Julie and Tyler did too, but Julie really didn't fit into our little group. I still wondered if Tyler told Julie about the power or not.

Once dinner was over, we all had to go to the dance floor for the bridal party dance. Everyone cleared the dance floor and of course I was paired with Tyler again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and swayed to the music.

"You and Cappie seem happy together." Tyler told me, "You think you'll be the next to get married?"

"Probably not. What about you and Julie?" I asked. He looked over at Julie and then back at me.

"Things have been hard lately. I'm not sure if we're meant to be together." Tyler told me.

"Well you have a child with her so that's just too bad." I told him.

"I know, and I love Travis." Tyler said, "But sometimes I feel like Julieā€¦"

"Tyler, don't ok." I gave him a stern look as we kept dancing. "You love Julie, ok. Now get that through your head. You two have a beautiful baby boy and you love her." The song ended and I walked over to the open bar and started to take shots before anyone could see me. The whole time I had been dancing with Tyler, my body had felt as though an electric current were going through it. I started to feel more confused the longer I stayed near him.

"What's wrong Haley?" I looked up to see Evan walking over to me with Casey on his arm.

"Long story." I said as I grabbed the mixed drink the bartender made me and walked over to Cappie. I sat down on his lap and gave him a quick kiss.

"That tasted like pure alcohol." Cappie said with a laugh, "Is everything ok."

"Yeah, I'm just celebrating that my best friend and brother are getting married." I said as I started sipping at my drink. I looked at the dance floor and watched as Brooke and Reid danced, laughing and smiling. I wanted that so bad. I wanted to be the one in the wedding dress.

"Come on." I put my drink down and pulled Cappie over to the dance floor with me. Like a G6 started playing and I danced drunkenly with him. I pulled him close to me and kept kissing him over and over, needing to feel close to him. A waiter came over with a tray of two shots and I rolled my eyes at my brother as he raised his glass. I looked over to find that Caleb and Sarah, Kate and Pogue, and Tyler and Julie all had their own glasses. We toasted, just like we had before at all the other weddings and quickly shot back the drinks. I gagged slightly on it and Cappie walked me over to the table to sit down.

"Are you okay Haley?" Cappie asked, worry in his eyes.

"I'm fine, I promise." I told him, though the whole world was spinning before me. I looked up and saw Tyler and Julie arguing about something. Julie looked over at me, gave me a dirty look, and then continued to argue with Tyler. I felt bad for him, but he had made his choice, just like I did. Cappie handed me a cold glass of water and I held it against my face that was quickly burning up.

"Haley, I need to ask you something." Cappie said, looking into my eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. Cappie just got down on one knee and looked up into my eyes.

"Haley Rebecca Garwin, will you marry me?"

Aah yes, little Haley was just proposed to. Well, this is the last chapter of this story, the sequel will be up hopefully soon. Again i'm sorry if it's crap and i'm sorry it took so long to get it up here.